“Chelsea brought a special set of circumstances.” — The Interim One .

Fans on Rafa.Former Chelsea coach Rafael Benitez has publicly showed his unhappiness for the scorn treatment by Chelsea fans during his spell as a manager at the Stamford Bridge. He is here in London for the Champions League match between Napoli and Arsenal at the Emirates.

The  current Napoli manger said that, “All through my career I felt I was really fortunate, because I kept very good relationships with my clubs – Tenerife, Estremadura, Valencia, Liverpool. Chelsea, though, brought a special set of circumstances.”

Rafa was clear about the fact that hate from Chelsea fans were due to past encounters with the Blues where he  twice steered to Champions League semi-final victories over Chelsea who was being managed by the Special One during his reign at Liverpool.  On this he said that- “I cannot change what we did or what we achieved in our results against them,  All I did was to be professional.” 

When asked about the team during his spell he said “I was extremely pleased with the way that my Chelsea team were playing and winning at the end”. 

On Napoli fans he said that, “Here you can see from day one that the fans are excited, In terms of the passion for the game and the way people feel about the club, I think the two places are very similar.”   

Rafa was clearly on  the hate list of the fasn as he was called  “fat Spanish waiter”. 

Here are some pics on CFC fans hate’s on Rafa :

Fans hate on Benitez.
Fans hate on Benitez.

Rafael Benitez signs-1739201

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