Azonto Epistle 32: After Cesc, What Next for Chelsea

Cesc_Fabregas_Manchester_United_Arsenal_Liverpool_Chelsea-382788 Nobody saw it coming, we never included Cesc in our plans at least as far as the fans are aware although it was blatant that we “lacked a player of Fabregas mould and quality at Chelsea” even according to our own players Fernando Torres and Azpilicueta. Jose Mourinho believes Cesc makes our midfield “complete”.

‘He is the kind of player we need,’ said Mourinho, ‘not just for his qualities as a player but also his competitive personality.

‘He is a player in the best years of his career. He knows England well, he knows the Premier League well, so he will not need time to adapt.

‘He is the kind of player who will come and train for a couple of weeks and be ready to prove himself.’

If what the manager says is anything to go by then Fabregas acquisition was hugely anticipated by the club especially with the exit of Frank Lampard who offered everything on the pitch as well as in the dressing room. Having captained Arsenal and represented both Barcelona and the Spanish national team at the highest stage, Cesc can bring a lot to the team both on and off the pitch. Since we missed out on Luka Modric, Chelsea have suffered from an unbalanced central midfield when playing the two holding midfielders formation (4-2-3-1). With Cesc in the fold, we all can agree that he will make a comfortable pair with Matic and he can also move up there behind the striker when Oscar is not available. Thank you Mr. Wenger, for passing such an opportunity to us, maybe it was a token to us for giving him Benayoun. We will happily grab it and make use if such an icon on modern football, if you doubt it check Cesc’s 6.5 million followers on twitter and on Facebook which even surpasses that of our official Chelsea twitter handle. That is the player we signed. With a fee less than Erik Lamela and equal to Fellaini’s.

The question people ask is what next after Cesc? First of all we must acknowledge the fact that signing Fabregas alone to offer some assists and bus-parking splitting passes against the Westhams of this world is even enough to close the 4 points between us an City but they are not our benchmark for success. Jose Mourinho has promised to challenge for the title this season and not as a “little horse” so we have our own plans for success. The club have shown their intention of buying a striker which has been a well known objective and it looks as if Diego Costa is the main target judging from what Jose has openly said about him that “I need him in my team”. And with Costa saying his “future lies with Chelsea more than Atletico”, it’s becoming one of the worst kept secrets in football transfer. The 32 goals hitter of the Spanish Champions and Champions Leagu finalists, Atletico Madrid, has all the attributes to fill the huge void of  Drogba in our team. Forget about the World Cup which didn’t go well for Spain, he is still the most in-form striker in the world apart from Luis Suarez. He has the aggression, height, pace and technique (which almost every Brazilian born has) to thrive in the league and with our counter attacking style of play which suites him like in Atletico, just let’s wait for the official confirmation and we will see what happens when the league starts. 3 good things about him will be that, 1. He is a typical Jose player  2. He is in the perfect years of his career (25) and 3. He is a super counter attacking player.

With the absence of Ashley Cole it’s apparent that we need a natural left back although Azpi did a fantastic job there. The only name thrown to us is Felipe Luis and recently, a Steua Bucharest player I can’t spell his name (all I know is his name ends with vic). Some credible reporters believe the deal for Luis is a done deal though. Other targets we have been linked to include Toni Kroos, while I know it’s a signing too good to be true, I still believe it is possible if England believed they could qualify after losing two games in the World Cup.

Talking of World Cup, there have been a lot of surprises which include the early exit of the defending champions Spain, on the bright side of it, our players and target in the team, Azpi, Torres, Fabregas and Costa can have a good rest and prepare for the pre-season. We also have a good number of players in the Brazil squad with Oscar leading the charge with great performance. Ramires, Willian and David Luiz. Well we didn’t see it coming, did we? After losing his position at the back to Gary Cahill and John Terry, David Luiz had to make do in the midfield in the absence of Matic in the Champions League. Although we combined him with Matic in some crucial matches, that approach could hardly be repeated this season with the acquisition of natural midfielders. So, well, one could say we could have still kept him judging from some of hi good performances especially against the club he is joining PSG, but hey we are talking a bout €50 million  thrown at you for a defender you can do without. Come on, it’s the best business we have ever conducted especially when the Financial Fail Play is upon us and Manchester City and PSG becoming the prime  victims to suffer the consequences. That money is enough to acquire Fabregas and Toni Kroos. Just imagine, won’t you personally ride Luiz on your bicycle to Paris and come for Toni Kroos + Fabregas?

