2012 Champions League Final: Where were you when it happened?

Didier Drogba: Tribute to a Living Legend

The last kick of the ball by Didier back 2 years ago ultimately sealed our fate at that night. We finally won the champions league beating Bayern in their own backyard. But I’m curious to know about you fans, where were you when it happened? What time was it at your place? Did you break any sort of rules, sleeping schedule, chores etc to watch the final? Comment right now and tell us what were you doing.

Today, we will take a break from the transfer news. Because ultimately, giving out the latest news will shock many of the chelsea fans around the world. So, I will publish the latest news later.

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  1. fidel says

    Ahhhh,nostalgic.I certainly broke all my rules.didn’t sleep until 3am,woke up some people in my neighbourhood with louid music with Nigerian Tuface’s ihegeme. And ‘Stand up for the champions’ victory music!.It was one of the best nights of my life.That is why I feel sad when some of our heros leave-e.g Mata,drogba,luiz,and now petr Cech.-especially Cech now!!.drogba and cech were fantastic on the night!!.
    Chelsea is my club for life! I love this club.Theuy have done well.Viva le blue!!!!

  2. kes says

    Can you just post the transfer news! Put fresh air into this blog! I didn’t break any rule or chores! Saw the game, was happy and slept like a baby! Period!!! Please post the transfer news or any other news!!!

    1. Mason Cole says

      It’s probably about Lampard leaving

  3. Juanescobar55 says

    Stupid @kes

    @the real blue army I’m from Colombia!!! It was one of the best days of my live!!! I love how Drogba and Luiz played that match!!!!!! Here the match was at 2:pm!!! Hoping the best to our team!!!!

  4. Jeff says

    I was watching it in my mate’s house on ITV1. I was gutted when Torres didn’t start, but we still won. I was so sad when Muller scored, but when Drogba scored I went mad. Everyone was cheering his name and it was brilliant. Fantastic header. When I went to use the toilet in ET, I heard that Bayern had a penalty and Robben missed. I watched the shoot-out and it was great. When Drogba scored, it was a fantastic feeling. I ran out my friend’s house and was all, “YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!” like WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan. People will always hate, but there’s nothing like the first time. Maybe we could have won this cup in earlier seasons e.g. QF vs Liverpool with the ghost goal in 2005/06 and the robbed semis against Barcelona in 2008/09, but we have this trophy now and it’s a great feeling to be the inaugural London club to win the Champions League. Hopefully we can do it again next season.

  5. DHEERAJ K says

    I was unable to watch the game since i was having semester exam on monday i.e 21st may 2012, so i followed through guardian’s MBM report from mobile and by studying for exam. Believe me i even cleared the exam and eventually chelsea won UCL for first time, i enjoyed a lot and it was 3:00am in india.The match has helped me to read and prepare for exam. Memorable night and always proud to be a CHELSEA fan.

  6. Anonymous says

    It was fun galore 4 me nd my felo cfc fanx in d capital of nigeria,,lagos state…words alone cant describe enof,,d way i felt dat day..d feelin was xo unbelievable

  7. donvic says

    It was fun galore 4 me nd my felo cfc fanx in d capital of nigeria,,lagos state…words alone cant describe enof,,d way i felt dat day..d feelin was xo unbelievable

  8. Chris says

    Agreed probably the “shocking” news about lampard. By the time its posted I’ll be “old” news. Personally i don’t agree with not giving lampard a new deal. I think he should retire with us. Also we need to get sort on a left back and CDM because the longer we wait the more targets we are missing out on!

    1. Chris says

      Sorry I’ll == It will

  9. ismaila ibrahim says

    ma broda, two frnds nd maself ddnt get aniwher to watch da match initially, as evri cenema at our area waz fully full. So we tuk to da streets of Cape Coast, Ghana, to find smwhere to watch da match-nd we roamed til they played past 70 mins. We den came to a shop alng the street wher ppl wer standin watchin nd we joined dem hungrily. Honestli, i wz shiverin al ova as i wz filled wid tension, passion nd emotion at da same tym nd wen muller scored, it wz hell buh tanks to our talisman, Drogba 4 redemption. I actually ddnt brk ani rules, ddnt avoid ani chore either. I celebrated coolly nd enjoid watchn enemies bow dwn deir heads in shame. I WIL SURELI NEVA 4GET MAY 19 2012…CHELSEA TIL I DIE!!!

  10. kobi says

    i really remember that historic nite back in 2012;watching the match with my cousin who happens to be a real madrid fan.His jubilations whem thomas muller scored was really heartbreaking,tucking my shirts here amd there and asking me when we were ever going to win the champions league.To be frank,i never thought we could hit back with a goal after we went down by a goal and was wondering if ever we could win that trophy.luckily for us our saviourcame that nite(torres),with his first touch we won a corner and out of that came our goal.Didier jumping highest to head home past manuel neuer.cant even remember my jubilations cos it was wild,jumping and running from one corner to the other,with my cousin stunned and glued to his seat.the penalties i couldnt watch cos i didnt believe in us winning a penalty against bayern players who were experts in taking them.As the kicks started we left the auditorium where we were watching it after missesby some players here and there,but before we got home,i recognised a lot of my own chelsea fans running across the streets in bewild jubilations.I then knew at long last we had conquered europe,with tears of joy flowing down my eyes as i walked home with joy and excitement with my rival cousin who only had one wish,that we had lost on that day.I still fancy that nite and dont think i will ever forget it.What an amazing nite it was.Kindly keep us up to date with the chelsea fc transfers please cos we need to know players coming in.ktbffh.

  11. Neri Abayomi says

    Glorious Footballing Night ever. When Chelsea did the impossible- And the greatest and most charismatic striker from Africa did the business on our greatest night ever.

    We were at a disadvantage from the onset. No Ramires, No Terry, No Ivanovic, No Meireles. The lads that played put their lives on the line for Chelsea. I watched the game with my brother (a man utd fan) but he supported us all the way, glued to the tv, soaked with tension as Luiz, Cahill, Cole, Bosingwa, Lampard, Mikel, Bertrand, Drogba, Kalou and the greatest keeper ever Cech stopped Bayern from running riot.
    83mins Muller scored- Devastatsing
    We hadn’t even gone forward at all to trouble talkless of equalising. Bayern were sure they had won- but I had hope.

    In came El Nino- got our first corner- Mata delivered the corner of his entire career- the ball misses Lampard but Drogba did head home the greatest goal in his career- I ran from my room where I was watching to every corner of my house screaming- My sister woke to tell me to keep it down.

    Extra time Robben got a pk- Drogba was abt to become zero from hero- Cech stepped up n saved it. Joy all over- we can win this I said- for a moment- we brought every English fan to our corner. We were doing the impossible they said. Mata missed (it was over they said), Gomez scored, Luiz scored (we had hope), Lahm scored, Lampard did his business, then cech saved Olic’s kick, Cole didn’t fail, Schwein missed- Then the greatest moment of Chelsea’s history happened- Didier Drogba sends Neuer the wrong way- and tears of joy rolled down my cheeks as I knelt down jubilating- The best moment of my footballing life- Di Matteo I love u die.

  12. Mandla-RSA says

    I was with my brother and our network was down, I did stuff I never thought was possible when I heard the local network was airing the final, hangers, clippers, forks and a lot of wiring helped me catch one of the most telling times a Blues fan. The room looked like a mad scientists layer. Highlight of the night was my celebration when Didier equalized, screaming, running and tears were involved

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