5 players Chelsea should get this summer…

The positions of left back, midfield and striker have been our weakest spots this season and I’ve decided to look at our options that we will have to buy :

  1. Yohan Cabaye
  2. Luis Suarez
  3. Luke Shaw
  4. Angelo Ogbonna
  5. El Shaarawy

Yohan Cabaye – Cabaye is what you would call a ‘complete’ midfielder in modern football, with the ability to shoot, pass, defend and has a great set piece on him, is he what Chelsea have been missing in the pivot this season? After suffering an injury at the start of the season, Cabaye has been significant to the revival of Newcastle’s season but will Champions League football if Chelsea manage to secure a top 4 finish and being offered a place in the Starting XL be enough to attract the quality of Cabaye to Chelsea? Newcastle’s failure to live up to the same standards as last season has been a bad thing in terms of players after already losing their star player, Demba Ba, to Chelsea but will Cabaye have a different mentality towards the transfer then Demba Ba did? Cabaye is arguably, exactly what Chelsea have been missing in the pivot, a player who can attack, defend and has amazing vision to find a pass anywhere on the field, the only thing is, will Chelsea be able to spot this deal?

Yohan Cabaye 8-1735445

Luis Suarez – Luis Suarez has been one of the stars of the season and essential to Liverpool having at least a decent season but the problem is, he is creating a big name for himself and attracting several different clubs, one of them being Chelsea. Luis Suarez is currently the Premier League’s top scorer with 22 goals overpassing Van Persie a few games after the Manchester United hit man is having a dry spell scoring 0 goals in the last 9 games. Luis Suarez would suit Chelsea’s style of play, because, not only does he have the ability to get on the end of a pass, but he can create his own goals as well as set them up too as this is being shown by the stats, he has assisted 4 goals and scored 22 goals in 29 games, but the problem is, the price tag is a hefty £40 million and we all know what happened last time we bought a striker from Liverpool around the same price tag… Luis Suarez hasn’t hidden the fact that he wants to play in the Champions League, but will the Liverpool owners let him go so easy after proving how important he is to the success of Liverpool?

Liverpool FC vs FC Zenit St.Petersburg

Luke Shaw – Luke Shaw has been one of the stars of the season making a big name for his self at the tender age of 17. Luke Shaw has been regarded as a ‘huge’ talent and is a regular starter for Southampton, but even though he plays for Southampton, he hasn’t hidden the fact that he wants to play for Chelsea after answering a question on Twitter by saying the stadium he was most excited to visit was Stamford Bridge, he also said himself that he was a huge Chelsea fan and this is a big plus for Chelsea as there are several different ‘big’ clubs chasing the young stars signature. Chelsea already have Ashley Cole but at the age of 32, he is starting to lose pace and that is something that defenders have exploited all year, but with Luke Shaw’s ability to defend, attack and the physical ability to get back in defense quickly whilst the other side is counter-attacking, is he the perfect left-back? Luke Shaw has been set a price tag of £10 million, some people think that is a steal, others think it is way too much for a 17 year old, but is it really too much for a player who has another 9-10 years to reach his maximum potential? Chelsea have been linked with Luke Shaw many times throughout the season but will Southampton be willing to give up this young star?


Angelo Ogbonna – Ogbonna is probably one of the most complete defenders with great defensive ability, great aerial ability, is as solid as a rock and a plus is the fact that he is very fast for a defender. Ogbonna’s low attacking work rate, pace, defensive ability would provide stability and solidity in Chelsea’s defense after a season jam-packed with injuries for John Terry leaving Gary Cahill the only reliable defender with Ivanovic having a poor season and Luiz being unreliable in defense… Ogbonna plays for Serie A side, Torino. Torino are having a relatively poor season losing 3 games in their last 6, which could mean Ogbonna could come relatively cheap, the only other problem is, current Premier League leaders, Manchester United have reportedly scouted Ogbonna on several different occasions this season… Chelsea could get an amazing deal for a player of Ogbonna’s quality the only problem is, will they be able to notice it?


El Shaarawy – Arguably one of the best young prodigies in football is having an amazing season for Milan and is showing why he was good enough to be Ibrahimovic’s successor, El Shaarawy has netted 16 goals and provided 4 assists in 28 games for Milan which is an amazing stat for a 20 year old. Chelsea have had a lack of width in the squad this year with Hazard and Moses being the only real wingers in the Chelsea squad, one of them is having a great debut season and the other not so much, El Shaarawy could fix all these problems with his ability to cut in and score a goal and is very good at finishing. El Shaarawy is also able to play as a striker and this is a plus as Chelsea haven’t had much luck with strikers after Demba Ba not living up to his standards and Torres, well, we all know about Torres. Milan will not try and sell El Shaarawy, but like they sold Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva, will money be enough to let El Shaarawy join Chelsea?


  1. Anonymous says

    Great, By El Sharaway is the odd one.

