5 points from Jose Mourinho's press conference

Jose press-conference

Jose Mourinho gave his first Premier League press-conference after a sensational return to Stamford Bridge this summer. The English media had been waiting for this moment for SIX years since Jose left Chelsea in September 2007. Now HE IS BACK and he looked very much “The Happy ONE” as he described himself when he made his first official press-conference in June in a packed room full of journalists from around the world at Stamford Bridge press room.

By now, we have heard about a lot of insights from Mourinho about his opinions and how he found the squad that has been changed very much since he was in charge the last time around. And after he sat on the chair he enjoys sitting in at press room once again, A lot of journalists asked many question regarding his return, Transfer rumors and what we can expect from Chelsea this Premier League season. Now, let’s take a look at 5 most important points addressed by Jose on Friday’s press-conference ahead of the league opener against Hull City at Stamford Bridge (click here for Match Preview).

1. His love for the English Game:-

Jose Mourinho takes charge of the Blues in a competitive game for the first time since returning to the club when we open our 2013/14 Premier League campaign against Hull City at Stamford Bridge on Sunday, and the Portuguese is looking forward to getting started in what he described as his favorite football country.

As he prepares to go head-to-head with Steve Bruce on Sunday afternoon, however, he spoke of his love for the English game.

“I think of myself as somebody who should be in this competition because it’s my favorite one and I can say that as I have experience in three other countries, so I’m in a good condition to say that it’s my favorite competition and my favorite country to work,’ he said. ‘So when I have this passion for this football country I think I am in my natural habitat and I want to be seen as somebody who is very much connected.” “I feel I have to work for my club, for Chelsea Football Club, but at the same time I’m working for English football and I want to give my best. I think now I’m better than ever because experience helps us to be better, especially managers.”

It’s been clear for some time that Jose really missed the English game and admitted in a lot of interviews that his next step after Real Madrid was always going to be the Premier League. But, as we came to learn, he only had ONE club in his heart when he said that and It was made clear for some Man Utd scum fans he was only going to manage Chelsea in England and no one else. Not even to be a successor of Sir Alex at Old Trafford. English football fans must be happy and honored by suggestions of Jose when he said this after coaching in all the top 3 leagues in the World.

2. Desire to improve his Young players:-

Jose Mourinho is taking over a difficult type of squad than he had the last time around and he knows he have to improve the players and turn them into world superstars.

“I look to improve my players, and obviously give a contribution to my club for them to be better and better, not thinking in just a selfish way, because I never do that, but thinking long term,’ he said. ‘To give the club good conditions, not just for tomorrow, but especially with the kind of squad profile we have, for the long term.” “It’s a squad I like, I’m not lying when I say that, and I’m not lying when I say that I’m very much enjoying working with these young people, some of whom it’s their first time in the Premier League. I’m enjoying this process and formation of my team, with a different profile to the team I had in my previous years.”

This suggestion had been made by Jose after he returned and that he wanted to improve the group available to him rather than to revitalize the image of the team by spending millions like City are doing.

3. Transfer Rumors:-

After some early recruits in the forms of Schurlle, Van Ginkel and Schwarzer not much of transfer activities were made by Chelsea in the latter stages of the window set to be closed on Sept. 2nd. Here is what Jose had to say about all of it…

“I’m just a Chelsea manager; every one of us is looking always to strengthen our squad,’ he said. ‘We all say no but we lie, because until the last day when the market is open we are all waiting for something to happen.” “Even when we say we are happy with our squad we lie because we always want to make it better, so we’ll see what happens, not just with us but with Manchester United and everybody else as well.” “This club did fantastic work and put ourselves in a position where we have a fantastic balance, the club is in perfect conditions to say we don’t want to sell this player or that player.”

When he said, “We all say no, but we lie…”, he was hinting that there always more to do in every transfer window from any top team, even from clubs thought to have a ‘complete’ squad. That might signal Jose is still hopeful of Rooney’s block-buster deal o go through before the window closes. You never say never in football, let’s wait and see what happens.

4. David Luiz going no where!:-

Jose said David Luiz will stay a Chelsea player for probably the 3rd time this week.

“David Luiz is one of the players in whom the club made a huge investment; he’s not been here for seven, eight, nine or 10 years, he’s only been here for a couple of years. He’s a very young player; he’s a player that signed a new contract last year, so when he signed that contract he was very happy to do it.” “We want to keep him, we understand that a big club like Barcelona wants the best and they are trying to buy one of the best central defenders in the world, but we are being very honest in saying there is no chance David Luiz is leaving.”

David Luiz had been strongly rumored with exit door at Stamford Bridge because of a strong interest from FC Barcelona. The Brazilian refused to make any comments about the subject but, he would be happy to feel loved by Chelsea fans and wanted as a key player by the manager and his team mates. It’s a great tactic by Jose and Luiz is one of the best Center backs in the world as the Special One said!

5. About game preparations for Sunday:- 

In order to ensure the players, and himself, are completely prepared for Sunday’s game, Mourinho will lead training on the Stamford Bridge pitch tomorrow.

“We will train there tomorrow because I want some boys to adapt and to know where the dressing room is, where the dugout is, how to get to the pitch, where the tunnel is, because some of them have never been to Stamford Bridge,’ he explained.” “For me, I have big experience in many countries with many big clubs, but to be back there will be a special feeling. I had it when I played at Stamford Bridge with Inter, but now, I go to my dugout, to my stadium, to my people. I have to control myself because I will feel something different for sure, but after a couple of minutes I will need to be focused on the game.” “Before the match, the fans will focus on me and Roman; me because I’m back and Roman because he’s celebrating 10 years at the club, and the club owe him so much. But after two minutes they have to forget us, focus on the team and support the players. Our fans are great in the sense of loyalty to the people who gave something to the club in the past, but I think they have to focus on the game, and in this competition try to make Stamford Bridge a tough place to play.”

Mourinho as we all now, is a master at man management in a way he prepares his players to go and win a game no matter who they are playing against. He instills a lot of self belief in his players and that’s the main reason as said by himself, what made him successful at all the clubs he managed.

Those were the FIVE main talking points from Jose’s words in yesterday’s press-conference and let’s hope we win our first game against Hull City and kick on our Premier League surge!

Thanks for reading and please let us know what you think of Jose’s inspiring and motivational words from Friday’s press-conference. KTBFFH!!

  1. Aminu A. Musa says

    up chelsea, its a wonderful thing our leader mou is back, we once missed him, I love his talks, actions, he can inspire the worst player to perform, so his speech is wonderful, so we look forward to winning our first match,


    Its so good to see our dream coming to pass, Chelsea is a great club, a club were the voice of the fans speaks. I remember when Rafa came, right from his first game incharge, the Chelsea faithful rejected him, and keep crying for JOSE. Today we have him as our coach. I want to thank all our fans all over the world for having same drive over issues. We are the best fans in the world presently, forget about pass glory. I want to thank ROMAN for giving us our heart desire. God blessssss CHELSEA. God blessssssss our fans world wide………… One love to all bluesssssssss haters go hug transformer.

  3. SunnyLAMPSY says

    I can’t wait…. KTBFFH!!!…

  4. hamidu ibbo says

    wat a wonderfull talks from jose am reallly impressed by mournhos comment

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