5 Lessons to be learnt from the Super Cup Match

5 lessons we learnt from yesterday clash in super cup 
I don’t know what to say about the performance that we all saw yesterday against Atletico Madrid and how to describe it but i think we should all concentrate on the things we learnt from yesterday match and try to avoid them next time .
As Ashley Cole tweeted after the game:
“Well that was a lesson, absolute joke no fight, desire, passion, and a big reality check!!!!!! #sorrycfcfans.”
So here we go :

1-The Blues Defense
As we started the match we all noticed how the defense was too lost and couldn’t stop Atletico Madrid’s Falcao not only just him but all players and all counter attacks we faced .

When Radamel Falcao scored in the sixth minute on a breathtaking finish , I felt like it could be a terrible night for Chelsea and it was .
Chelsea lost because Luiz and Iva have no discipline. Those two refused to mark their positions and the coach fell asleep on the job and couldn’t deal with the issue .

I am not blaming RDM for the match because like Ashley Cole said its absolute joke.

With John Terry absence we really suffered and the Blues’ defense seemingly played with no heart or energy, and the speedy Los Rojiblancos took advantage of that weakness.

We all cant blame Petr Cech for this game because the whole team gave Atletico Madrid’s players the space they wanted to create chances and scoring 4 goals with no mercy.

The Super defense that faced Barcelona,Bayern and Liverpool last season were simply torn a part by the Spanish side, We were lucky because the match could have very well ended 6-1 or 7-1. It was that bad.

2-The Blues Offense 

We Hardly saw  Thibaut Courtois the GK of Atletico Madrid  because we didn’t create any real chances to score, and Blues play makers Juan Mata and Eden Hazard were virtually invisible.

The whole team lost confidence,passion, concentration and connection between forwards and midfielders.
We need to focus more and more and try to create more chances against big teams next time.
3-Think Positive & Lets Bounce Back
Super Cup’s match was the worst performance for Chelsea since Napoli’s champions league defeat ( 3-1 ) last season.
After Napoli’s defeat we bounced back and crashed them in Stamford Bridge 4-1, Another example in Bayern Munich’s match and the Drogba’s come back goal.
Chelsea promptly responded with a three-game win streak to start the new EPL season and gave Blues fans some much-needed optimism, Hopefully this thrashing will serve as a wake-up call of sorts for the club.
4-Torres Isn’t Enough 
The Blues Still Need Another Striker, Leader Up Front and we all saw how the striker act  like Rademel Falcao did last night and it should be a message to Roman Abramovich that we really need another dominate striker.
The transfer window closed and we all wished to sign another striker like Cavani or Hulk so now its RDM’s part to make Fernando Torres shine again because most of the fans said Where are you Didier Drogba last night.

5-Radamel Falcao Simply The Best Striker In World Now

Scoring 6 goals in 4 days against Athletic Bilbao and Chelsea, The Colombian truly took over the game and made the Blues’ defense look porous and put the offense in desperation mode.

The 26-year-old striker was on Chelsea’s wish list earlier this summer and i really think Chelsea must pay 60-70m to sign him next season.

He isn’t Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo but with six goals this week, nine goals in his last four games and 42 goals in 53 appearances for Atlético, he has served notice that he deserves to at least be in the conversation as one of the most dominant players on the planet.

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    Messi is the BEST striker in the world 😛

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