Barca want Chelsea's highly-rated youngster

Thibaut Courtois

The Sun and Daily Mail reports that Barcelona are chasing Thibaut Courtois as a replacement for Victor Valdes. The Belgian goalkeeper  is on loan from Chelsea to Athletico Madrid where he has been enjoying a successful stint as their No.1 . The 20 year old is set to return to Chelsea at the end of the season but Barcelona officials have contacted Stamford Bridge about his availability.

With David De Gea’s departure from Athletico to United, the Spanish club hounded the market for a replacement and set their eyes on a  move for a permanent goalkeeper. They were only able to capture Thibaut though, who moved to Chelsea for 8 million from Genk. He recently signed a 5 year deal and looks like he’ll man the bars for Chelsea in the forthcoming years.

Chelsea never had the problem of goalkeepers as they had a reliant Petr Cech for almost a decade. Thibaut has learnt his trade from the Czech captain and Chelsea really would not want to lose him as he is guaranteed to end up as a top player in future.

What do you guys think? Should we even think about of letting him go?

  1. San Marine says

    no way. he’s among the best keepers in la liga and pipped to be cech’s successor. its time barca stop buying all of spain’s talents from all the clubs !!

    1. Zane says

      He’s from Belguim,not Spain.

  2. Anonymous says

    Well i think we should not think of him moving from chelsea coz Cech wont b there forever!!!

  3. Ken says


  4. Godwin Nkem says

    keep my man…

  5. dragunar says

    If you are ready to talk about the volumes to give a player that we need, and we could not talk because otherwise they will sooner or later find out the problems in some of the crucial match because no goalie and defense! Otherwise, even in the madness, and what would we? Every good and strong team that was heavily attacked them achieve their goal, and there are those who beat them because they have the best attack but no defense and goalkeeper. A breath so are readable to a quality we need give or sell the only way to do business with them because they are bastards!

  6. Kobbyhans says

    Sorry, barca but we can’t sell him. He is our future goalkeeper though he is in the development process as at now. From: Norway.

  7. Bryn says

    Courtois is already good enough for Chelsea, or Barcelona for that matter. IMO he is the equal of Cech (30 years old) and better than Valdes (33). And he’s 20. If they’re serious about Courtois, we’ll have Fabregas and Busquets.

  8. Frank okosun says

    It will not only be stupid for us to sell TC, it will also be a pointer to young talents that they have no future at the bridge,this is not adding to the fact that we will be strengthening a european rival,we have young prospects coming through but i dont think jamal blackman is on the same level as Tc. watching him play remainds me of a young casillas,this lad has the talent to be as great as buffon,cech, casillas,if not greater than them,pls chelsea fc board n directors bring Tc back to sw6 so he can learn from the great cech,turnbull n hilario arent worthy to be called back ups.

  9. Naimul Islam Niloy says

    He is our future gk…………now he performs very well in la liga………………….he should be called back after the season & hillario or turnbull should be released.

  10. Vaibhav Kumble says

    Absolutely not!!! He is already one of the best in d world.. And modt definitely better than Valdes..

  11. Kobbyhans says

    This is madness if we sell him because he is for the future.

  12. Shaurya CFC says

    I don’t think we should sell him! He is one for the future and surely one of the best in the La Liga right now after Iker!

  13. Anonymous says

    no way chelsea will not sell his boy……….

  14. Anonymous says

    no way the only way we could barca could take him is if they give us messi which is impossible so hes staying with us

    1. paul says

      only if they can give us messi

  15. you are right says

    He is not for sale at any amounrt

  16. Endrance okechukwu says

    barca will be onbetable with the help of chelsea.

  17. Henry Adu Gyamfi says

    Hey chelsea don’t make any mistake and let him go.PETER C1 is getting old TC1 has many year ahead of him and he will be chelseas number one goal keeper.

  18. Charles says

    We have no reason of letting him go when we have no perfect replacement. He’s young n have a long future for the club. I can’t wait to see them at bridge( Curtois n Falcao)

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