Analyzing Rafael Benitez's situation at the club and his post-match comments


We saw EKVR’s thoughts on Rafa’s situation, his comments and how the fans’ reacted and treat him. Here’s another opinion from Fahmi which is different.

Rafael Benitez spoke his opinion about chelsea fans’ resentment towards him candidly after Chelsea’s 2-0 away win over Middlesbrough in the FA Cup. He was asked about his opinion about the fans not liking him being a manager of Chelsea as it always has been in his press conferences since he arrived. And he replied by reminding the media and the fans that they(Chelsea executives) put his job title as ‘interim’ because he would leave at the end of the season. And, because of that, the fans don’t need to worry about him but they should support the players in every game.

Although I agree with statement that all the fans need to support the team, I think booing Rafa or preparing posters in a resentment against appointing Rafa Benitez after the sacking of our beloved Legend, champions league winning manager, Roberto DiMatteo, is a correct decision. The Chelsea fans’ unsupport towards Rafael Benitez culminated from an interview given by Benitez during his time at Liverpool. He replied to a journalist asking him about comparing Chelsea fans with Liverpool fans, in which He replied that they(Liverpool) don’t need to hand flags to their supporters because a true love for the club comes from the heart. And he continued on by saying that Chelsea fans ‘lack passion’. That didnt seat well with any Chelsea fan since back then. Because, calling any football fan who loves and supports a club cannot ‘lack passion’. Football is a game of sport in which fans can entertain themselves and support a club who they truly love. And love in football leads to having a deep passion towards it. So, Rafa could have been more smarter than blasting a faithful group of football fans as ourselves in favor of giving support towards the Liverpool fans.

He left Liverpool in 2010 after the club finish 7th in the league and failed to get out of the group stages for the first time since winning the trophy empathically in 2005 at Istanbul. He then went on to Inter Milan, who managerial job was vacant after Jose Mourinho opted to take over at Real Madrid. He enheritied a champions league winning squad from one of his fiercest rivals at San siro, but was sacked after missing out on the euroean super cup to Athletico Madrid, even though he won Italian Supercup and Club World Cup. He has since been without a job until Chelsea executives appointed benitez, with the order of Roman Abramovic(who has been influenced by technical director, Michael Emenalo’s words to appoint Benitez).

It was clearly a very bad decision by the board to sack DiMatteo after just six months of winning the Champions league for the first time in the club’s history. And, in place appoint Rafael Benitez while clearly understanding his stance as a rival team manager and the fans’ hatred towards him. The decision unsurprisingly back fired on the board when fans started showing a massive boos and started to hold poster and flags with a message of ‘Rafa Out’. This all movements by the Stamford Bridge faithful is to let our voices be heard to Abramovic and co. About our opinions regarding club matters.

Their is always one fact synonymous with football, ‘The club is the fans’. Simple, but a distinctive meaning that states and proves that who ever is in charge of the club don’t matter b/c they, the players and manager will change over time. But, only the club and the fans stay the same(excluding some ‘plastic fans’ in general who jump onto the band wagon of the most dominant team in a particular time). So, the club should always fulfill the wishes of the fans and the unsupport of the fans towards Benitez is clearly to let know of the board of our opinions about the matter.

Yet, the most important part of the post-match interview was when Rafa said he was surprised from the beginning that they put the title ‘interim’ as a manager. Because, as he said it himself, “I have been a manager as a professional for 26 years. I have 9 trophies, all you can win at group level. So, I have enough experience and enough quality to be a manager of this club. Every manager is interim because after one leaves, he will be replaced by another manager. But, in that time(in November), they didn’t have anyone else so, why put the title ‘interim’? I don’t know who decided to do it but it’s 100 percent wrong decision”.

Rafael Benitez is a top manager who have won some big trophies with different teams including the Champions League. He deserves a credit for that but, the fact remains the same that he didnt deserve to be appointed and he isn’t the best option from all the candidates of top manager who can manage Chelsea. As Benitez confirmed on Wednesday in post-match press conference, he will leave at the end of the season. Someone may feel a sympathy towards him if the fans abuse him with a very offensive rants but, it was all about showing unsupport towards the decision to make him a manager at Stamford Bridge. But, the fans have always been supportive towards the players. We should now look forward to parting ways with him at the end of the season and hope we will witness the return of Jose Mourinho, as the special one is heavily rumored to leave the Santiago Bernabeu at this season’s end, according to multiple reports coming out of Spain, specifically, Màrca.

What did you think of the fans unsupport towards Benitez since his arrival in November? What about his post-mach comments? Leave your opinions below as always through comments!

  1. tim says

    rafa is a very good tactician but, he wont succed in cfc simply because the fans and even some of the senior players always hv conflict with him………

    1. fahmicfc360 says

      Yeah. So, he shouldn’t continue as chelsea manager after his contract ends in May. Managers should have a good relationship with players and the board. Simply Rafa isn’t the ideal manager for Chelsea. thanks for reading & sharing your opinion.

  2. Bitto raphael says

    Chelsea doesn’t have faith in them. They need to train 4iong and understand themselves in the pitch(with thesame tone of communication/languages)

    1. fahmicfc360 says

      I think you are referring to the players. I agree with you that they need time to create a bond together and succeed. But, chelsea trusted in them to change the way the club have been playing in the last decade(defensive counter-attack) into Fats paced, attacking football. Thats the reason they parted ways with players like Drogba, Miereles and Kalou to bring in the younger player.thanks for sharing your opinon

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