Chelsea confirm David Luiz will be moving to PSG

Another day, another sad news for the chelsea fans. The news came last night that Chelsea have agreed a 50 million offer for David Luiz subject to agreeing personal terms and passing a medical examination. The reported fee means that he will become the world’s most expensive defender of all time in football.

Thank you Geezer for the amazing 3 years.

David Luiz: The Life & times of a young Geezer

David Luiz leaves the club, having made 143 appearances for the blues, scoring 12 goals for the club. Just like the Juan Mata transfer, this is another transfer that all of us will need time to recover from.

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  1. Anonymous says

    good luck to you DAVID

  2. NELSON UBONG says

    good luck to you DAVID

    1. charles CP7 says

      We will definitely miss him. David the 2 in 1 if u know what I mean. Name sake I hail o

  3. johnson olutayo says

    am crying

  4. Matt says

    After Juan Mata, another top class player leaves: a really sad news.Thank you David, all the best for you in Paris.

  5. Chris says

    Look i am saddened by the news. Loss of a great character in the dressing room! But its only sad news if its not re-invested properly.

    I’d take 50m for Luiz straight away! There are many reasons why I want to keep him but when an offer like that happens they don’t often happen twice! I will just explain now why I would take it with thinking logically.
    1) An offer of 50m means we have made a total of 26-28m profit (depending on price you go with for which we brought him).
    2) We don’t really need him for CBs issues as Terry & Cahill are our main partnership with Ivanovic getting older he will ultimately be converted into a right sided CB when time is right. Also in January we bought Kurt Zouma and with the likes of Kalas and Christensen/ Ake etc. the only reason we have not sold him sooner is because we are using him as a makeshift patch-up job to the last piece of our midfield puzzle. An already made deep-lying playmaker!
    3) Leading on from point above, There are various names which get mentioned when people discuss is area, however many of them are not the perfect solution. Many of them in fact are box-box midfielders: the likes of khedira, Pogba and co. What we should use part of 50m on is someone realistically we can get in the Modric mould. His name is Toni Kroos.
    4) Toni Kroos – 24 yrs old – 20m price tag, Man U have pulled of the deal for him, he is in the LAST YEAR of his CONTRACT so they have to take max bid of 20m or risk losing on a free next year. Has what we are lacking quality passer short and especially long, has vision to aware of a move to set off which ends up a goal and is extremely accurate with his long shots.
    5) This would allow more flexibility with allowing young players in that postion (providing lampard gets a contract) as we could then afford to sell rami (who had a rather bad season) and/or mikel (who has never been top-quality). So next season would be (for two CDM roles) Matic and Kroos (starting XI) – Lampard and Van Ginkel rotated – and with perhaps Chalobah/Baker etc. as the young player coming through.
    6) We still have left a nice healthy 30m left over. And due the FFP sanctions imposed on PSG plus a 50m deal they just done would not be able to afford big deal for either Hazard or Oscar (not that I would ever want to sell them anyway).
    Only an idea but i think its been long enough especially now as we are getting costa that we get a deep lying playmaker who has everything and more often than not plays to help the guy up top (costa). as Toni Kroos’ passing and trying to create opportunities for the strikers and more attacking players or a team is very impressive.

    1. hassassin says

      best comment ever on CFC360

    2. hassassin says

      apart from that kroos has a bad work rate…mata 2? no…i think we ve got Ivan Rakitic…cheaper and more experienced…also thers a guy called Rasmus Elm …a better cdm replacement for MIKEL….out you MIKEL…

    3. Matt says

      You are right Chris but there’s nothing certain about Kroos and Costa. And I’m not so sure our manager likes to play with the youngs (Chalobah, Baker, Ake, Swift, Christensen or Loftus-Cheek, Brown, Ssewankambo – CFC U21 is full of good players ). He always talks about the youngs but he prefers experienced people. Anyway all the hypothesis you make are good. But the only thing sure at the moment is that CFC accepted PSG offer about Luiz. Let’s see what will happen.

    4. Mason Cole says

      you make a good point. It is certainly good business and i agree that Rami and Mikel should (and in Mikel’s case, probably will) follow Luiz out the exit door. I also recognise that £20m for Kroos, in today’s inflated transfer market, is somewhat of a bargain, however I feel that we already have sufficient options in this area. Lamps should get a new contract, McEachran is a good passer of the ball and at this stage in his career needs to play in the Premier League, Ake can play there, Chalobah is an option and Baker is also a good name for the future. I would also say that Oscar is best suited to this role. It requires less running, meaning his stamina will be less of a problem, and he can still support attacks, and showcase his exceptional passing range. So, although as you say, Kroos is a viable option, I feel we have a number of viable solutions already at our disposal. Though, as @Matt says, Mourinho will more than likely buy someone like Khedira (please no!) for the role

  6. Fik says

    Thanks Dave! Good business for Mour to strength z team. Z big hourse wl be seen next yr!!

