Atletico Madrid president Cerezo: Diego Costa will stay

COSTAAtletico Madrid president Enrique Cerezo insists he doesn’t want to sell Diego Costa.

The striker is being linked with Chelsea and Arsenal.

“I don’t believe Diego Costa is leaving the club next season, we won’t sell him next season, but that won’t stop other clubs from wanting him,” he said during a sports forum at the Complutense University of Madrid.

“Diego wants to play with the Spanish national team and that has been an important decision. He likes Spain, lives here, and believes it is better for him.”

What do you guys think about Costa staying in Spain? Do you think he’s actually end up staying at Atletico? If yes, then your next best option?


  1. Gbasha.bitto says

    He must leave to a better team like chelsea

  2. Dragunar says

    If he says so then it will be their president and those for which you complain they will remain safe without our past, do not see what we are in this case cooperated with them and he gave them the loan.

  3. K DHEERAJ says

    Iam a die hard chelsea fan but with perspective of atletico madrid he should stay. Just imagine with two huge gaints in La liga RMA and BARCA atlast they are fighting for title and giving tough run to the two La liga gaints. ATM had torres but when he left they have aguero ,when aguero left they have falcao and when he left they made diego costa to world class level. What i mean is money is not everything and we should start to make world class players from academy and by scouting younger players throughout the world (like barca made)or buying players for little money and shaping them to world class level, BVB is the best example how they made world class team with very little money but it is unfortunate to see their key players leaving to direct rivals due to low wages however we may not have such problem with abra. Finally my opinion is let costa stay at ATM and we can develop our lukaku to top class striker or we have bamford who is also talented. How long can we keep relying on transfer system. Am not saying buying is bad but one or two players for huge sum is ok but not it should be our main source of making a future team!

  4. Chris says

    He said that about Falcao last season look what happened. And anyway Costa has a buyout clause so you pay you get. Simple as unless he signs a new deal before the summer!

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