AzontoEpistles Season 2: The King of Azonto Epistles is Back!

Azonto Epistles is back!
Azonto Epistles is back!

The 2nd season of the Azonto Epistles is finally back with a bang!

Alot lot have passed under the Bridge since the break before the exit of Chelsea from the Champions League and the sack of our champions League winning manager Roberto Di Matteo. We look back at 2012 and despite our ups and downs coupled with the exit of 2 managers, we wish to have our 2012 back! I wish I could come across a year like 2012 anywhere in my life as far as our beloved club is concerned. The fact is that for all the talk and media jibe, from racism, sack of managers, thumping by Juventus in Italy, our club still stands as the most successful club in 2012 – AN INCONTROVERTIBLE FACT!


It’s not every time that a manager is sacked that he gets a lot of support like RDM keeps on enjoying at the a Bridge. I believe it will continue for a while since Rafa has not learnt to win against our rivals… Who would have thought QPR will dare stand toe to toe against us at the Bridge but they did and this will continue the rapturous applauds RDM keeps on enjoying at the Bridge. RDM was his own cause for his exit. The progress we made within a short time after blooding in all the new and young talent was overwhelming and it made us forget it is just a transition period and era of rebuilding after changing and losing many of our players who had been the face of Chelsea for years. The fire pace we started the league made the fans and the board believe we are in for the title but in reality that could only be achieved by magician. Considering the experience and quality still available to the Manchester clubs, it would have been extremely mind boggling to win the title from them more so that we are no where near them in terms of their striking powers. The inexperience of our team showed when we played against Juventus in Italy and even in the entire Champions League campaign. I won’t therefore blame RDM much considering his level of experience managing at the top level. There were other issues which took the wind out of our sale including the Terry racial incident and his suspension as well as Mikel – Claternberg case which diverted our attention considering how new our players are to the English media. All we can say is a big THANK YOU to our legendary RDM and all the best in his endeavors.

Rafa Benitez

Many Chelsea fans still hold grudge against our interim manager due to his infamous comments about our club and the fans. But the reality is that, Rafa was the best manager available at the time. He had a difficult start but even the critics know we have made progress under him. His decisions tactically have been spot on, he had managed himself well in fron of the media since coming and hasn’t courted controversy for himself and the club. One important aspect about his reign is that the players believe in him and have improved individually a lot. His decision to try Luiz in Midfield has proven to be right. Our transition from defense to attack has transformed and we have been ruthless in front of pole. To me, Rafa deserve some respect from the critics. He is not afraid to say or do what is right and makes him intelligent in his decisions. I was delighted to hear him remind the club our team is young and we need to give the team some time to achieve its full potential. I believe if RDM had been smart enough to be saying this, we would have given him the time to build the team.

Our Transfer Window Shopping: Life Under Emenalo

Chelsea these days seem to be doing a pretty good job under our sporting director Michael Emenalo especially in the transfer market. Our acquisitions under him have been spot on. The likes of Mata, Oscar, Hazard, Azpilicueta, Cahill, Moses and now Ba are signings which do not come with the controversy of the player underperforming in relation to the price tag. The young ones like Piazon, Courtois, Lukaku, Wallace, Feruz, Bamford, Debruyne all have certainty of being great considering their development. I believe it won’t be long before we begin to reap the benefits of his work so greatly in the world of football.

The January Rumour Mill:

Its the normal fan fair which surround the transfer window, that’s rumors. We have been strongly linked to a host of top players and if they turn out to be true then it will be an interesting window for Chelsea fans. Some strong sources including Sky Sports have linked us to Taison of Metalist and we are also believed to closing in a deal for Malaga’s top young prospect, Isco. I hope we do what is right in the windows. This morning a strong source believes Chelsea are close to capturing Marouane Fellaini from Everton. It is believed we have discovered and activated his release clause. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and pray that deal is confirmed. It will be a great acquisition for our team and the sight of seeing Fellaini team up with Luiz in the midfield will be delirious.
However one thing you can be assured of is that Azonto Epistles is Back! And this year, it promises to be a bang!


  1. tim says

    the only way to build up the best team is to be under one manager….. This year ROMAN must keep his word and allow only one manager to coach and not to fire when we start loosing matches…… Cfc forever

  2. Anonymous says

    no need of fellain

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