CFC360 Player of the Year – Results

Results for your Chelsea Player of the Year are in!
Results for your Chelsea Player of the Year are in!

The votes are in from the article and we are ready to reveal the results to you all. Thank you very much for voting guys!

5th: with 31 votes we have Petr Cech

Big Pete got your votes as our 5th best player this year
Big Pete got your votes as our 5th best player this year

One of our key men this year and definitely one of our more consistent pros this season. The past 18 months have been Cech’s best since his head injury with the highlights being the Munich penalties and his save from Hernandez’s header. Petr is a top professional and is closing in on the Premier League clean sheet record – currently sitting in 3rd – and it is no less than he deserves. He’s lead the team on many occasions this season in the absence of Lampard and Terry but he’s shown he’s a strong leader.

4th: David Luiz with 63 votes

Geezer got your vote as 4th best player this season
Geezer got your vote as 4th best player this season

The ‘Geezer’ has shown great versatility and passion this season in everywhere he’s played. Centre Back or Centre Midfield, this man has out his heart into every tackle and every header and has been phenomenal. Outrageous goals have slightly overshadowed the heart-in-your-mouth defending but David Luiz is certainly a favourite amongst the blues faithful and rightfully so. Many rumours saying he will be our captain soon and would you complain? I know I wouldn’t.

3rd we are now into the podium territory with Frank Lampard finishing third on 64 votes – one higher than Luiz

Lampard squeezed into 3rd in your votes
Lampard squeezed into 3rd in your votes

The definition of fans favourite, Super Frankie Lampard has found himself 3rd in the poll after a season which sadly maybe his last. His goals from midfield have been exception – the one vs Newcastle being my personal highlight this season – and he is starting to close in on that all important record. Frank hasn’t played as much as he – as well as many of you – might have liked but he has still put in a good return. He needs two more for the record and with Ramires possibly injured he may now get his chance in what may be his last few games for Chelsea.

2nd: Eden Hazard comes in second with 171 votes


It really is a pleasure to watch Eden Hazard nearly every week and I see that most of you are in agreement. His technical ability is incredible and his dribbling, passing and shooting has also been of the highest standard this year. He came with a big price tag and big expectations but after an electric start it was clear this kid was the real deal. He struggled to have as much influence in the middle of the season but he has since been phenomenal and a true joy to watch. The best part is, he’s only 22 and there is plenty more to come from this Belgian wizard.

Now, the winner. In many eyes him being player of the year is unquestionable and with 385 votes – 47.77% of votes – it is clear who the best player has been. I present to you: Juan Manuel Mata Garcia – your player of the year!

Juan Mata is your player of the year!
Juan Mata is your player of the year!

Much like Hazard, this man is a real pleasure to watch and at times this man carries our team through our bad performances.

3 Man of the Match performances

12 assists

10 goals

85.4 % pass accuracy all in 27 games this season in the Premier League.

Chelsea look at their best when this magician plays and his goals and assists have meant we’ve done well on the attacking side of things. Take Mata out of the team and we struggle, his influence on how we play is huge and I severely hope he stays injury free.

Our number 10 gets the CFC 360 player of the year and look out for the article in the coming days with the Player of the Year from each of the 360 Writers. Thanks everyone for voting, Keep The Blue Flag Flying High and enjoy this picture of Mata in blue paint!

Having a laugh... Magical Juan Mata
The Truly Magical Juan Mata
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