Azonto Epistle 2014: The State of Chelsea

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It has been quite a break for Azonto Epistle and the maiden edition for 2014 is finally here. Azonto Epistle is back and it’s back to its best. Thanks to you all for your patience.

The last time Azonto Epistle was published we were still among the chasing pack for the top spot in the league with Arsenal having a comfortable 5 and sometimes 8 points gap between us. A quick glance at the league table with 10 matches to go put us on top with 4 points between us an Arsenal. There were times when you felt  the “The Little Horses” will never have their turn at the top when we will throw away every good chance to close the gap. It doesn’t matter the “Jaguar” still has 2 matches in hand to play and overtake us since by default they are bound to win. But hey, let remind you of this old African proverb that ” a bird in hand is worth thousand in the bush” If City have 2 matches to play we have 6 points gap between us so there is no margin of error for them. Their worst should be a straight 2 wins which we have already managed to do that. However since they are the “Jaguar” let’s all assume their pipe dream that it’s a safe win for them and they are on top. With that side of caution, we can all watch them comfortably as they take on the quest to make it a reality.

With 10 matches to go, Arsenal as usual is showing signs of weakness and Liverpool with no European matches and good strikers are more of a threat than Mr “Specialist’s” team. Talking of Specialist and teams which are failing, it brings into memory some interesting quotes into mind but these quotes shall be fully assessed later as the failure of that Special team continues.

Another European nights are here again and you can only tell that by now it’s the Blue flag again which has to carry the mantle of hoisting high the flag if English Football. The jaguar which is described one manager as the best team on the planet have capitulated before a “weak” Barcelona side on English soil. With Arsenal, it no longer becomes news since you know they play their final matches in Europe at the round of 16. When the draw was made everyone was envious of Manchester United with Olympiakos but David Moyes always doesn’t disappoint and he did what he is known for to the remark of RVP which is very serious but has been downplayed by the media since it tackles a delicate issue of David Moyes  ability to organize his team, that my team mates crowd my space. That is a serious attack on the competence of his manager who is seated at the dugout watching closely but cannot resolve that. Chelsea will welcome the legendary Didier Drogba back the Bridge and we hope it will be a happy reunification for all.

The fixture schedule hasn’t been kind to us going to Turkey and playing on Saturday but thanks to the young Belgian, action on the field speaks for him, we secured a vital 3 points. My subsequent articles will later highlight Eden Hazard and his performance this season but I can’t hold on to the fact that he makes things happen for us when he starts playing from middle and having a fee role. He makes intelligent passes and makes things so easy for his mates. I hope he will get more chance playing as the number 10 because I can’t help but say that he is the best passer of the ball and the most creative player we have in the team. His ability to take on players and open up defense is what we have been missing in some matches he stick on the wings only.

I will end by saying that with 10 matches to go, the little horses might still not be the favorites  but I tell you we are the favorites to win the match. This means we will take it match by match and see what happens at the end. We know we have a trip to Anfield but a home match against Arsenal and Tottenham will be interesting considering our performance against the top teams (Although spurs can hardly count as a top team in the real sense of the word), however City, Liverpool and Arsenal have also got some more tricky fixtures in their hands which we will look forward to.

Let me me end here and thank Fahmi for temporarily writing some pieces of Azonto Epistles in my absence. Shaurya has also kept contact with me always and thanks for his encouragement. Finally thanks to all the readers of Azonto Epistles, you are the reason why we will always be here. KTBFFH!

By Seth Adusei (twitter @ sethaadusei)


  1. Austine says

    U guys always kill me wit ur articles. Thanks and kip it up but as for hazard, in 2yrs 2 com we would be havin a balon d’or artistry in our team. Thanks

  2. Anonymous says

    AzontoEpistles is plain good. I cant stop loving it

  3. James Mwas says

    This a great one !

  4. Olamachi Wizguy says

    Chelsea fc are full bless..

  5. maritimo says

    Missed the epistles, you rock. I’d love to read you more often. Agree in general, hope we all celebrate at the end. KTBFFH!!!

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