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  1. shiloh says

    i love your write up its totally on point, i look at Barcelona, Arsenal, even the likes of Aston Vila, Everton give their young academy league experience. But Chelsea rather send them out on loan or let them go on a free, most often have flourish notably Stoch and Majtic.the board should have a rethink on its policy on how to bring players through the ranks

  2. arthur says

    Wow, i have nothing to say becos we have said it all here over and over again. Jst thank you for this write up. Bless you. Blues for life

  3. Cheapest Price For Lorazepam says

    Great write up mate.

  4. Frank okosun says

    You deserve an oscar mate for this refreshing piece,i see light at the end of the tunnel though,with ffp in euro n the new rules in england,i see things changing for d better.

  5. Green Rose says

    just give our youngsters to play in cup like League Cup, FA cup…no need to play our very best players to play at these two cups. see what they can do it. let our senior squad focus on others important trophy and place for champions league. See now, our place in champions league not even sure confirm yet, though because we played our best players even in small competition. winning or lose doesn’t matter if we want to see our youngster to developed, but it takes time, it takes patient but in the end, it’s all worth! even we spend more money in stars player, our performances still the same.

  6. mathias says

    Finally, somebody with some sense, we don’t need ti buy skulle this summer transfer, we for so many talenter players.ude Them instead!!!

  7. Buy Soma Online Uk says

    Football this days is for young talent sell those old men out, wher z de bryne,bruma,van,etc bring them back plzszszsz

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