  2. brynknight says

    I think you’ve identified the positions perfectly, and this is actually a very good article. I think Luis Suarez would be an absolutely wonderful signing, just imagine the prospect of a Hazard-Suarez-Mata attacking band with Lukaku up front and Oscar in midfield. Suarez is exactly what Chelsea have been missing in attack this season.
    Luke Shaw would be a steal for £10m, although the fee would probably be more like £15m. But I’d still be happy to pay £15m for Shaw, he’s certainly good enough. I wouldn’t bring him straight to Chelsea this summer though.Cole is still top notch and van Aanholt has been terrific for Vitesse Arnhem. Bertrand hasn’t been great but he can still fill in without giving anyone palpitations. If Shaw arrived he’d be 3rd or 4th choice so loan him back to Saints or wait until summer 2014.
    Ogbonna is a good young centre back, and he would be a decent signing, but there are better options than him. I’d rather have Marquinhos, Varane, Hummels, Zouma, Okore or Papadopolous than Ogbonna. Marquinhos or Varane would be ideal.
    Similarly El Shaarawy is the right type of player, a young winger/striker hybrid, but there are better options. Bale, Neymar or Reus would be better than El Shaarawy. Neymar is my preference.
    Cabaye is the only one I totally disagree with. He’s a decent Premier League midfielder, but no star quality. He’s 27, not going to improve and would cost about £15m. Oscar and De Bruyne are much better than Cabaye, Lampard is slightly better. McEachran is only 20 years old and not far off. If we get a CM he should be a box-to-box CM like Vidal, Wanyama or Toure. A good young regista like Marco Verratti would be nice, but not essential.
    My 5 players would be Suarez, Shaw, Neymar, Varane and Vidal, and we also need a backup keeper. In reality 5 signings will not be enough unless we retain guys like Turnbull, Lampard, Torres, Essien and Marin.

    1. Tom Gardner says

      Neymar is not coming here, brother. Every time I read Neymar in posts about who we should get, it might as well say “Zola in his prime.” No chance, let it go. Also, one day everyone screams about the players we have on loan, then the next they all want to buy Neymar, Falcao, Cavani, Fallaini…. We have Cheloba, KDB, Lukaku, Courtois, and more to choose from… If we buy all of those players, we will have to let a number of young superstars in the making get away.

      1. Jack Parker says

        i totally agree with you. we need to use our young talent instead of keeping on buying. i think if van aanholt does not live up to expectations then she would luke shaw but otherwise i think we should use our youth and we will be fine

    2. pertaub says

      neymar lol? have you watched brazil vs england..or brazil vs italy..or even brazil vs russia..he was completely shit..oscar was way better than him and neymar is no way near hazard..i admit that he has a bright future since he is still very young but his price stag is 50 million..50 million for neymar is madness..he is just not good enough for this price

      1. brynknight says

        That is easily explained. In Brazil, Neymar is so much better than the opposition defenses that they sit very deep and allow him huge amounts of time and space to run at them. This doesn’t actually work, because Neymar is so fast and skillful, but it’s better than allowing him to get in behind the defence. As a result Neymar has the mentality that he has the ability to be any defender in the world, because he beats defenders for fun back home. This leads to overconfidence and an unwillingness to pass the ball. International defenders are better than those in the Brazilian league, and Neymar can’t just beat them at will, making him look very selfish. When Neymar comes to a top European league he will realise this and adapt his game accordingly.

      2. Abel Suping says

        Neymar is a true reflection of a star, he will prove such to the world since he is to play for Barcelona. The unique and smart style of play of Barcelona will complete and complement his skills in a field of play. Lastly, it is a fact Neymar is still young and he will reveal his upper capability as time goes by. Stay Blessed Soccer Lovers.

  3. Anonymous says

    I’m a firm believer that McEachran, de bryne, Chalobah, and Lukaku can all thrive in the chelsea first team next season. We should be looking at a relatively cheap striker like lewandoski who will share the striker spot with Lukaku and ba (Torres must be sold!) I would also strengthen the defense with Luke shaw (this kid is amazing) and Papadopolos or hummels. And also am I the only one who thinks Bale would be absolutely amazing at chelsea (I know he would cost a fortune). Most importantly a stable manager is needed who knows how to utilize the embarrassing amount of quality youth players we have on loan.

  4. xtian says

    The problem is that young players cannot be used explicitly. Wenger and Fergusen tried it and we can now see their transfer policy. Welbeck could be good enough to lead Manu’s forward line already but the pressure had to be gradually introduced. Lukaku can come back but he must not be the main guy.

  5. Adu says

    forget about surez cus he wont come

  6. Anonymous says

    Please stop writing whom to buy all the time, why do we need to buy when we have an academy of talent.. it’s high time we start showing some balls and start giving youngsters a chance

  7. Bitto raphael says

    SUAREZ is better but the rest is nonsense we ve our own youth players let make use of them

  8. san marine says

    the positions identified are appropriate, but the players are poorly chosen
    cm : joao moutinho is a better choice
    st : stevan jovetic
    cb : holger badstuber or dejan lovren

    1. Anonymous says

      mate your a complete fool jovetic and moutinioh ar awful why pick those two when you could have felaini and lewnadowski they are so much better than jovetic and moutinioh and badstuber why vet him when you can get hummels

  9. Vaibhav Kumble says

    Looks like another 100mill pounds of shopping for me.. Not required.. At all. Even if the FFP rule hadnt been applied I would have said no..

  10. Anonymous says

    lewandowski torres and ba upfront
    mata hazard oscar and schurlle in midfield and cole david luiz kompany and shaw in defence and lloris in goal

    1. Anonymous says

      it was a good point till you pick lloris

  11. livinus Nkemakonam says

    i dont tink chelsea fc need any of this footballers

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