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  1. Smell says

    Could we stop saying the word snub and start being positive? We all know we’re going to get an A-list coach with a high chance of a guaranteed 2 year contract. Let’s just speculate and stop being negative because it seems every article is taking a pessimist view.
    Nothing but a transition year folks! And although we could have won a couple of trophies, those hoping for the EPL were kidding themselves

  2. cfc 4 life says

    let rafa be, we the fans are the problem of cfc, let’s be cool and hope we win games and play better.

  3. shingirai samu says

    Truely an A class coach is needed and patience need to knocked into Abramovich’s mind. The game of football is rounded, a well assembled and star studied team can lose, hence the issue of hirring and firing managerz is not good for a team’s succes.

  4. Anonymous says

    Let choose Heynkens and stop all this snubin of a thing

  5. jerry says

    all we needed his a long team coach not after faw days he’ll be domp, for me i whould love mourinho’s come back

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