Blue wave coming towards football!

Now that we have won the Champions League, it feels like a heavy load is off our back. No more “You guys have never won a Champions League” claims from the anti-Chelsea fans. We’ve got it now. The Holy Grail is in our cabinet. Last season was a huge success for Chelsea. The season which media predicted would be our worst season went on to become our best season. However, they were right in one thing. We failed in the premier league by losing a battle for a Champions League spot. Maybe this time that would be overshadowed by our famous Champions League win. But fighting for the Champions League spot is below our grade. That’s probably Arsenal and Tottenham’s level. We should be up there at the top. We should be challenging for the title.

Winning the Champions League and FA Cup, however reassures our spot in the list of world’s best football powerhouses. Next season would be the best opportunity for us to prove that we can be consistent at top level. We would be playing in the UEFA Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup next season. Including those we will take part in 7 tournaments (including the community shield). From them, Premier League should be our main priority. We need a big squad for that. We need rotation in it. Youth needs to step up. Legends should keep leading them with examples. I think we are really good at that part. And with Roman’s huge wallet, I think next season would be more than just gold for us. Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts, because there is a huge blue wave coming towards football. I meant a royal blue wave. A dark blue wave. Definitely not a light one.

Here’s why

Eden Hazard

Ligue 1’s best player for the past two seasons. Owns twenty goals and fifteen assists from last season. Sought after by the biggest footballing giants. But he said, “I’m signing for the champions league winner”. This talented 21 year old can play both as a winger and as an attacking midfielder. However he prefers the latter. Many of the football experts praised this skilled Belgian international. He has got an awesome dribbling, an eye for the goal and creates chances as well in the meantime. He is known for his creativity, speed and technical ability. Described as a “fearless, explosive attacking midfielder who can change the game with a turn of pace or a dribble” and also “a defenders’ nightmare”. He has drawn comparisons with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. He is the man for Chelsea next season.

Marko Marin

This guy impressed me first at the FIFA World Cup 2010 after coming on as a sub in a game with a set of dribbles and drilling the defense lines. 23 years old, a German international known as the German Messi for his great dribbling skill. He is described as a player who can decide a game on his own. Quite like Hazard, but he is less physical and is injury prone as he spent most of the last season in the sidelines. This might be a problem. But his effective skills as a winger or as an attacking midfielder compensates for that. He is known for his acceleration, dribbling, agility, creativity, versatility, technical ability and as an assist maker. Chelsea bought him from German side Werder Bremen for $8M. He can bring back the spark from the wings that Chelsea had during the Mourinho days.


Now that Drogba and Kalou are gone we need another striker. And I believe Hulk can be the exact replacement. But Porto could be quite reluctant to sell him, especially to Chelsea as our history with them is not at the best condition. Aged 25, this Brazilian international has the power to smash in goals and is quite effective in front of the goal. He lives up to his name Hulk (actually a nickname from his father). He is Chelsea’s first choice to replace Drogba. But Malaga’s Salomon Rondon, Fiorentina’s Stevan Jovetic and Wigan’s Victor Moses are also in the queue.

Mathieu Debuchy

Team mate of Eden Hazard at Lille. Can be teammates again if the transfer happens. This French international has impressed football eyes in this year’s European Championship playing as a right back for France. He has scored 15 goals in his career which is quite impressive for a 26 year old right back. We need him to replace Jose Bosingwa who is released by Chelsea. Debuchy is known for stability, consistency and positioning which currently lacks at Chelsea. He also has ability to move forward with the ball in the opposition half and provide good crosses infront of the opposition goal. And if needed he can act as a defensive midfielder. I think we should buy him instead of Van der Wiel.

I believe that’s all the shopping we need. Already our squad is crowded and if needed there is January transfer market. And we have skilled youth players in Islam Feruz, Lucas Piazon, Ryan Bertrand who is ready to step up whenever they are given the chance. With this squad, the legends and Roberto Di Matteo, I think we are in for a treat next season. My preferred line up:


Debuchy/Ivanovic           Luiz/Cahill            John Terry           Cole/Bertrand

Ramires/Meireles            Lampard/Mikel/Essien

Mata                                     Hazard                                  Marin


Feel free to comment in your preferred line up. By #LimCFC

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  1. Anonymous says

    I think Mata and Hazard should change sides.
    Hazard is good to dribble and he could be very good on the wing.
    Mata is very good to play the ball to Torres, and he is good to have behind the attacker

  2. Lim El Niño says

    Yeah thats the philosophy. Marin, Mata, Hazard. These three players are versatile. these three can change their sides regularly during games.

  3. Anonymous says

    Great article…Very well written and wrapped 🙂

  4. Nallobo says

    I loved that formation you made

  5. Anonymous says

    Mata Hazard Marin…Hulk 😐

  6. Lim El Niño says

    Thank you people!

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