Breaking The "7 Competitions" Myth

There has been a lot of talk about the fact that Chelsea will be competing in 7 competitions next season. It’s true. In 2012-13, Chelsea will compete for the Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup, Capital One Cup, FA Community Shield, UEFA Super Cup & the FIFA Club World Cup. This has raised doubt in some quarters, as 7 competitions would surely mean an extremely packed schedule & fatigued players. Right? Wrong.

Player fatigue would only have been affected if all 7 competitions were long-term knock-out competitions. This is not true for any of the other 3 competitions that we will take part in this year.

FIFA Club World Cup

The FA Community Shield is a one-off match that is contested by the winners of the Premier League & the FA Cup. The match is contested before the season even begins. The UEFA Super Cup is also a one-off match which is contested by the winners of the Champions League & the Europa League. This match will take place on 31st August, when the season would have just begun. 

The FIFA Club World Cup is a competition that is contested by 6 teams from around the world. These 6 teams are the champion clubs from all six continental confederations. If we win the trophy, it will be our first time winning it (this is also the first time Chelsea are actually part of the competition). However, we will have to win only 2 matches in order to bring the trophy to London. How so? The tournament was relaunched in 2005 & changes were made to the existing format, the most notable one being that the tournament was made shorter in order to reduce the problems faced while scheduling it. As a result, the CONMEBOL & UEFA champions receive a bye into the semi-finals of the competition. 

Hence, I don’t see the whole “7 Competitions” thing as a major issue. Sure, a few extra matches here or there can be an issue if you don’t have decent squad depth. But that’s hardly the case with Chelsea. So 7 competitions next season? Bring it on, I say!  

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