360 Player Report: André Schürrle


As several sources report, Schürrle is on his way to sign for Chelsea. But who is this guy who Chelsea is willing to pay about €20m for and/or even include KDB as a part of a deal, if permanent or just on loan is unknown. NOTE: This is a player profile about Schürrle and not my opinion on the transfer that Chelsea is making. I nevertheless have one comment on the transfer and that is, that if the management would really give up KDB for Schürrle, than they prove themselves another time for how ridiculous they are. Fotunately, it seems that KDB is only going out on loan.


Born in Ludwigshafen (6.November 1990, age 22), Schürrle started playing football in his home town and moved to 1. FSV Mainz 05 as a youth. In 2009, the flexible forward made his first team debut against Bayer Leverkusen, his current club. He scored 5 goals and made 3 assists in 33 (2295 minutes) games in his first Bundesliga season. His second season (2010/11) was far more successful for him, scoring impressive 15 goals and making 5 assists in 33(2479 minutes) games. The transfer from Mainz to Leverkusen was already confirmed at the beginning of the 2010/11 campaign and he moved to Bayer Leverkusen in summer 2011. Schürrle had a difficult first season at Bayer Leverkusen under Robin Dutt, the manager at that season. Used mostly as a winger by Dutt, Schürrle only scored 7 Bundesliga goals and made 6 assists in 31 (2619 minutes) games. This season, he currently has scored 9 goals and made 5 assists in 29 (2399 mintes) games.

Called up for the first time by the senior German national team in November 2010, Schürrle has played 22 games and scored 7 goals for Germany since.

Position/Style of play

Schürrle is an offensive all-rounder who can play as a centre forward, right wing/mid and left wing/mid. This season, Leverkusen mostly uses Schürrle on the left wing playing in a 4-3-3 formation. Schürrle is a player who prefers to cut inside into the box than going down the wing.  It’s also possible to interpret the 4-3-3 from Leverkusen as a 4-3-2-1, the two forwards (Schürrle on the left, Sidney Sam on the right) playing right behind Kiessling and not as wingers.

Schürrle has a very strong right foot that allows him to score from anywhere. He often tries with shoots from outside the box. Most of his goals are scored by his right foot. Schürrle can create chances for himself (by cutting inside the box) through his dribbling skills, but he doesn’t create a lot of chances for the team.

He’s a very fast player and very dangerous at counters, but he loses a lot of balls in one-on-one dribbling as soon as the opponent’s defence is organized and when he doesn’t get a lot of space. Robin Dutt’s philosophy of playing combination football in a very tight space last season proved that Schürrle isn’t suited for such kind of football.


Shots: One of his strength is definitely his shooting. His shots are just crazy, no matter from where he shoots. He mostly shoots at the area near from outside the box. The speed and the power behind shots is amazing.

Athletics: His pace and acceleration makes Schürrle such a dangerous player. His athleticism not only allows him to run fast, but his stamina for keeping this speed on a long distance makes him a perfect box-to-box counter player.

Work rate: Schürrle is a very motivated young lad who works a lot for his team. As his biggest strength is to play from a deeper position with a lot of pace forward, Schürrle positioning at defending is very good for an attacker. I don’t know the exact number of interception and tackles Schürrle makes per game but from what I saw in his games, he wins the ball a lot for a forward.


Consistency: Another player whose performances are very different from game to game. Every young player has this thing and Schürrle is no exception.

Weak in big games: He has never really sparkled in big games against Bayern Munich, Dortmund or also Chelsea in the Champions League last year. I think that this is more of a psychological problem for Schürrle because he’s got all the skills in the world to change a football game.

What Schürrle’s role at Chelsea would be

He’ll bring a lot of pace into Chelsea’s game, but his favorite two positions are already occupied by Mata (behind the striker) and Hazard (on the left). It’s possible to play him on the right, but his strong shots with his right foot would be wasted then. I don’t think that Chelsea will get him as a starter, but he gives us new options in the offence and more chances to rotate the squad and that’s something what we desperately need.


