A Look Towards Next Season


In this article, I am going to talk a bit about what we should hope/expect for the coming season and what we should hope from the team. With the team, I am going by the fact we don’t sign Rooney or anyone else and we don’t sell anyone.

The Competitions

The Premier League

I expect us to be challenging to be winning the league or at least get 2nd place and dislodge the Manchester dominance that has happened for the past few seasons. I can see us winning the league however, it will be very difficult but with Jose Mourinho’s guidance and the team, we have with all the quality we will do well. It will also depend on the form of our strike force and how many they can score, especially Torres and Lukaku.

The FA Cup

I would like us to win this and I can see us being very capable in doing this as we have a good history in this competition and it would be a nice one for Mourinho to win in his first season back. Our team is more than capable of winning this. If we don’t win the cup, I at least expect us to get to the Semi-finals/Finals.

The League Cup

I don’t see this as such an important cup and I think if we just play our players who are not going to play as much and our youth players in these games, it will give the youth players valuable experience and it will give the back up players games to play.

The Champions League

I at least expect to get out of the group stages and to the Quarter Finals/Semi Finals. I would say we could get to the Final and possibly win but I think that would be asking a lot for our team who need time to gel under a new manager and with new players.

The Europa League

If and this is a bluddy big IF. If we fail in the group stages again which I really cannot see happening but if we do end up in this Cup I expect us to win this with ease and nothing else.

Copa Europa

The final last year where we had our arse’s handed to us by Falcao and Athletico Madrid. I think we stand a better chance this season. Yes it is against Bayern Munich and they have Pep Guardiola at the helm but he hasn’t done well against big teams with Bayern, he lost to Dortmund 4-2 in the German Super Cup but his pre-season he won each game by at least 5 goals but these where all teams where they was a huge gulf in class. I think if we play it tactically correct and play to the best of our abilities we will be fine and could come out winners of the Final, it would also be a good way to start the season and help us push on.


The Team

The Goalkeepers

Petr Cech will be our undisputed No. 1 keeper this season so he will be playing most of our games if he is not injured. Mark Schwazer and Hilario I can see sharing the amount of games between them, so the ones that are not so important and teams that we should win no matter what. Jamal Blackman I think we should let him be the keeper for the U21’s and U18’s and he will gain a lot of experience by doing this.

The Defenders

Terry, Luiz, Cahill and Kalas I can all see sharing the amount of games in our season with a Luiz-Cahill or a Luiz-Terry combo being our first choice for the big games. Ivanovic and Azpilicueta will share the Right back duties and this will be the same for Cole and Bertrand on the Left. I can see our starting back four being: Azpilicueta-Terry/Cahill-Luiz-Cole

The Pivot

I think that Mourinho will deploy the Pivot as with the transfer dealings that have been completed by our Team. I can see there just being a big rotation policy for this position with Lampard, Essien, Ramires, Mikel and Van Ginkel all equally getting games under their belts.

The Attacking Trio

Within our Three Amigo’s I can see certain starters when they are all fit and healthy, they are Hazard and Mata then the most likely other starter I see it being either De Bruyne or Oscar. I know it will depend on the opposition we are playing but I can see these four starting the most out of all our attacking midfielders. I do believe though that Hazard and Mata will play the most for us if they stay injury free and I see the remaining attacking midfielders equally sharing out appearances between them.

The Striker

I can see within our three strikers they posses a lot of goals and creating chances but it is just making sure we can turn those chances into goals. If I were Mourinho, I would set these three a set target of goals to score this season so that they aim for those targets and try their best to achieve them. I would go like this. Demba Ba to aim for 10-15 goals, Romelu Lukaku to aim for 20+ goals and Fernando Torres to aim for 25+. I have given Torres the most still because I still at the moment see him as our best striker. I can see him being our 25+ goal striker that we seriously need and under Mourinho I think he could do that. Mourinho gives the players a certain confidence in themselves that you really cannot see in other teams when they play with confidence.

These are what I believe to be targets in the competitions for us that are easily achievable in my eyes we will just have to work hard at it and play to our strengths. With our team I think we have enough depth and quality to not have to worry about injuries and ban’s I think if we take this season as it comes as a whole because the team will need time to gel and if we get on the teams back when we should be supporting them it will not help them, but with Mourinho I don’t think we will ever boo at our team. We only boo at the Manager and that was only FSW. I believe the 2013/2014 season should be a season of gelling and transition to become a great team together. The 2014/2015 season I think will be the better season for us as a team. The team will have gelled together better and have more understanding for each other creating a better atmosphere around the whole team. These are my views on the team and how well they can/should do.

Juan Mata of Chelsea celebrates scoring to make it 2-2

What do you think, how will our team do this season? Will we sign Rooney before the end of the transfer window? Leave your thoughts and views in the comments.

This is my article and my ‘In the Papers’ article will be last ones until September as I am going on Holiday, meaning I am going miss the end of the transfer Window and the start of the season.

  1. Verskil says

    We will do good these season. Winning two trophy.

  2. ShawnS'tha says

    if we get 2 trophies this season with semifinal finish on other it will be an exceptional season and if torres scores 25+ goals as u mentioned and other two scoring 15+, come the end of the season we will be arounf that with ease.

  3. oyedeleoriyomi says

    I jst bliv itz going to be a great season 4 us

  4. ushar says

    If u want to win d champions league sign de rossi,rooney and eto’o…sell mikel,torres and ba

    1. osazee says

      i agree with you brotherly

  5. ushar says

    I believe d fa cup is our birthright! But d epl title depends on having a consistent 25 goal a season striker

  6. Vaibhav Kumble says

    We shud win the epl (although marginally) and maybe one cup. Champs league I dont see us getting beyond the semi finals. Next yr we can win it.

  7. Jeff says

    some games last season, I blamed Cech for not attempting to go for the ball when we conceded, he sometimes seems so laid back I hope it would be different this season

  8. osazee says

    good write up but i think we still need a top goal scorer like rooney and a stronger attacking midfielder like ozil

  9. Anonymous says

    we may not win the title but jose will ensure a trophy….however for the double pivot roles mikel seldom flourishes….the team can’t afford much experimentation as ramires is handy but not excellent so liz shud b restored nd sami khedira b bought…..however expecting man utd to sell us rooney is like telling ur enemy to sell u his biggest weapon……instead signing jackson martinez is a longer solution nd relevant one too….

    1. alexcfc8 says

      Khedira is not that great in my opinion, Martinez is only a year younger than Rooney

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