Jose and his second seasons have been nothing but great. The Special One is quietly preparing for the challenge ahead after using the first season to assess the team we had. So far, his signings have been top. The club has shown a strong commitment and ambition to rule Europe once more. The EPL is something we miss at the Bridge, let’s bring it back to Stamford Bridge Jose!

KTBFFH! Carefree!

Seth A. Adusei (@sethaadusei)

  1. Zane says

    Hahaha! Seth,that is beautiful.

    1. sethaadusei says

      Thanks Zane. KTBFFH

  2. Cynthia says

    Thanks Seth for that wonderful article. We are ready for 2014/2015 EPL season

    1. sethaadusei says

      You are Welcome Cynthia. Keep The Blue Flag Flying High

  3. donvic says

    We are chelsea…let d season begin

  4. Emile10 says

    I love this article. Good job admin. But I have some to say: about Toni Kroos, from your point of view, do you think we need him? If yes were do you think will he play? Remember Mou said that Rami is staying, no for sale. That sound good for me because I like Ramires. When he is at his best you can’t find a better than him player on the pitch. He is a warrior. He can help from the bench doesn’t need to start week in and week out tho. The last thing I wanna talk about is the rumours about Aubameyang. It’s believed that Chelsea want to sign him since Dortmund want to sale for 6millions (release clause) after getting Adrian Ramos and Ciro Immobile. For my point of view it’s a good deal ever. The guy is good and to be honest I don’t know why they don’t want to hold on him. He barely played last season because of Lewandowiski was the first choice striker but Aubameyang managed to score 13goals in the narrow chance he got. Remember the guy is one of the fastest player on the planet if not the first. And a great finisher as well. So what do you guys think about this guy?

    1. Emile10 says


      1. sethaadusei says

        Thanks Emile

    2. sethaadusei says

      Thanks Emile for your contribution. Very few people acknowledge the great work by Ramires as you have said it but I happen to be one of those few people who share your opinion about the boy. He is everything you have talked about, a warrior, good backup energetic, good vision on goal etc. Jose says he won’t go so let’s take his words for now even though he said that about Mata sometime ago. On Kroos, we can still dream about it happening because he will offer us great options and tactical flexibility. He is the modern day Andrea Pirlo who can even single handedly link defense and attack for us to play 2 strikers against bus-parking defense or when we seriously need a goal. If Mikel goes, which is likely, Matic will be the only Defensive Midfielder we have. We can as well combine Matic and Kroos to solidify our midfield against top attacking sides, especially during Away Champs League sides in the knockout without losing creativity and attacking threat. His set pieces are spot on and he will fill the Lampard role when it comes to taking corner kicks and free kicks. We can as well play him in a 4-3-3.

  5. Chrispin Kelvin Silungwe says

    You will soon see the likes of mohamed sallah leaving chelsea,lavessi is also coming,sell Torres bring back Lukaku let him pair with Ba & Costa.

  6. Zyte says

    @ Seth great article.kros is good but we dont realy need him cos our midfield is already clouded.we can get luiz felipe but should not pay more dan 20mil euro for him as he wil be 29 very soon.aubameyang wil also giv dynamisn & balance 2 our attack & 6mil is a good bargain.cfc should close in & complete costa’s deal as fast as possible.ktbffh@ Seth great article.kros is good but we dont realy need him cos our midfield is already clouded.we can get luiz felipe but should not pay more dan 20mil euro for him as he wil be 29 very soon.aubameyang wil also giv dynamisn & balance 2 our attack & 6mil is a good bargain.cfc should close in & complete costa’s deal as fast as possible.ktbffh@ Seth great article.kros is good but we dont realy need him cos our midfield is already clouded.we can get luiz felipe but should not pay more dan 20mil euro for him as he wil be 29 very soon.aubameyang wil also giv dynamisn & balance 2 our attack & 6mil is a good bargain.cfc should close in & complete costa’s deal as fast as possible.ktbffh@ Seth great article.kros is good but we dont realy need him cos our midfield is already clouded.we can get luiz felipe but should not pay more dan 20mil euro for him as he wil be 29 very soon.aubameyang wil also giv dynamisn & balance 2 our attack & 6mil is a good bargain.cfc should close in & complete costa’s deal as fast as possible.ktbffh.

