Cech Vs Courtois, Past and Present or Present and Future

Cech vs Courtois

In 2004 a young talented goalkeeper arrived at Chelsea with a 11 million price tag and a reputation as one of Europe’s best up and coming custodians

He wasn’t expected to walk into the team and start, Chelsea already had a good keeper Carlo Cudicini was popular with the fans and and a fine shot stopper but was starting to wind down and was consistently injured, Cech was the future and was expected to push Carlo for the No.1 spot, however a preseason injury to Cudicini meant Cech started the 1st game and never looked back. Cudicini was later sold to Tottenham and Chelsea until signing Mark Schwarzer this year went  without a reliable backup.

Fast forward to the summer of 2011  and we signed Thibaut Courtois 19 year old goalkeeper from Genk for £7.9m.

He was quickly loaned out as many new young signings are when they arrive at Chelsea. The loan served a number of purposes. It helped him gain first team experience and more importantly experience in a top European league. He went to Atletico Madrid initially for 1 season.

Since then Courtios has played 91 times for Atlético and has won the Europa League, Copa del Rey and a European super cup along the way, as well as being voted LFP best goalkeeper for the 2012-13 season in which he had the lowest goals conceded per game ratio in the league and is now recognized as one of Europe’s finest keepers

Which leaves Jose Mourinho with a problem ( not a bad problem i think you will agree ), does he stick with Cech, a legend of the club who at 31 still has a few good years left in the tank, does he sell Cech who would still command a reasonable transfer fee, or does he try and play them both at the club at the same time, a kind of time share with both keepers playing half the games.

The latter option seems the most likely and the least attractive to both players

Courtois stated towards the end of last year that he wasn’t prepared to play second fiddle to Cech, as he said: “I want to play, I will not be sitting on the bench.

“At Atletico I feel great and being here allows me to play in the Champions League.”

And now his father has chimed in saying

“Chelsea have a good goalkeeper in Cech, so cohabitation with both is not possible,”

“Alternating between the two is possible on paper but this is not what we want. This is not a situation we want.

“For now, we expect to discuss with Chelsea but it is impossible for Courtois to join a club to be their number two, and the conclusion is the same for Petr Cech.”

cech4                              vs            Thibaut-Courtois-131212

So again we come back to our problem, Past and Present or Present and Future

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  1. Mason Cole says

    Eventually, Courtois will take over, but he needs to be eased in. Let him play in the CO, FA and CL Cups next season, then swap him with Cech in 2015-16, when Cech is 32. Within 2 years after, Courtois will be undisputed no. 1

  2. Anonymous says

    Courtois has stated he won’t except that, it’s going to be 1 or the other. I love Cech and everything he has done but in my opinion we cant let this kid go, for once we need to trust youth

  3. Anonymous says

    share game time 50/50
    b/w both players and allow them determine by themself who is no 1

  4. Anonymous says

    Courtois all the way

  5. trublucfc says

    Keep the responses coming guys, this is a very important decision for the club and we here at Chelsea FC 360 want to know your opinions

  6. donvic says

    Loan him to one premier lig club,,so dat he wud hav d feel of playin in d premiership,,den afta,,we can nw collect him bak d followin season afta gainin xperience

  7. Anonymous says

    Keep both of them. Alternate between them, Increase their pay scale so that none of them complain. Use mourinho’s man management skills to keep both of them happy at the club.

  8. Anonymous says

    courtoise shud be our no 1 from next season…build a young team around with the likes of shaw curtoise, oscar, salah, both hazard, zouma ,chalobah ,mvg, rubin loftus cheek and barkley(hopefully)

  9. Kidz says

    I would say let Courtois be no. 1 and let Cech play back-up. No point lose 2 players as next season will be 1 big season for CFC that will fight for all games / championship.

  10. Anonymous says

    This is a tough one. Courtois is ready to be No.1. Cech is not ready to give up the no.1. As GKs are, their best years come between the age of 30-35. So Cech has a good four years left in him. And if you take the example of Van der sar, a GK can be good enough to play till 40. If Cech manages that then Courtois is in trouble. So like the first time Jose was here, Courtois will come back and depending on who is better, Jose will play him. A secret yet simple answer could be how good Jamal Blackman is. He is very young and not ready for first team. So if he has as much potential as these guys, then keeping Cech and selling Courtois wont make much of a difference to us. So the only one who would know this is Mourinho.

  11. Gbasha.bitto says

    If courtois leaves our Youth players will never trust/believe in us(CHELSEA) so KEEP HIM

  12. Anonymous says

    we can’t let that kid go,they have to alternate both

  13. Anonymous says

    Let Courtois loaned for one more season in Atleti, and see how Cech performs in that next season. Then after that I guess we will see the outcome

  14. Zyte says

    both are good.but if rodrigues & casillas can both be managed at madrid,then i think we should adopt the same strategy.cech is the 1 4 now & thibuat is the future.trust jose he has what it takes 2 deal with this situation & again the pay rise we can offer athletico cant offer it.

  15. Anonymous says

    Bring back courtois an allow cech 2 rest, if he wish leave den he shul.

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