Anton Ready To Snub Terry & Cole During Pre-Match Handshake

Anton Ready To Snub Terry & Cole During Pre-Match Handshake

Anton Ferdinand is ready to snub John Terry & Ashley Cole during the pre-match handshake when Chelsea take on QPR this Saturday, the Daily Mail reports.

This is the first meeting between the trio since John Terry went on trial for allegedly aiming a racial slur at Anton Ferdinand in the corresponding fixture last season. Ashley Cole appeared as a witness for John Terry during the trial. Terry was eventually pronounced not guilty (& is still facing an inquiry from the FA), but the entire situation between him & Anton seems far from over. And if you thought things couldn’t get any more dramatic, think again. It seems as if Anton’s brother Rio Ferdinand is also set to snub Cole & Terry when Manchester United take on Chelsea in October.

The whole situation is nothing less than silly, if you ask me. Anton Ferdinand has NO reason to be angry at either John Terry or Ashley Cole anymore. The entire matter should have been resolved the minute John Terry was pronounced “not guilty” in court. As for Rio, he’s taking brotherly love a little too far. He has every right to be aggravated at the situation, but he shouldn’t stick his nose where it doesn’t belong. Did Ashley or JT do anything to annoy or harm Rio? No. Then why exactly is he in such a foul mood? If anything, it should be JT & Ash doing the snubbing. JT lost the England captaincy over this whole issue & it turned out that he wasn’t even guilty in the first place. He has a right to be mad at Anton for blowing this whole situation out of proportion. As for Ashley Cole, he was subjected to a racist remark from Rio on Twitter. Rio seemed to endorse a tweet that referred to Ashley Cole as “choc ice”, a term with clear racial connotations. The irony of the situation is that Rio endorsed a racial tweet when he was apparently mad at Terry for racially abusing Anton.

It would be extremely idealistic of me to hope for the matter to be resolved before the match on Saturday. The best I can hope for is a resounding Chelsea win to show the whole world that the club won’t let unnecessary controversies stop us from focusing on what’s most important: winning matches.


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