6 talking points from Chelsea vs Stoke City

6 talking points from Chelsea vs Stoke City

Chelsea were forced to fight hard against a resilient Stoke defense at the Bridge. The European Champions now sit comfortably on top of the table with 13 points. A vocal Stoke support were left disappointed but they themselves can take a lot of positives from this fixture.

So, what can Chelsea take away from this well deserved victory?

1.Beautiful football is kicking in !
The world’s best LB: A.Cole

For the first time since 2002, I have seen such beautiful football being played at the Bridge. Among Mata, Oscar, Hazard, Torres and Moses there were about 10 backheels. Roman Abramovich has pressurised his managers into playing beautiful football and looks like Di Matteo might finally listen to him.

A 1-0 win just tells half the story to a neutral fan. At one point the possesion was 91 % to Chelsea and 9 % to Stoke City, but Stoke are one of the toughest sides to break down and Chelsea did well to constantly pressurize them.

2. Lampard’s days are coming to an end as well           
It will be a tough moment for me when Lampard says goodbye just like it was tough for me to believe that the commentators will no longer scream Drogba. 
In all the games that we have played and Ramires has played a part he has looked convincing only in the role he has played today. Brilliant while going front and brilliant while going back. He offered nothing on the wings and along with Mikel on his side, he broke attack after attack. 
Lampard is having troubles adapting to a deeper role and if we are to assert our dominance, Ramires has to start.

3. Sturridge has to play
Before making this point, I have to say that I’m 110 % behind Torres, to get back to his best but at this point he is feeling no pressure. By using Daniel Sturridge, Di Matteo can send Nino a stern message that his place is not guaranteed. He is not fighting for it and Chelsea will need goals in future.
Torres had a good game, he chested the ball beautifully but completely mistimed the kick. He picked out players brilliantly but he doesn’t need to do that. We have 3 creative midfielders and they can do that. He has to move a bit upfront.
Believe it or not, Chelsea actually played False 9. Yes, False 9, the role Fabregas perfected for Spain.

4. Things are just going to be better with a German joining us
Remember Marko Marin? He was the most impressive player during pre-season and with him joining the midfield, clubs are going to find it very difficult to keep our players from skipping past them.
Oscar, Hazard and Mata showed everyone what they could do and this was supposed to be the time when they were “gelling” together.
5. We are young !

Gone are the days of the oldies ! Chelsea have one of the youngest squads in the English Premier League. 25.8 years was the average age of the Chelsea starting XI against Stoke City.

6. John Obi Mikel showed his class

We love you Mikel
 He took in challenge after challenge, went after the ball, brilliantly covered for David Luiz and actually had a chance at goal. When fans were breathing down his neck , he showed us what separates the men from the boys. Along with Ramires, he broke play after play and hopefully Di Matteo will use this partnership again.

#Sherry Philips (@bluebloodSherry)
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  1. Anonymous says

    I think mikel shld be paired with ramires more often…their combo is badt,they support each other

  2. Sherry Philips says

    you mean good right? Hopefully RDM uses them more often !

  3. Zane says

    I think RDM read my previous comments about the double pivot 😉 that's the role Rami plays for Brazil with Sandro or Romulo. I'll be honest,I had my doubts about Moses but he proved me completely wrong! Love him! Maybe RDM should try out Aspilicueta at right back to see if he offers more width and flair because I think that's what Brana Bear lacks.

  4. abacus says

    Thanks for the Mikel picture, I saved it and use it as my display picture. Shame to those racists, they claim to be chelsea fan but they are not. They are ungrateful maggots. Mikel father's was kidnapped for several days, yet the dude play for us. He accepts blame for a collective error yet those maggots abuse him. And a certain John Terry is walking free for keeping a striker off-side, whic lead to the equalizer. This is a shame. Well done Mikel.

  5. Anonymous says

    I am so impressed with the fluidity in Chelsea's play today. Rami and Mikel pairing is what the holding midfield needs, but unfortunately RDM is so obsessed with sa marriage of Mikel and Frank that is not working.

  6. Anonymous says

    Congratulation to all Chelsea players. Am so proud today. & again, am happy discovering dis site. So reliable, caring, ontime, unbias & real. Since i became a fan of dis great Club. havent seen dem play such a sexy yet a purposeful football. & secondly, our dear coach showed. He is the coach & not the players, JT & LAMPS, as people thought. His selection was great & the tactical changes he made was a class. Lamps slows our game still a very good player & our legend. Time to giv Sturidge the chance.

  7. neel from India says

    I completely agree with you. But I think Chelsea is lacking the X factor in the attack. When did we last see Torres single handedly crushed a opposition?
    Defenders are not afraid so its become easy to defend when you are not paranoid. ON the othe hand Mata and Oscar are Phenomenal. I think we should use Moses more may be as a striker. But todays display was indeed close to what we call “beautiful football”. KBFFH

  8. Anonymous says

    Would have love RDM to use the same line up in the league either home or away matches. Attractive display from the blues today.

  9. Anonymous says

    i luv d blues,congrt 2all chesea fan

  10. Anonymous says

    Moses can run very well, if Torres will lean to run faster and to fall perfectly like Hazard, he will be best in EPL. I wish him goodluck Chbyk HolyBoy

  11. Anonymous says

    Moses can run very well, if Torres will lean to run faster and to fall perfectly like Hazard, he will be best in EPL. I wish him goodluck Chbyk HolyBoy

  12. blaise nzambiman says

    Ramires,definely in the center!

  13. akinmodupe says

    @akinmodupe,great to see our new look chelsea play well and eke out the victory! On top of the epl log is our permanent residence,bravo Mikel for showing immense mental fortitude to dazzle against stoke,you and Rami will continue to flourish for the blues in the Central midfield.I just hope Radamel Falcao can migrate to Chelsea next january,then my joy will be complete.The sky is always blue!

  14. Anonymous says

    Our coaches have severely stereotype mikel into this defending style I think its time for them to release mikel into more attacking roll and see what he can offer

  15. Anonymous says

    Am happy being a chelsea fan because the chelsea way is the only sky is always blue

  16. Anonymous says

    Well said. I was angry at Mikel as he did it repeatedly but I as a fan wouldn't take it that far. JT made and unnecessary gamble and it cost us 2 points.
    The guys played brilliant today! Just wished Torres had scored
    Dario, Jamaica

  17. Anonymous says

    oscar seeing more of the ball, goals against juventus and creative play against stoke speaks volumes of his talent.Wish he starts more often ! A real game changer!!!


  18. Arnold Mark says

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