Azonto Epistles 30: Defensive errors costing us big time in title race

Despite the Blues suffering a defeat, our German winger Andre Schurrle scored a spectacular brace during each half at Stoke!

Before the publication of this Azonto, the Blues had played two matches in the premier league. Against Sunderland away and against Stock City at the Britannia stadium on a ‘cold afternoon at Stoke’. And we earned only 3 points out of the two games which surely would have been an easy 6 points in two games to keep the footrace in bid to catch Arsenal at the top of the EPL.

Instead, the Blues beat Sunderland 4-3 away in an exciting back-and-forth of goals in either nets each half. Eden Hazard shined in the victory in the north as he scored a brace and assisted Lampard for an equalizer in the first half. But, on Saturday, Chelsea were shocked by Stoke as they grabbed a late 89th minute winner scored by youngster Oussama Assaidi.

Jose Mourinho’s men couldn’t prevent defeat despite dominating possession of the ball for much of the game. The main problem that underlies this season’s negative performances came to haunt us yet again. Plethora of chances being created by our excellent attacking midfielders in form of Mata, Schurrle and Hazard. But, no one there to turn in those into the back of the net.

As Jose said after the game, we should have been leading 3-0 or 4-0 in the first hour itself had we taken advantage of the chances we have and capitalized on them. But, just like in Everton and Newcastle away this season, Stoke took few of the chances they had specially later on in the game to earn a shock 3 points that should have been for Chelsea.

And defensive errors are being a huge issue in the last couple of games. Against Southampton, a horrible back-pass from Michael Essien that led us to concede in just 14 seconds, the three goals Sunderland scored coming from dead ball situations following a bad clearance or man marking and finally the same errors repeated against Stoke in the weekend game.

We managed to escape the suffering in the beginning two but, the resilient defense of Stoke led to the Blues not making avenges on the other side of the pitch and score. So, the main problem of having our strikers to finish off the chances we create or generally for players to get on the score sheet more often will ease our defensive errors that might cost us some points whether in the league or Champions league.

We also learned this weekend on Sunday our FA Cup 3rd opponent which is Derby County. We face the championship side away over the weekend of the 4 and 5 January. This trophy had managed to become a favorable for many fans attributed from reputation of dominating the tournament during the past 6 years since we won it in 2007 under Jose Mourinho. And what a way to return to Stamford Bridge and win the double for the Special One after an anticipated return.

But, for the time being our focus shifts to the midweek Champions league game against Steaua Bucharesti at Stamford Bridge in a game that decides our 1st or 2nd spot in the group. Qualification is guaranteed to the next round but, winning this game would ensure we won’t face the giants of Europe that finished first in their respective groups.

Let’s hope a resounding victory for the Blues in the very next game and also in all remaining matches in December before the new year that surely are decisive in the title race which currently has Arsenal leading by 5 points clear at the top. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed it. Follow me on twitter (@FahmiCFC)!!!

  1. Arthur Osadebe says

    I can’t understand why we keep conceding goals in this manner. these are matches we should pick maximum points. honestly, our defense is really giving me gr8 concern.

  2. estilo says

    The reason we lost because our defender not defend properly especially cahill… he need to be like Terry, cover his place and other people also… we also lack pass through, cross, overlap player… it is like we try to penetrate vagina from the middle of the field… never try to cross from the corner of the field….

  3. Anonymous says

    Shurrle is a striker not a midfielder, Luiz is needed, invanovic is not a natural left back, Lampard is old.

  4. Ola adelanwa says

    Thank you all let pray 4 luck chelsea 4 life

  5. mveh says

    jose z nolonger so special.he z making us th laughing stock.hw cn u kip playing a flop player ivanovic,an kip playin lampard even wen he z at hz worst.

  6. Neri Abayomi says

    My thoughts on Mourinho’s Chelsea:

    Hazard, Mata, Willian, Schurrle, Oscar, De Bruyne, all the aforementioned names should be synonymous with possession based football but all I see week in, week out is boring counter attacking nonsense under Jose.

    Jose’s inability to conform his tactics with his players abilities is baffling. He would rather have technically gifted footballers play long hopeful balls against every opposition, eventually frustrating his own players. The only time I saw possession based attacking football under Jose this season was against HULL city for just 20mins, we were devastating in attack and we created chances @ will. Sadly, it has bin boring, boring Chelsea once again.

    1. Matt says

      Finally someone who hit it on the nail. I absolutely agree with you Neri. If you work with creative players you have to capitalize on them and adapt your tactical plans to them. As long as you have any tactical plans of course.

    2. Anonymous says

      “Sadly, it has bin boring, boring Chelsea once again”, really?? Let take the game against stocke: we have a team who refuse play football, sit back and play counter attack. Do you expect us to play beautifull football. We play good football again a team like spurs or arsenal who want to play. So if you know anything in football, just shut up your mouth

    3. Vaakmeisster says

      Thank you Neri! This is exactly my point. Our players are not counter attacking players. They are technical ball players. We don’t have flying wingers (the closest to this is Schurlle), neither do we have a long range passer either. The best style for this team is a high pressure possession based football. We play this, we don’t even need strikers

  7. Irokotola michael says

    Yes, shut up. Those guys are very strong, not ready to play, they sit back and push everywhere. Even barca will hate playing them. If u don’t know anything about football, leave this site. I don’t know when you people with little knowledge about football will stop all this your cry everytime. Even if God come down you will still cry….. Non of you people crying here will be able to handle any team if giving the chance…. Rubbish

    1. Vaakmeisster says

      Didn’t Arsenal beat them? So why can’t we? Or Michael are you saying Arsenal is better than Chelsea?

  8. Akees says

    Thank you Nari, Jose is arrogant. Forcing player overnight to change. I hope he JM Drop his ego.

  9. Sanjay kumar says

    Yeah! that’s the main point which concerns the team a lot. All of our players were technically strong players who like to play possession game and pressing high in opponents half since hazard,mata,oscar and even willian are not the sort of physically dominating on the ball inspite of they have a good first touch control and excellent passing skills, so jose should change his tactics by coming out of his counter attack style.

  10. qwec-i says

    Take a closer look at Tata Martinho and Pep at Barca and Bayern respectively. They went to the teams and have tried building upon what their predecessors have already put in place and making corrections when needed without talking and complaining too much. But have a look at Mou, he came in and put all the works by his predecessors in the trash can and instead seeks to criticize and moan whenever given the chance. He needs to take a clue and do the appropriate.

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