    1. sethaadusei says

      Thanks Zyte. KTBFFH

  7. SunneyLamps says

    Do u think Fab will get a good stats in Assist and goals playing in the double pivot under the 4231 system of Jose? I doubt it…… What about is work rate in that position? But we all know that no one in our team can be conpare to Fab level of awesomeness in the No. 10 role. Rami would’ve been d best option for the CM role but Chai! He lacks Vision, composure and his pass is bad so that is where Kroos comes in, this Lad can pass, great vision, he can dictate the play, he play set pieces like sleeping in air bed and u dont want to give him any space to play shot. He could be our own Pirlo and if he’s playing like this at 24 he can only get better……. To get him Jose will have to sell so who goes out? I just believe we’ll have a great season….. KTBFFH!!!

    1. sethaadusei says

      SunneyLamps, do I think Fab can play in the double pivot? My answer is YES. Playing alongside a safe defensive fortress like Matic can definitely cover the defensive shortcomings of Fab. Also Fab haven’t played as a natural midfielder more in Arsenal knows more about the role. You wouldn’t believe Luka Modric would be a perfect deeplying playmaker but he is one of the best because of hardworking. Jose can make Fab work just as he has turned Hazard into a workaholic winger. We can also play the 4-3-3. On Toni Kroos you are absolutely right my brother. Keep The Blue Flag Flying High!

  8. Zane says

    SunneyLamps. I believe Fabregas was bought for a reason and I doubt it was primarilly to fight for a place in the advanced attacking positions. If you followed this site for more than a year now,you’d know that the supporters here craved for a player in the mould of Fabregas to balance out the midfield between attack and defense. Remember Ballack? More or less same role.

    Fabregas’ job is to be the link between defense and attack,meaning he will need to dictate counters and possession play,making him a Regista. He has done it for Arsenal next to physical midfield partners like Diaby,Song and if I’m not mistaken,Patrick Viera.

    We have this kind of player in Fabregas now. Mourinho “thinks” that Torres will stay. Why? Is Fabregas our last hope to be the Alonso and Gerrad that fed Torres at Liverpool?

    All I know is,Chelsea will play with a swagger next season and it won’t be pretty for the other teams. KTBFFH!

    1. Emile10 says

      Brother..there is nothing to do to help Torres. If someone can’t score in an open goal what can you do for him? We still need to find someone who can win a game on his own. For example look at Suarez. Man the guy sent England home on his own. Absolutely a genius. About Diego costa I’m not a big fan. He lacks skills to beat defenders and discipline, believe me he is worst than Suarez. But then the guy is a beast, strong not like Drogba but enough to be a nightmare for defenders. Therefore If I was in the right place to choose who to bring at the brigde that would be Falcao the guy is like Suarez, a pure class. He can play for 3-4seasons then find the best replacement but then I’m not Mou so I have to believe in what he does as he knows better than we do

  9. juanescobar55 says

    Well said Seth!!!! 😉

    1. sethaadusei says

      Thanks Juanescobar55!!!

  10. miles says

    Nice one seth. Fab is a good buy. I don’t think we need kroos. Everyone is forgetting MVG. I really love that dude. I really hope chelsea doesn’t buy another midfielder. We have to give mVG a chance. I have high hopes for him. Ppl like mceachran have become lost hopes. Let mVG not become like that. The midfield is ok as it is (mikel might leave). I hope it wld be -fab (first choice) then ramires, mvg, *mikel* and baker/chalobah/swift. Strikers shd be costa, torres/lukaku and bamford. I want lukaku to stay but it depends on whether torres leaves. Plus I’m still waiting for feruz and isaiah brown and loftus cheek. Those boys are good.