Schürrle is a very motivated and committed young player who can bring quality to Chelsea. He reminds me a bit of Moses, but with a stronger shot. On a great day, Schürrle can do everything, but those “great days” are very rare. He’s a very talented footballer and athlete, but he isn’t worth more than €20m due to his inconsistency and for the fact that he never really turns up for big games.

Do let me know what you guys think about Andre Schurrle and if or not you’d like to see him play for Chelsea next season. Jonny (@jonny9fan)

  1. shingirai samu says

    Let us KDB and leave this guy.

    1. jonny9fan says

      I would prefer KDB too, but apparently KDB isn’t leaving us permanently and just on loan

  2. owoseni olasunkanmi says

    he should been given a chance to prove himself…

  3. Osagie kings says

    Chelsea should get him, Sergio Ramos, Fellaini nd Falcao

  4. Bitto raphael says

    KDB can play mid,attack,winge and defence let give him a season @chelsea first before deciding future.

  5. Bitto raphael says

    Chelsea should rather buy chicharito

  6. Bankole shakirat temitope says

    If Roman can pay £50 4 Torres n can’t boost of 20goal in his 1st season or 20 in Epl alongside Mata n Hazard I wunt b surprise if dy pay such or less amt on any player,bcuz dy never value wat dy av,y not bring De bruce back wat of Lukaku,Bruma Van Aalholt n so on

  7. dragunar says

    This is a fantastic player with a great work route, which has a remarkable effect in team game. He can play either wing and as a second striker mngo which can increase the efficiency of the team in attack and very effective attack! Even if you change up I think he will definitely fit because it is not by chance the German national team player,which follows our club for a long time of his appearances for the national team where he shone, we all know how difficult it is to secure our place in such a national team! With him, even in the rotation we will have players who h discriminate, even back when KDB which has also been fantastic but MISIL that Andre prefer to play the current first team, and is physically stronger and faster than the KDB! Our first team will be the player with the much stronger I am sure! KTBFFH !
    Dragunar from Serbia-Belgrade !

  8. Anonymous says

    Get lewandowski he is far better

  9. Adu says

    ant u tired of buying?? Chelsea have good young players on loan why not bring them back and develope them into better players

    1. jonny9fan says

      This article doesn’t contain my opinion on the transfer, it’s only his profile. But if you want to hear my opinion about this developing thing: I would be more than happy if we give our youth/younger players more chances to develop. But we’re Chelsea and we’re a club which in the past couple of years always followed the same philosophy and that’s buy, buy and buy. It’s a shame that we don’t encourage our own young players because we’re putting so much money in the youth. In general, I have the same opinion as you, but the reality is that Chelsea has it’s own view on this topic

      1. Anonymous says

        i really don’t understand how stupid persons who are in charge of transfers at chelsea are, we don’t need this guy he isn’t good enough to be the goal scoring striker we need and he is not better than KDB a player we already have.

  10. Yinka says

    With fifa financial fair rule,chelsea should mind d way they spend money.i checked his stats many times on soccernet.com,his nt worth dan £15m.chelsea wil make a great mistake if they include KDB as part of d deal.

  11. Anonymous says

    we need KDB

  12. Saimz Muiruri Simon says

    What a waste of money it would be…

  13. Anonymous says

    Schurrle would probably just play striker. We should permanently switch back to a 2 striker formation, similar to Man City, with two technically gifted strikers, Schurrle and Torres/Falcao(whoever we get), and Mata behind them both, with Hazard on the left, and Oscar/Moses on the right. If we could steal Toure from City, he could play that solitary CDM position. 4-1-3-2.

  14. Anonymous says

    chelsea should get ramos and falcao

  15. Abbey says

    I told friends exactly what you wrote we already have players in the position he plays so am thinking not worth more than 15m and possible another player he wld eventually loan out. Arsene wenger Wld buy him for 10m at the prospect of playing for a BIG team

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