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Frank Lampard’s double against Aston Villa did not only secure a top 4 spot, but also his record as Chelsea’s top goal scorer with 203 goals. An incredible achievement from “Super Frank”. Here’s what some of our writers make of it :

Sherry – @Shercasm :

Words are not enough to conjure up a fitting tribute to a legend of this stature. If alphabets are the elements that bring out the beauty in a well written poem, then Frank Lampard has represented the beautiful side of Chelsea Football Club, for an entire decade. 203 goals. 203 times goalkeepers were forced to picking the ball back from the net as one man wheeled away with his arms aloft in celebration. Players 10 years younger than him had their hands on their heads as they saw the 34 year old break the record of a man now confined to a wheel-chair. Bobby Tambling erupted into tears of joy at the reception he received at the Bridge few matches ago, and I bet he did the same when Lampard scored and all the players jumped on top of him.

When Terry wasn’t there, Lampard showed us the way. He captained us to our first European trophy against the odds. He has seen it all, from the highs to the lows. You couldn’t find anyone better to write their name in Chelsea’s history as an all-time top goal-scorer. If you look at it with a different perspective, Lampard also holds the highest goal-scoring midfielder record in the English Premier League. In some cases, he has scored more than the strikers who have graced us with their presence on English soil.

The amount of emotions pumping in my veins refuse to help me write anything decent about him. With all this hassle going on about his contract situation, I hope the board has seen enough light to put something for him on the table. Sometimes, even God himself rolls out a red carpet to introduce the world to a special character, cause someone like Lampard comes once in a century. For Roman Abramovich, he’s the hero Chelsea deserves, but not the one we need right now. By giving Chelsea 3 points this afternoon and securing our Champions League spot, Roman might finally have seen the right kind of sense.

Huw – @HuwAreYa :

Well, well, well, just what can you say about Frank Lampard. 203 goals, all time leading goal-scorer, club legend and top bloke. A role model for all aspiring footballers and a true professional. Maybe it hasn’t been his best season but you can’t deny his incredible achievements and records that he has broken. When the club have needed him to come up with a good performance, Lampard has delivered. Penalties, free kicks, headers, tap ins and the occasional thunderbolt from distance, this man has all of these in his locker and all added up makes the 203 goals he has scored for Chelsea. If this season is to be his last then I can’t complain of the service he’s given the club. Forever a legend and he’s called Super Frank for a reason.

Anns – @Anns_Lakhany :

Frank Lampard: No words in the Dictionary can describe him. His hard work for the club and his loyalty shows why he is such a vital part of Chelsea football club. It’s like Lampard was born for this club, his heart beat blue and you cannot deny it. And his achievement within the club says it all. A midfielder who just scored 203 goals to seal his name into the history books of Chelsea FC deserves all the praise he receives for his service to the club.
Lampard for me is a not only a massive player but also a positive influence to the youngster and players in the squad. From a Player to a Teacher, a legend who is committed to the club in anyways you ask him. And if you see his Aston villa goals, it shows you exactly how committed lampard is with to this club.

Few words I would like to add for Lampard which can describe him :

  • Influential Character
  • Charisma
  • Blue in his heart

Martin – @JoseKnowsBest :

Another fantastic day to be a Chelsea fan. Top 3 is almost secured. And who to score the winning 2 goals today vs Villa if not Frankie Lampard! Spectacular. The midfielder once again proved that he LOVES scoring vs. Aston Villa. What better way to break Bobby Tambling’s record as well. Many things can be said about Frank Lampard. But it’s fair to say that he’s the reason why many people have started loving Chelsea. Many people much like me.

I’ve told this story before but I don’t mind telling it again. I’ve been a Chelsea supporter since I was about 8 years old – 2001/2. Coincidentally, that’s Frankie’s first season as a Chelsea player. I remember being around 10 when I was going out to play football. By myself, funnily enough. I was a young lad with a cheap football, living right next to a football ‘pitch’ – hard to describe this rectangular piece of stone ground as a football pitch, but it had two goals and it was right next to my block. So I was going there to kick the ball. I remember running like a madman, kicking, scoring in the empty nets [there were no actual nets. That makes me laugh when I think about it now.] and cheering after my goals. I remember wearing this old jersey (not even a football jersey if I recall correctly) with the number 8 at the back and was always commentating the ‘game’ to myself. Every time I scored I was celebrating and I was talking to myself and commentating, ‘Lampard scores a fantastic goal! Great finish!’. Yep, I was a wild child back there. But the times I spent kicking the ball and pretending to be a Chelsea player, a future legend (had I known Lampsy was going to become Chelsea’s biggest legend in 10 years, it’d’ve completely BLOWN MY MIND.), these times are the ones I miss the most. But it’s a fact – I didn’t know many Chelsea players, but I knew Frank Lampard and I was always celebrating like him…

That’s my dearest memory. Frank has given us Chelsea fans many, many, many memories – so many decisive goals…the one vs Bolton to give us the first Premier League title in 50 years, for example. Amazing player.

Sahil – @DrogBOSS :

A group of West Ham fans thought he wasn’t good enough, but Frank remained quiet and played for West Ham under his uncle, Harry Redknapp. Some may say he’s had it easy, but looking back at Frank’s career in English football, European football and International football, one would have to be extremely ignorant to not appreciate what the man has given to world football. He joined Chelsea in 2001, hungry for opportunities and he may have not realised it then, but would end up becoming a club and footballing legend as the curtains struggle to close on his never ending career. A man that has given so much to his country, and still been called ‘scum’, because of his divorce to Elen Rivas, Frank has always done his talking on and off the pitch. Frank’s always performed at the highest level in every game he’s played a part in. To me he’ll always be ‘Super’, and the fact that he’s scored 203 goals from midfield only emphasises the type of player Frank is. A genuine blessing to the club, and I hope he does stay, for a lot more than footballing reasons. He’s my hero, and I’ll enjoy telling my children all about Frank Lampard. Forever in our hearts.

