Azonto Epistle 21: An Unlucky Weekend At Goodison Park

20130915-142622.jpgNot many can blame Jose for his lineup against Everton. In fact, it was the strongest possible lineup you can get on the face of the team sheet. Hazard and Schurrle on the wings to give us width and stop the threat of Baines and Coleman joining their attack. Mata in the middle to orchestrate the attacking movement and pull the strings; Mikel-Ramires in the middle has been very effective from last season and I still think it is a very strong partnership we can get at the moment without discrediting what Lampard adds to the team when in it. The defenders were the strongest and experienced we have. So, the issue of our loss can’t be lineup. Indeed, the manner in which we started the game with high intensity and tempo was a joy to behold. We were never being pushed around by the quick tempo game by the two sides. Everton maintained a good balance in defense and midfield and had a their fair share of possession but the team which deserved to be in the lead was Chelsea. We could have been 3 goals up had things gone on our way and if we had been a bit lucky with our chances. So it wasn’t about we not performing well, but the story of the day was we not being able to convert any of our 21 chances created. And the manager couldn’t have said it any better that if you create such chances and you don’t score, they are worthless and you deserve to lose.  So, let’s put it that, we were very unlucky at Goodison Park.

Not many have managed to accept the fact that football is full of uncertainties as the cliche goes. The beauty of football is that, it can cause upsets even if you are the strongest. At Goodison, we played well and the manager risked everything to get us the points or even a point. One thing people must know is that football loss is not always suppose to come with blame game. Everton did their best to prevent us from scoring and at least, by virtue of the score sheet, they succeeded. Should they put up similar performances against other top opposition, we wouldn’t be complaining much.

We Are Not Invincible:

Many might be tempted to believe that we can’t lose a match under Jose. I want to entreat all such people that they must prepare for more of these upsets although I hope it doesn’t become more and I surely believe they won’t be more. However, we must not create an invincible mentality for ourselves. The team is still in a formative period although they will always be competing for every title because of their talent. Losing at Goodison is not the worst thing in the world for people to start calling the head of players. It is not as if we lost to QPR at Stamford Bridge. Everton is an boggy side for us and they lived up to it. Looking at the table, we are not far from the top. We can’t behave as if we lost to a newly promoted Cardiff side or even drew blank at Brittania. Come on, it’s Everton for crying out loud. When Arsenal were smashed 3-1 by Aston Villa at home they still had cause to exist as fans. Don’t forget, Manchester United struggled to win against Crystal Palace at home, and had it not being a very very dubious penalty which and a red card which got them off, it could have been a different story. City drawing at Stoke wasn’t the best they could get and Arsenal were happily in the lead because, Referee Atkinson couldn’t apply a simple advantage rule which could have given Altidore a good goal.

So all is not gloom and doom, it’s just the typical EPL which comes with strong competition from all teams and hey, don’t mind the media personnel who have jumped the gun so soon to write us out of contention. Lets even enjoy that status and at the end of the season, stick it In their faces.


Seth Adusei (twitter @sethaadusei)

  1. Anonymous says

    Good article, not worried about the loss. Hopefully it’s a good wake up call. I think the toughest question is who to start between mata, Oscar, Schurrle, KDB, and Willian. So hard to choose!!!! I think we need to give Marco van ginkel a shot in the midfield to with Ramires. I liked that combo in pre-season.

  2. Jeff says

    very objective article, aint worried aswell

  3. Ola says

    Good jub i enjoy your article one things we know is that chelsea is a team that any body we always want 2 beat because 2 get 2 the top is easy but 2 keep staying at the top is not easy blues 4 life

  4. Anonymous says

    good article but mourinho should make the right substitutions.

  5. Nyametease Obed says

    ‘On the face of the team sheet’, Dr. Bawumia can sue you for plagiarism lolz. Nice article but i clearly believe that Mou lost us the match and with his team selection cost us the match. Why did he not play Azpil when he was not involved in any international game compared to Iva? why do we consistently have to rely on Lamps? Hazard was not rely fit and it showed i believe KDB should have come on for him instead and why is MVG not playing when it was clear he was our best cdm during Pre season?

    1. sethaadusei says

      Hahaha… I sought permission from Dr. Bawumia. Thanks for the compliment. KTBFFH

  6. Anonymous says

    who to start between mata, Oscar, Schurrle, KDB, and Willian

  7. Chelsea life says

    there is blame to be delivered. the blame lies with mourinho because he thought taking shurlle and mata off and replacing them with lampard who has played 3-4 games already and oscar who is coming back from injury, that was not the smartest move. I am still not convinced about mourinho and his so called squad rotation that means does not appear to be evident. Sure he rotated the squad this past weekend but he still resulted back to the same squad as usual

  8. Mohamed rahim sesay says

    It 2 early to make a reasonable conclusion yet, 4 me I think the team played well…….it just that our attackers failed to convert chances into goals and d changes were not too impressive…..KDB should have been brought in instead of Oscar.

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