Rafa vs JT in the Chelsea bust-up!


Rob Beasley (very informed, especially on internal matters) says it’s John Terry vs Rafael Benitez in the latest training bust-up at Chelsea. Some say Terry is concerned with his lack of playing time, some say Terry wasn’t too happy with Benitez criticising Chelsea’s squad in training. Although the full details are unknown, it’s still a shock. It’s been coming in some eyes (like me), but for some it’s stunning. A ridiculous act some would say, others would argue it’s well needed. Leave out your hate for Benitez and think, is this needed at Chelsea?

Here’s what we do know so far :

Rafa expressed his dismay at the 2-0 reverse and he performance of the team and he asked the players for their reaction to the loss.

The Chelsea captain and interim manager clashed just before training at the club’s Cobham complex. Benitez called the players into a circle to discuss Sunday’s damaging loss to Manchester City.

He expressed his dismay at the 2-0 reverse and he performance of the team and he asked the players for their reaction to the loss.

Terry, who was dropped for the game, spoke out and the discussion quickly escalated into a row between the pair.
A witness said: “It all kicked off between JT and Benitez as their frustrations over Sunday boiled over into a big bust-up.”

After picking up on a comment made by skipper Terry in the dressing room following their defeat at City, Benitez attempted to single him out. Terry defended himself and reminded Benitez that senior players have spoken to him about his managerial methods since he arrived after Chelsea’s shambolic defeat in the Champions League against Juventus.

A discussion that began with the best of intentions then descended into a heated discussion between the players and the interim coach.

This high-profile clash between the pair comes after The Sun apologised for incorrectly reporting that Benitez and Terry had allegedly rowed in the dressing room in the wake of Chelsea’s 3-2 defeat at Newcastle recently.

It is an alarming development as our side’s form continues to falter. This just proves that the problem is beyond the managerial post, whether it’s Benitez, Mourinho, AVB or Di Matteo – the egos of both manager and player clashing leads to big problems.. whatever happens now, is going to either hurt our poor season even more or expose our true problem. Until then, we are on alert as our club has the potential to combust from the inside, out.

  1. king elijah says

    I think this is the time the club need to unite, the players need to embrace this man and make sure they get all the maximum result needed.

    Abrahamovic should pls do something to this issue, cos the way I’m seeing it no coach we want to come and manage this club except something is done.

    No matter what happens, I will always be a true blue fan. KTBFFH!!!!!!

  2. tim says

    yuh…… We’ll suffer and drop some points as well but as far as i’m concerned, rafa made a mistake drop’n J.T for the city clash…. We played only 2 defenders on sunday, that is a.cole and cahill… Luiz was not help’n and ivanovic wasn’t active! No overlapp’n from him and poor defend’n too! I believe if we had started with J.t and azpilicueta in place of luiz and iva, the defends would have been solid! All the goals we conceeded came frm iva.

  3. Izzat Izzuddin says

    welll guys… i think we need to call back our on-loan players out there… who shine bright like a diamond at their adopting ground… such as Lukaku, Thibaut, Kevin de bruyne, Natanial Chalobah and few more to boost up our current squad…

  4. Ken says

    Who r u to question a coach’s method..get rid of this old head (terry,lampard,cole) so that cfc can move forward

  5. shiloh says

    i think its high time certain players leave the club just a good coaches have come and gone leaving them behind, also changes has to be made to the Chelsea management Board they are also a disgrce.

  6. John says

    Terry is wasting his time if he thinks FSW is going to change anything. He can’t even change his mind about substitutions he is so pig headed. How many times do we see like for like substitutions? It’s almost as though he doesn’t realise that you can change, or indeed are allowed to change your style of play once the game has started. I can understand why some are saying get behind him but I am sorry he is not up to the job and should never have been given the opportunity and it looks like it is now too late.

  7. Bitto raphael says

    D fault was d lineup what happen to Cesa,Terry n Moses dat they didnt start d match, play Marin to develop than keepin him 4nothin n Mata need stamina n body balance 2playtough matches

  8. emile says

    The problem was the formation (4-3-3) how can U try a new one against a big team like Man City. Rafa strategies confuse all the team..and I think this is a big problem when players can’t understand the language that the manager is using ( i mean those strategies which confuse all squad)

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