Arsenal 1 -2 Chelsea – Tactical Analysis

Arsenal 1 -2 Chelsea – Tactical Analysis

Chelsea grabbed all 3 points, in a very fiesty London derby and asserted their title credentials for this season. Much was said about the formation and tactics Di Matteo would chose , especially here at Chelsea FC 360 and RDM made the perfect choice.

Chelsea fielded the same tactics that they used against Stoke. I was one of the people who believed that Chelsea could have done well against Arsenal with Lampard and Mikel in double pivot but RDM knows best and I can clearly raise up my arms and say I made a mistake.
The European Champions dominated long spells of position much to the delight of Di Matteo. The trio of Mata, Hazard and Oscar can easily be dubbed as the Holy Trinity, as they all played a vital part in attack and defense.
Against Stoke , their movement was right in front of the opposition box but against Arsenal they moved around and initiated fluid passes right in the middle of the pitch. At time there was no striker, with Mata , Hazard, Oscar and Torres shifting wide when needed to create space.
I was definitely under the impression that Ramires would do good on the right wing and he definitely did do that but he made an even greater impact in the middle of the pitch. He broke up attacks along with Mikel and used his burst of pace on the right flank.
Possession was kept good by the players and it was all thanks to Mikel and Oscar. In the middle they created triangles, so that every time someone got the ball they had someone or the other to pass to. The holy trinity combined well and our danger at set pieces proved to be too tough for the Gunners to handle.
Moses, Cahill and Bertrand were brought on late in the game and this is how the tactical movement changed.

By removing Luiz, RDM slowed down our attack. Ivanovic and Cole became much more reserved going forward.

Roberto Di Matteo made himself a genius in my eyes by bringing on young Ryan Bertrand. He did not have much impact on the left wing except one incident but he had a huge impact on the center. The inclusion of him gave Chelsea three defensive midfielders, with Mikel playing a deeper defensive role. The main reason why , Chelsea had 7 defenders at the back when Giroud missed a decent opportunity . Ramires kept drifting on the right wing for extra cover.

Moses brought in extra pace. With the loss of Oscar and Mata, creativeness was considerably lost, so what can one do? Bring on huge amounts of speed. Moses defended well and also attacked quite decently.
This is what we can sum up ;
Against Arsenal at the Bridge we lost 5-3, despite playing very attackive football. This was hugely down to AVB’s high-line policy but also because Arsenal exploited the space in-between the Chelsea defenders when hitting on the break.
Roberto Di Matteo learnt from it. On going 2-1 up thanks to a Mata free-kick and blunder by Laurent Koscielny, he ordered the boys to play deeper and told everyone except Hazard, Torres and Mata to attack. A 2-1 goal was fine in his eyes and even though Chelsea almost lost it, he did good in switching tactics in between the second half.
Sherry Philips (@bluebloodSherry)

ChelseaFC 2012- 13 | Here To Impress | HD

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  1. adamtai says

    I made a mistake regarding Mikel so I apologise but I continue to believe that we need a new striker as Torres is not enough.

  2. Sherry Philips says

    Sturridge, Torres and Moses. Keep faith !

  3. Anonymous says

    RDM is a genius and one of the best coaches currently. This tactics suit us very well so dear coach lets stick 2 it.

  4. Sherry Philips says

    Agree !

  5. Anonymous says

    We will buy a new striker in january hopefully to help Torres as well.

  6. Anonymous says

    Thank God! My coach use exactly d starting line up n tactics i earlier predicted on Chelseafc360. Wit excellent subtitute of his gud ideas.. I see dis coach going places if giving d chance 4 long term project. God bless d blues! Odey Sunday O. A.K.A STRENGTH! D CHELSEA MASTER.

  7. Anonymous says

    Torres may not be great, but I think he can be decent for us. Finally getting to see some improvements in his game and I think RDM may make something of him. Mikel has always been one of the best DM's in the world and I don't know why people always complain, maybe they would enjoy him playing against us. Great performance from Chelsea.

