BILD: Mourinho and Falcao set for Chelsea


BILD says Mourinho has agreed to return to Stamford Bridge, where he enjoyed three years of success.

It’s reported Blues owner Roman Abramovich has already secured a first “gift” for Mourinho – the signature of Atletico Madrid striker Radamel Falcao in a deal worth £53m million.

Agent Jorge Mendes represents both Falcao and Mourinho and that should smooth out a deal, provided Jose’s return is confirmed at the end of the season.

The report has been echoed in Marca and AS this morning.

What do you guys think? The Special One? Is Falcao the right forward for Chelsea? What about BVB’s Lewandowski?


  1. well lewandowski is a wonderful option especially after hos performance against madrid yesterday… but if reports are to be believed then it seems the dortmund hitman is already on his way to bayern.

    if that’s the case then Falcao is a worthy replacement.

    cavani might not be such a bad option either but it seems Chelsea have already missed out on him once to many times after last summer…

    1. devang says

      no.. its gotze who’s heading for bayern. i strongly feel roman should sell torres to atheltico and bring lewandowski or gomez..

      1. Fabian says

        Götze is already going, but Lewandowski has been strongly linked to Bayern too, and is probably gonna follow his teamate to München

      2. Monis says

        Gomez would be clear waste of money!!
        He’s out of form thats why manzukic overtook him.. Levandoski’s hard to get as we cant spend everything on striker. If we really got Falcao, we should invest in Holding and Attacking mid-field part of out club.

    2. One who bleeds blue says

      the agent of heynckes has stated that a deal for lewandowski has been completed. this was announced after the match and no one has denied is since then.
      but if im honest it doesnt make sense. first thing is the fact that gomez and mandzukic have pretty much completed the neccesities of bayern and a club like bayern never look to buy players which dont suit their style or system.

  2. Dmandez otieno says

    Wat a gud news.

  3. Rojan Khoteja says

    Bring any striker also it will be the same. Chelsea will win world class only if midfields and wingers like Mata and Hazard take some long shoots like David Luiz took that day and like Lampard have been taking all his life. They need to practise to shoot the ball from outside the BOX, then it will be a celebration.

    1. Nam says

      I think they are good at long shots, I’ve watched Hazard’s long shots when he was in Lille (sorry for wrong name), they were brilliant, he doesn’t shoot long shots now in Chelsea, maybe the manager asked him to use shot passes, and I think you know how Oscar shot againts Buffon and some long shots. Mikel and Ramires need to, not Mazacar.


    Good news for Chelsea fans

  5. Akande Omobolaji says

    It a very 9ce move target 4 chelsea 2 lure falcao into bridge .ma suggest is d arrival of em ll bright chelsea’s chance in europe

  6. Akanfe damilare says

    Pls jet them make it a east one UP BLUESSSSSS

  7. Irokotola michael says

    This is a good news for all Chelsea fans worldwide, the only problem we are having is with those three player behind our strikers, they don’t give through ball pass to the strikers be it torres or ba. Well that’s is coach work to change and that tells you the quality of the coach we have now. Our strikers scores goals due to their individual skills and strengths. If the case continue like this, falcao will be useless also in Chelsea. They should please amend their play, and play for the team and not for their own pride. Collectively we won champions league, individually here we are in europa league.

  8. Nweke Emmanuel says

    d special 1 return 2 stamford bridge a welcome omen 4 chelsea,nd Falcao is d right striker 4 chelsea cuz he haz d power nd pace 2 muscle difenders.

    1. anon says

      I’d prefer lewandowski and mourinho. No strikers will be heading here unless we get top 4 first!

    2. Mohamadsajid says

      Well that’s a management preolbm but not in salaries. Also many EU officials came with their families, husbands, wifes, kids and its usually one person who is feeding all the family. There are more then 35.000 people working in EU institutions, am I right? So 2000 persons who are earning between 124,000 and 185,000 a year makes only more then 5% of them. What about those 33.000 people?

  9. Oluwasola says

    Love that

  10. Eman Matthews says

    you are all deluded

  11. Haywhy says

    I can’t understand the logic of this report as Chelsea has struggled recently to pin down a champions’ league football next session only for M0 and Falcao to sign without guaranttee of CL.Rumours to be discarded.

  12. mike okanu says

    all we need is Morinho and a good striker like falcao and Lewandowski, i saw Lewandowski play against Real Madrid last night and he was very good on the picth. the team needs a reformation, lets make this happen.

  13. adekunle says

    The first thing is d 1st 4 on d table.den let torres be sold to atletico and get falcao and they should bring lukaku back to chelsea.with d combination of Ba ,lukaku,and falcao special one will deliver sumting to truphy cabinet.b’cos morinho wil use ba or lukaku as d replacement 4 drogba.

  14. adekunle says

    Up chelsea

  15. henry ogu says

    (Lewandowski) should be the best for now! Man utd are going for Lewandowski so we should art fast if not we will lose out on him, that guy is too good in the box if not we will pay for it come next season! Ask jose to tell you about him

  16. Deginet says

    I am happy for morinho but .the palcawu price was very expensive

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