Tushar – @T_L_Kuzhi :

What Frank has done with Chelsea, going on and breaking records is deemed further impressive because the records he competed with are the ones created by legendary strikers and not midfielders. Frank Lampard is currently the 4th highest scoring player in the Premier League history, and as anyone’s guess, the highest scoring midfielder the PL has ever witnessed.

Looked upon as a Near-Perfect Footballing Idol, Frank Lampard is one of those guys whom even opponents respect and adore, and today marked no different. There were pages all over Facebook concerning Arsenal, Barcelona, Man City, and many others who weren’t shy showing off their respect to the guy’s achievement. Twitter was flooded with homage to the guy, #FL203 made its ever amusing round all over the site. And I’m pretty sure YouTube is going to have a boost up of vidos under the tag of Frank Lampard. Any team would love to have a midfielder of his caliber. And his ability to make himself counted against the big teams is what pulls him further away from many other midfielders. Frankly speaking, other than the kinds of Steven Gerrard, Pirlo, Alonso, Scholes, and some others, there aren’t many who can stand in the same class as that of Super Frank.

The sad part of Frankie breaking the record now is that the possibility of him leaving the club is more possible now. Roman Abramovich might now very well order the termination of his Chelsea career, now that he has made his mark in the club’s history. And for a team who are desperate to see themselves as a ‘young’ team, Frank Lampard might be plying his trade somewhere else in the next season. And we would certainly miss his trademark through balls, his one of a kind run in the box, his lion hearted spirit, his passion and love for the club and an assuring smile, that calms our hearts in the worst of moments, and witnessing him don another jersey for another 2-4 years might get painful, but that wouldn’t account for much though, because no one can forget what he has done for the club over the years, and wherever he might be, he’ll be ‘Super Frank Lampard’ for us for eternity. After all, it’s only those who were loved who can be missed!


Fahmi – @FahmiCFC :

For me, There are no words to describe A legend like Frank Lampard with a phrase never been used before. His contribution and loyalty to Chelsea football club have been immense and we can simply say Super Frank is the DNA of the blues. The heart and desire of our midfield for the last whole decade. And in my opinion, the greatest ever midfield player of all time. Scoring, assisting, defending…etc he can do it all. And his latest goal against Aston Villa, which helped him surpass blues legend, Bobby Tambling as our top goal scorer of all time is a testament of his goal scoring abilities. There aren’t many top clubs that have a striker in their history that has scored more than or equal to 200, let alone from midfield. My point is that Frank Lampard has been very influential in Chelsea’s rise since the 2000. Even at times when his personal life hadn’t been well, he didn’t let that detract him from doing what he does best in the blue shirt. I hope that Abramovich and the incoming manager, of course Jose Mourinho will give him a long term deal to finish his career at Chelsea Football Club. 

FRANK LAMPARD- Chelsea Legend & top goal scorer in our history with 203 goals & counting!

Adam – @_AdamMiller :

I first met Frank when I was about 7 years old, and they say you should never meet your hero’s, but my word it was a great experience – one which till this day I still remember.

With that being said, I now feel so honoured knowing that I have met Chelsea’s all time top goal scorer. Beside him being a fantastic football player, Frank has other qualities that every young kid/and adult can aspire to. His leadership skills and desire to achieve great things has rubbed off on me and they way I behave. Furthermore, his passion and loyalty are two other qualities which I try to implement in everything I do in life. Seems crazy how behaviour in football can relate to everything in our lives!

So a big congratulations Frank Lampard! I wish you further great success and thank you for all the efforts you’ve put in to bring Chelsea’s successes over the years!

Ervin @ZlatanDF :

Where to start with Frank Lampard? A legend, a hero, a top lad, etc. There aren’t enough words to describe Chelsea’s top goal scorer and the Premier League’s highest scoring midfielder. An incredible figure, not only as a player, but as a man. Frank Lampard has been through a lot in his life and when his mother, Pat Lampard, passed away and Lampard scored a decisive penalty against Liverpool and had an emotional tribute to his mother.

That moment remains my single favorite player moment.

Martin Samuel put it best following this match :

What a player. What a man. What an absolute diamond of a footballer. The critics, the haters, they cannot touch Frank Lampard now. Not after last night. Not after that penalty. He won, they lost. He stood tall, they skulked in the background.

I get chills watching the video every time and it leads me to say the following :

If they ask me who I prefer between Lampard and any other player, I would never change him for anyone, not even Messi or Ronaldo, I would rather have Lampard at Chelsea than Messi and Ronaldo together. Frank Lampard loves Chelsea and he is a Blue through and through and that’s something money can’t buy.

I love Frank Lampard because he’s been an inspiration and idol for me. I’m happy he broke the record and I hope he moves on after this season, what better way to leave Chelsea?

This all being said, I’d like to conclude with a quote from The Special One, Jose Mourinho :

Lamps is Lamps. When he plays well he is best in the game, when he plays bad, he is the second or the third best.

If you have any questions, comments and/or stories on Frank Lampard, feel free to share them in the comment section below or contact me on Twitter – @ZlatanDF

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    Im not sure Chelsea would sell him to us. Im not sure we could give him the salary even if they did.Arsenal to spend 20ml would be rellay out of their comfort zone even if it was excellent value.Cant see it happening only if it was a loan till the end of the season.

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