360 Reactions: What I think about these Drogba rumours?

This recently came out of the blue but if you haven’t read it, then click here. Its time to give my opinion as to how can this benefit us if the deal works out.

Legend: Didier Drogba
Legend: Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba left the club back in 2012 after helping the side to win their first champions league, when he scored the winning penalty in the shootout against Bayern. He left a mark at the club and became an idol and a legend for the club. He went on to play for Shanghai Shenhua before completing a move to Galatasaray. Since then, he is still scoring even at the age of 36. Now about the rumour of his comeback, Chelsea’s policy of 1 year contract for players over 30 years of age could come into a factor but for one season, Drogba can be our main striker as he has been.Should we take Drogba back?After his contract with the club, Abramovich wants him to become a striker coach and go on to find a new striker for the club, to help his project. Now, its hard to say how will he managed to coach but for our strikers, who have found it hard to score, can get good benefit from a striker coach like Didier. Now that’s just an opinion….

What do you think? Didier back for a 2nd time? Feedback is appreciated.


    DROGBA can come back on another form not as a player.He can be a member of management team for young team U-18.He can also be a scout.Chelsea need a long time striker that can last 6yrs minimum;a striker that can grow and mature with the likes of Hazard and Oscar.I see that in the person of Diego Costa.

  2. Anonymous says

    That is an excellent move by Chelsea. He is most welcom

  3. Anonymous says

    Bring Drogs back as our star striker. He is 10 times better than any of our current strikers, and will definitely be our 1st choice striker, unless Lukaku proves he is up to the standard

  4. Ekeh Kelechi sunny says

    Considering his age drogba will not fit into chelsea’s current reformation agendag. Drogba could work for chelsea not as a player.

  5. Alladin Richards says

    most definitely… he is the KING…. he should be welcome to play anytime if he feel to come back!!! CHELSEA FOR LIFE>>>

  6. Anonymous says

    I thhink Lukaku will benefit from Drogba’s possible arrival

  7. Namutwe Grace says

    It will be wonderful to see king Drogba again in a blue shirt its my prayer and we still need his services,

  8. adhityabobbyp says

    I think we need born winners like him in our club. He can share all his experiences, skills, and more passion for our young striker. We have Lukaku, Feruz, Perica, Piazon, and many other. Why we wasting much money if we can build a great team by ourself? It’s just my opinion.

  9. Abdulrahman says

    A man should be honour for a work well done. Didier deserves every accolade he’s been given. I would love to see him work as the striker coach at cfc.

  10. charles CP7 says

    When he decide to play for Chelsea again, what jersey number will he be wearing? Since Oscar is the current player putting on the no. 11 jersey

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