  8. Anonymous says

    RDM showed his class 2day. Proudly blue forever. Pls lets not push Oscar too far, he is jst a young lad. He should be rested in our nxt match to be fresh in the other. The wonders of Mikel/Ramy combination also showed 2day. From Arthur Osadebe

  9. Zane says

    What did I tell you Sherry? 😉 Hazard,Mata and Oscar to keep possession for long periods? Ramires and Mikel in the double pivot stopping narrow and wide attacks? Told you so! Anyway,I hope the narrow minded people out there can see now what this squad is capable of. Stop judging them now when they are gelling at this early stage. The attacking trio of Oscar,Mata and Hazard's flair play on and off the ball is getting better and better every time the play. We are currently in a rebuilding stage so everything won't be smooth just yet. I say we don't stress too much now and let's be patient with this squad. Imagine in a few months time or even a season,the attacking trio being so deadly with flair one touch trickery and making defense splitting passes to release Torres. That's what I'm predicting. Torres will be a monster because that's how he enjoys his game and when he's confident,all hell breaks loose. I hope whoever reads this can see the hints in our current play.

  10. Kerlangki Passah says

    TORRES OUR CHELSEA NO.9. I WILL KEEP ON SAYING THIS BECAUSE HE IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE NO.9. Seeing him on the score sheet brings us a smile. In fact not only to us(FANS) but the owner himself. His run creates danger to the opposing defense and especially his aerials. Mata, Oscar, Hazard are brilliant with their flairs and movements. Ramires is no “RW” and he showed it again at Emirates. JT—>”LEADER, LEGEND, CAPTAIN”. Always maintaining the back four even though with all the HATREDs off the field. Cech checks the goal post for the ball…..KTBFFH!!!!

  11. Anonymous says

    To be fair, Mikel and any other player who can be decent in the middle would work.

  12. Anonymous says

    Yeah, you are right. I think this new system gives Torres a fresh start as he can get better with the system as the others adapt to the league. Yesterday was the beginning of implementing our philosophy. I can think of no better way to defend than to hold the ball, and we did just that because we had a positive line up. This shows that we threw two points away against QPR. If RDM can stick with the set up and game play at all times, we could be ready to challenge Barcelona for possession football.

  13. Anonymous says

    Torres can become more efficient and useful for us. I don't know what the coaches are working on but he is improving in area balls which is ok. I think he needs some more gym work for strength which has improved kolsieny and also penalty taking. I think these things can improve him greatly, boosting his confidence and physicality, he could end up becoming more deadly than Falcao.

  14. Sherry Philips says

    Raise my hands ! 😀

  15. Zane says

    Remember 2009 when we played Barcelona at the Bridge? We dominated that game but it was only Iniesta's long range strike that knocked us out. Pep Guardiola's squad didn't play like they did in the following years because they were still working on it then. I highly doubt we can challenge them now and dominate possession.

  16. Zane says

    I agree with you that keeping the ball is the best way of defending though. Cruyff helped Barcelona to the La Liga in the late 70s and was a master at keeping the ball at his feet under pressure. He famously said that if the opponent doesn't have the ball,they can't score. That's where Barcelona got their inspiration from by training kids from an early age to pass well. Even our own Oriol Romeu shows that in his play for us.

  17. Anonymous says

    I think RDM's confidence in Mikel has really paid off.Am a critic of Mikel but seeing him play wif so much confidence and tactical awareness makes me very happy. Credit to da manager for da excellent work on da squad.I only wish RDM stays longer. Follow me @joseikofi

  18. Anonymous says

    Friend, calling Mata, Hazard and Oscar a Holy Trinity is rather an unholy exaggeration or even a much flattered comparison which these players would not want to accept. you are doing a good job, but be objective while being a fan. Up Chelsea. Akinsoyinu Israel, Nigeria

  19. Anonymous says

    We have more than three players who can fit in the AM engine of Chelsea. They are all good and I don't like the idea of making three stand out and the others inferior.

  20. Sherry Philips says

    One for the future !
    Drogba, Lampard and Terry were our holy trinity before and I'm sure Hazard, Mata and Oscar can step up. No reference to religion !

  21. Sherry Philips says

    Sorry , I never meant it to be like that but at the moment they have to be our 3 best play makers in the team.

  22. Anonymous says

    Yeah agree they make the top 3, but there can only be 1 best. My problem though is that trinity does not carry everyone along, especially those with less game time.

  23. Sherry Philips says

    The problem is chosing between depth of squad or players squabbling for game time. But I expect Lampard to come back in the squad, he'll train even harder to make RDM pick him. Oscar and Hazard might also face fatigue and we will have quality players to step up for tgem.

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