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  1. Cheap Ambien says

    A perfect platform to give KDB the nod, this my probable lineup swazer,luiz,cahill,ceaser,cole,essien,lamps,schullie,kdb,willian,eto

  2. Vaakmeisster says

    Ah yes. We lost.

  3. Mayo Branslav Luiz Sibanda says

    Being disapointed is an understetiment coz chelsea cant even score for fun not to talk about a clean sheet which they cant keep if chelsea continue lyk this disaster will be the order of the day last year we scored a lot of goals but to my surprise this year we are a different team all together those players do not have the the mentality of playing for a big team so if thats the case we have to offload them and bring those who can. The thought of chelsda playing doesnt make me excited lyk be4 coz we alwayz waiting 4 the worst

  4. ken says

    The three strikers need to seek advice from Suarez on how to score goals.

  5. Neri Abayomi says

    Mou said is current team is way too offensive and he is looking to change is approach. THIS DUDE is funny men.

    He calls this boring soccer offensive. They can’t defend, they can’t score.

  6. Vaakmeisster says

    The defence, while not mean is not bad. My only problem is how we defend set pieces. Yes we didn’t concede from any today, but we looked likely to concede each time a set piece came in. My problem is our attack. Blame the striker all you want ( Etoo can be blamed as he missed a very good chance) but the attacking midfield trio are the ones responsible for our inability to score. Not only are they reluctant to lay through balls, they’d rather create space for them to shoot rather than look for the pass. Even when they decide to pass, its sideways or back. Secondly only Lampard makes forward off the ball runs. There was a time in last nights game where Lampard had the ball and instead of Schurle to run into space like a Robben or Ronaldo would do, he just stood, waiting for the ball. Against deep defending teams, well never be able to create space for through balls. Thirdly our midfielders are more interested in getting successful dribble rather than creating chances. This is what destroys most counter attacks. Mou needs to talk to those guys

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