No contract for Lampard as Rafa hints at Legend’s Exit

Frank Lampard will no longer play for Chelsea after this season according to Lampard’s agent Steve Kutner.  A few days ago Kutner insisted that the midfielder would not be leaving the squad but now that story has changed substantially.

Several British newspapers have quoted Kutner as saying that “Chelsea executives told Frank in Japan during the Club World Cup then again reconfirmed with me after the Everton victory (last month) that in no circumstances will he be offered a new contract to stay at the club after the end of this season.”

Kutner further stated that “Nothing since has changed in any respect. Frank has had to accept that and just wants to carry on playing football for Chelsea so as to finish the season as successfully as possible for the club that he loves.”

Blues Captain John Terry took to Instagram stating that he was devastated by the team’s refusal to give Lampard a new contract.  It has not been made clear whether the refusal was over money or some other factor.  While Bwin sold the Ongame Network to the Amaya Group, the club is still sponsored by Betsson so it would seem unlikely that money would be an issue.

Lampard expressed his appreciation for the Chelsea fans after the squad’s FA Cup tie against Southampton on Saturday.  He said that “They’ve supported me throughout my career here, particularly in recent weeks. The way they were with me in all the time and I just wanted to say thanks.”

Unless something changes at the last minute, there are just over four months left in Lampard’s career at Chelsea, one that has seen him earn 10 major trophies.  His final match at Stamford Bridge will be on May 19th as Chelsea takes on Everton.

Rafa Benitez has indicated that Frank Lampard will still leave Chelsea in the summer, despite Petr Cech suggesting his team-mate could stay at Stamford Bridge.

The European champions have refused to extend Lampard’s contract, which expires in May, despite his strong form which has seen him eclipse Kerry Dixon to become the club’s second highest scorer with 194 goals.

The 34-year-old is only eight short of Bobby Tambling’s record, a milestone he is on course to surpass at his current rate, and Chelsea’s insistence on his departure has baffled fans and observers.

Cech declared after Saturday’s 4-0 victory at Stoke that he believes there could yet be a twist in the saga, but Benitez signalled once more that there would be no reprieve.

‘We know Frank is doing well in training and is playing well. Everyone can see he is doing well and the rest of the team is doing well at the same time,’ he said.

‘Maybe that was what Petr was trying to say – Frank can play at a good level and hopefully he can continue until the end of the season.
‘I have to bring the best out of him and I’d be delighted if he scores 15 goals from now until the end of the season. I have to keep him fit.’

  1. Parish priest says

    Lampard can’t continue at chelsea, leave,Drogba left why can’t you just bow out now when the ovation is loudest. Is it because you are british.please go now.
    All the coaches sacked in chelsea were unconnected with your conspiracy with terry and ashley cole and some so called big names. Once you leave and terry and ashley follow there will no more be rebels at chelsea and there will be stability in coaching.
    Pls go.

  2. Snowhite Obi says

    Lampard should stay…he’s a great player and still in form. If he stays strong,should be allow to retire in Chelsea. I believe Lampard is stronger than Terry for now,and mean more to the team than Terry. At this point this point we should be talking how Ferreira would leave and not Lampard.

  3. bello IDU says

    we appreciate our dear legend we loves u but Roman hates u pls don’t live premiership I will love to watch u play every week if possible join man united who are ready to accept u despite ur u frank

  4. Kobbyhans says

    I guess Lampard will leave at the end of the season from all writings on the wall. We need fellaini as his replacement.

  5. Kobbyhans says

    It seems his time is due though i would have wanted to see Lampard continue for us since they are not willing to prolong his contract. Anyways, lets try fellaini as his replacement. Martin, Norway.

  6. Katherine says

    There is no luck in football, but skill and opourtpnities to score.At least, Barcelona, which is believed to be the best football club on the planet, has never defeated the Blue for the last four or five years. Nothing is embarrassed coz The ball is round.’ 2

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