Tactical Analysis: Ramires's goal vs Manchester United

Manchester-United-v-Chelsea-Ramires-celeb_2912815What looked like a nightmare at the start of the match turned into a lip smacking cracker for Chelsea fans, as the boys in blue rounded of a brilliant comeback after being 2-0 down. Ramires made the scoreline 2-2 after a spectacular finish from his left foot. Here’s a look at the buildup.

It all began with Luiz nicking the ball of Rooney and going front in one of his trademark runs.Luiz’s gesture makes Ramires , Oscar and Mata dash forward. Hazard intelligently drops back as quick counter from United could end it for Chelsea. So does Mikel. Ba’s the only player upfront, with Rio and Evans next to him.

Ba comes forward to collect the ball and this in turn attracts Rio, who does not have the reading capabilities of understanding Ba’s motives. A false 9 move as Mata, Oscar and Ramires continue forward with Hazard staying back. United pushed way to many players forward and every time a Chelsea player had the ball, their complacent attitude made sure they hesitated to press high as they did in the opening minutes of the game.

We all know that Ba played the ball to Oscar. However, Ba could have also played the ball directly to Ramires as the dotted line shows. He would then have the entire final third open for him to exploit. This might have been easier for him considering that he finally scored with his left foot while being under pressure. Mata and Oscar continue their runs as Luiz finally stops to break down potential counter-attacks.82707423

When Oscar receives the ball, the next move is largely scripted as the ball will most definitely be given to Ramires. However Ba  and Mata make the run to make sure there are second takers if the ball doesn’t go in on the first shot. Luiz has to drift back or towards the center, so as to gain control in the middle of the pitch. It’s effectively 2 defenders vs 4 attackers here.

Ramires has the ball here, and he clearly has to deal with Evans before releasing the shot. This gives him an opportunity to either play it to Mata or Ba. Mata has easily outpaced Ferdinand, and Ba isn’t even marked. This is where Fergie has to ask Rafael what was he event trying to do. The circle depicts the area where Ramires can be expected to put the ball in if he doesn’t want to have a shot. Mata and Ba can attack it. 2 goal scoring opportunities in 1 counter-attacking buildup.

Ramires however chooses to bring the ball to his left and slot its home with De Gea only managing to get finger tips on it. However his actions were in vain as Chelsea celebrated. If he was to miss though, we would have Ba who would have been able to pick up on the rebound much quicker than the slow Ferdinand. Mata has dropped outside the box and Oscar plans to go deep incase things don’t go according to plan after his deft pass to Ramires.

Needless to say, since Luiz won the ball, Ramires’s name was written on the goal as he made that run. Once he gets on the wrong side of any defender, his pace can completely incinerate everything  his opposite player has learnt in his entire career. A good goal, a magnificent win and bucket loads of confidence which Chelsea will need at this time of the season.

  1. Akeem says

    Special come back

  2. enobong thompson says

    i was really excited that we came back after going 2 goals down and to a team like man utd at old trafford. i really hope we can finish everything in the return leg.

  3. Ghazzal Ayobami says

    It was joyful day for me, I look up to such wonderful performances.

    1. Elvira says

      Shoot! I didn’t know it was taking so long it loads rlleay fast every time I load it. weird. And yeah I tried a lot of colors behind the text but they all looked weird. I will keep playing with that. Jacquie thanks for the tips I don’t like how it is tiling either. The pattern is a scanned postcard so thats why it is working like that I didn’t make it but I will for sure try to figure out how I can fix it.??? ()

    2. Steve says

      Shoot! I didn’t know it was taking so long it loads rellay fast every time I load it. weird. And yeah I tried a lot of colors behind the text but they all looked weird. I will keep playing with that.??? ()

    3. Leticia says

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    4. Gego says

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  4. Adu says

    its not over yet so pls continue ur good performance till we compleatly eleminate them

  5. Bitto raphael says

    Let take d line up as startin eleven n put more presure 2opponets

  6. Ken says

    We can only win the return leg if the boo boys can back benitez for once…benitze will leave and we’ll be left to rue our mistakes if we dont bck him now…cfc forever

  7. Vaakmeisster says

    Oh, how I miss the analysis of great goals by CFC. I hope we sort ourselves out and attack with purpose from now on!

  8. Anonymous says

    mumu small draw weh una do,una no wan mak we hear word,,,no wori 2nd leg dy,

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