Azonto Epistle 31: Ovrebo & Chris Foy Having Dinner At Villa Park

Fucking Chris Foy

We know many people don’t want Chelsea to win the league. If the person who doesn’t want Chelsea to win the league is a known rival fan whose hatred for our club has no bearing on the results, it’s not an issue, because we all do, at least, sometimes. However if the person is  faceless or masqueraded in the shape of a match official Ala Mr. Ovrebo against Barcelona, then we all owe it a duty to our club and fair play sake to spit out fire on him. Many times when issues of referee and bad officiating are mentioned, one might be tempted to think the victim is a sour loser, however if the referee discharged his duties as Chris Foy at Villa Park, then you are left with no option than to talk more about it than the actual performance of your team. This is because, if the team will score and the referee will not let it stand, if your player is clean on goal and its deliberately (or however you might judge it) whistled for offside, not once but several occasions, then your team’s performance will drop because they don’t have a fair chance to score. How come Ramires is brought down by the last man and Mr. Foy will only show a yellow card? Do you think such a player will not be frustrated and take issues into his hands?

I still cannot comprehend what caused for the sending off of Willian. Both his first and second yellow cards were judged wrongly by the referee who refused to run to get good view of incidents and was acting on impulse and according to the shouts of the home fans. There were countless decisions Mr. Foy left us all baffled including Hazard being brought down and the Villa players even pausing play, just to see Mr. Foy wave it off. Maybe he was not in good spirit for the match or let’s say he had one of those so called bad days but if he happens to be the same referee who showed 2 of our players red card and a penalty shockingly, at Loftus Road where Drogba described his performance as embarassing, then its much more than a mere bad day and it cannot be coincidental. After whistling for a goal by Matic, what made him change his mind, it was certainly not his assistants because they had their flags down and there was no one closer to the action than Mr Foy himself who pointed to the centre. To me, he just could not control his passion and emotion as a person who loves football, who surely has a team he supports but certainly not Chelsea.

With the sending off of Jose, I’m happy Jose has explained his side of it. We all await Mr Foy’s Match report because we all saw the Villa Players and bench who jumped to the pitch and Agbonlahor shoving Ramires but none except Jose got the matching orders from Mr Foy. To me, that match on Saturday reminds me only of one match and Mr Foy can only be up there with Mr. Ovrebo in the hearts of Chelsea fans. Maybe he saw the red card in the City game and chose to balance it or he had an eye on next week’s fixture against Arsenal. Whatever his intentions are, only Mr. Foy or Mr Ovrebo can best explain to us.


By: Seth A. Adusei (twitter @sethaadusei)

  1. fidel says

    Spot on report. We were clearing playing 11 against 13(foy and the fans).Very disgraceful performance by this idiot called foy.this is why enquiries should be set up to investigate matches like this.Also FA should appoint refs who have no affiliation to some clubs not the likes of clattenburg or Foy.These are very disgraceful personalities and should not make fifa competitions.Foy is a very ‘influence’referee and takes decision based on what fans and home teams tell him.Chelsea Should lodge an official request for his thief to never officiate our matches AGAIN!.Shame on english football.

  2. Shiloh says

    A disappointing result but the player just have to forget about it now, the Willian first caution was correct because he went in late on the player. the second only Foy know why he did that.

  3. kes says

    Well said Shiloh, but I personally think our players did play like a team that wanted a win. City had a player sent off just barely 10mins inside play, yet they played like a team needing a win and they got it. We lacked that desire on saturday. Foy didn’t get every wrong and we shouldn’t be too dramatic either. Some of our players got exhausted as well: players like Matic, Iva could track back on time as well!

  4. kes says

    Iva couldn’t track back on time!

    1. GABBY says

      @kes, wat are u insinuating?, this same villa finished city with 11men up at this same fuckin stadium, so why u comparing the team we are done wid the hom nd away, if not the that fuckin foy we would hv gotin a point that ref hates Chelsea thats stop blamin the players they tried doing it buh the reff had the results already.

  5. GABBY says

    Mourinho on Referee Chris Foy: “Maybe it is helpful that the committee doesn’t send him to our matches. I don’t have the right to request that.
    “I think the FA have to analyse the situation & see if every time he has Chelsea – or not every time,but many times.
    “there are problems. I think maybe it would be a good decision ( to send Him to our match again), but I don’t care
    the last one i remember in the Epl that chris foy was in charge was the Qpr game when Drogb and Bosignwa got sent off.

  6. Zyte says

    having this in mind,our players would have prepard psychologicaly 2 face the stern test,but they failed & showd lack of xter.i hate people dat point fingers at others when they fail.we gave room 4 the ref to hurt us bcos we fielded a misfiring foy wont disallow a 30yards screamer that found the net or a 25yards volley,but willian & oscar cant do just dat bcos they lov 2 pass de ball around themselvs without pickn a through pass.foy or no foy a good team with xter can win or draw the match bcos a.villa are not barca & dats wat city showd against hull.jose pick the pieces & stand up bcos i stil bliev cfc wil win the epl come may.ktbffh.

  7. Martin, Norway. says

    Scandal officiating.

  8. elly says

    chris foy definitely decided the aston game, disallowing a goal, derailling a team that is starting to pick up the fire tto score a winner, and to add insult to injury sending off a player plus the coach.. i wish foy comes to ref the arsenal game so that he is never seen again like mh370

  9. Gbasha.bitto says

    Time for Sallah and Luiz boss!

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  11. Aliyu Mohammed says

    he is from Liverpool, that y its a lot more annoying.

  12. Anonymous says

    @Zyte One thing is to have a misfiring striker and lack of zeal to win or probably to draw as you state. But dude, you just cant be blind to the obvious bias antics of mr Foy. Its only the ignorant who wouldnt see that glaringly clear. Would you say its a coincedence to send off two chelsea players?

    To get a point was the simplest part though earlier on, when it didnt look rosy. But the Manager kept two crucial players on the bench ( Salah and Mikel who cld have paired with matic) for a draw. That is gone right now. I guess its back to Jose’s backroom philosophy of ” its us against the world” like in 2004.

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