    1. sethaadusei says

      Thanks Miles. I really have high hopes for MVG. He could have had a breakthrough season had it not been the cruel injury he sustained and would have been part of the Dutch team in Brazil. He will need a lot of game time to develop. I don’t know if the club will offer him to an EPL side. If Jose keeps him it means he is crucial to his plans. Not withstanding that, it won’t be bad to have Kroos at a cheap price since he has only a year left on his contract. But hey, we have a good team as you said. Bamford will be a delight to watch. He has already talked of his willingness to be the 3rd striker after speaking with Jose. Feruz, Baker, RLC & Chalobah are promising youngsters who deserve their chance. I’m really looking forward to seeing our academy being put to use. KTBFFH

  11. SunneyLamps says

    Nice comments…… We’ll see what happens, more to come in this summer transfer……Hey! Dont u guys think there should be an aticle on Our goal keepers???? Petr should leave for our Belgian young star or the guy should be on yet another loan for him to stay confident and fit??? I think Petr still got more amazing saves for us and bye byes are not for legends….. Right now this team is making me feel like a kid in a candy shop….. KTBFFH!!!!

    1. sethaadusei says

      It’s a big conundrum every club will still love to find itself in. Courtois is our future. He has earned his place in our team. It is the most successful loan ever in football as far as I’m aware. He will walk into the starting XI of any team in this world probably except Bayern

  12. SunneyLamps says

    Fine Seth…… Are you now saying his Chelsea future starts next season? Petr should move on? It would be unfair to have Petr sit on the Bench for Courtois to be on the pitch and we will be stupid to bring this kid from loan where he’s become one of the best goalkeepers in the world and make him a second fiddle to Petr

    1. sethaadusei says

      Well, Jose has confirmed Courtois is coming back and Courtois says he is not coming back to sit on the bench. The Belgium coach has just confirmed to the media after their game against Russia that Courtois will playing for Chelsea and Chelsea will “probably” sell Cech. I think it’s the only way out

  13. SunneyLamps says

    Okies…… Lets see how it goes….. If I check every Chelsea fans mind we will see that we all want Courtois to be our number 1 next season but we still dont wanna let go of Cech. We all love Him and He’s not doing bad at 32

  14. isaac says

    i dnt tink we need aubameyang.b’cos mou said torres has a future and there is a possibility costa is on his i dnt tink we need him at all

  15. kobi says

    @seth and all beloved blues fans like myself:fabregas’s creativity is best displayed when he plays in a pivot like a 4_3_3 formation,getting all de space to do what he does best.kroos is a more defensive and creative player like the great pirlo who can create even playing in the 4_2_3_1 formation.I think mikel should be sold to make room for kroos,who in time of needing someone to resce us he could,with his long ranges and good scoring abilities.The best thing is we can have room for more creativity in our midfield than last season with hazard,fabregas,oscar and kroos from deep lying midfield.I hope our lineup could be like this next season.

    diego costa

    hazard. fabregas. oscar/willian

    matic. kroos

    felipe luis. terry. cahill. ivanovic/azpelicueta

    eleven players cant play all games in the season considering the number of matches we are expecting to play.therefore player rotation could benefit us with players like ramires,sallah,schrulle becoming our super subs or filling in when injury hits us(God forbid).ramires sub kroos or matic,sallah and schrulle sub hazard,willian,oscar or fab.

    Another good thing is the defensive work rate of kroos and matic,who will trek back when we lose possesion to help out the defense,freeing oscar and hazard to play more attackingly like we know of them.

  16. Hon Churchill Obiakor says


    diego costa

    E. Hazard, Oscar, A. Schürrle.

    N. Matić, Fàbregas.

    Filipe Luis, K Zouma/terry, cahill, ivanovic/azpelicueta

    T. Courtois

    ( OORR )

    diego costa, Torres/ Mohamed Salah

    E. Hazard/Oscar, N. Matić, Fàbregas, A. Schürrle.

    Filipe Luis, K Zouma/terry, cahill, ivanovic/azpelicueta

    T. Courtois

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