  7. ismaila ibrahim says

    hmm…i won’t call it SAD-i wil rada call it EMOTIONAL-cos not all players r destined to be at 1 place 4ever. We gona rememba him so mch buh its part of life. Also, dis move can be a veri gud platform 4 him to climb to da nxt level, considering his teamin up wid his national captain, which can 1 day, earn him da captain’s band. So afta chelsea, i fink life shld go on 4 Luiz…WISH HIM AL DA BEST!

  8. Jeff says

    Sad to see him go but Chris is right. Besides, that’s our £50m back from the £50m LFC robbed from us for Torres. So who’s going to be the Abassador on the Bridge Kids website next season now that he is gone?

  9. kes says

    Whao! Another great is been shown the door! Au revoir David! Will miss your eratic run and behaviour on and off the pitch!

  10. Irokotola says

    Nothing sad in it….. It’s a great deal for Cfc….. We love him but next season he will only be a bench player….. This is because we are going to get a someone to partner Matic in that pivot and also he won’t find a single space at the two back….. Meaning….. He is going to be a surplus….. The money is good….. Get Koke for me or Guarin…. We’re done in the pivot….. Some money still left……. Hoop…. What a nice business…….. luiz, i like you so much……. Wish you success in your new team and never against CHELSEA….

    1. Anonymous says


  11. dipesh says

    david Luiz will always be in my heart I wish him well for rest of his career and may become more successful than he was in Chelsea……..

  12. kes says

    …And someone couldn’t make a comment without making a sly mention of Mikel. Well, with the reports making rounds Mikel had probably played his last for Chelsea FC. Waiting to see who their next victim would be!

    1. Anonymous says

      mikel and toress are useless. They will not get playing time next year specially for mikel.

  13. Martin, Norway. says

    First it was Mata and now Luiz so who is next. All what Mourinho could do is to sell our best players ever since he returned to Chelsea. I hope he now uses the money to buy Costa because 50 million is lot of money to purchase a striker or better buy good strikers now with such amount of money.

  14. Martin, Norway. says

    He is such a character and funny player.

  15. Poundz Gh (@PoundzGh) says

    Good Luck

  16. tich zan says

    its like mourinho is here to outdo what e club have done in the past 7 years he left…. U cant be selling david luiz leaving john terry at e club… Yes terry is good but how many seasons are left in him. Kalas cant stand in for if terry get injuried… Pple will say he was good against liverpool…. Chelsea is a big club which need to create an identity as an institution. Besides the guys mou left at e bridge ramires wil b e senior guy and e rest wil be guys with 2 seasons.. How can mou be selling young players while keeping hall of fame players who must b in e national archives.. It was mata, luiz next is lukaku… Chelsea wil end up like totenham.. Player wil not have that passion because they know that nomatter how good and commited u are to chelsea u are just an asset nothing more… Mourinho need to be stopped before he gets out of hand.. The best thing that mou did this season is fuck us… Loan likaku, sell mata, sell luiz, loze every trophy on offer…… Good luck luiz

  17. Neri Abayomi says

    Mourinho to Chelsea TV (July 17 2013): “Ivanovic, Mata and Luiz are not leaving. We are not a selling club. We are not Arsenal.”

    Awhile ago Luiz was touted as a future Chelsea Captain- Jose thot odawise.

    He is gradually stripping Chelsea off any form of flair.
    First Debruyne, Mata and Now Luiz.
    What do you know Oscar might be next.

  18. Cfc_obsessed says

    Cfc cant keep world class players on the bench. It ll eventually divide d dressing room. Besides d money is too big to resist. We have more capable defenders. I ll always wish any outgoing player a good luck. No harm done honestly. Luiz is a loveable guy as well as mata but we move on.

  19. miles says

    @ Neri..yu are very wrong. 40m for a defender like luiz is a very good offer. Yu say he is stripping chelsea of flair? I laff. Whatt of essien? Ppl criticise evry mou’s move. Even if it works out at d end. Luiz is not worth 40m. At best he is 30m. Plus dis move will givee chance for ppl like kalas to steep up and get counted. If mou sells mikel, ppl will blame him. If he uses coutoius ahead of cech, ppl will blame him. I bet yu, if he sells torres, neri will still blame him. Mou cannot do anything right. I was one of d ppl shouting for lukaku to be loaned out at d beginning of d season. The boy is not good enough. 17 goals in a team where he is d first choiice striker with evvery other player looking to service him is not good enough. But ppl will not see that. Mou might have sold luiz cos he wants to use chalobah who has exactly the same style with luiz. (Both can play defence and midfield) but ppl won’t give mou a chance. Keep hating. A lot of ‘chelsea fans’ wish mou wld go trophyless again so that they can say ‘ I told yu so’. Ppl are so unanalytical. As far as I’m concerned, the sale of mata was a masterclass. So was de bruyne (financially). Mata’s game is too restrictive. If we were playing tough opponents, he won’t be seen cos of his low work rate. See ozil for arsenal. Total waste. Football is changing. Only few players can be allowed not to defend and mata is not one of them. That is why athletico is beating barca everytime.

    1. Cfc_obsessed says

      Dont mind neri abayomi. He doesnt understand football. He has forgotten that mourinho doesnt make decision alone. 40m+ for luiz! I bet u neri ll not consider it. He ll rather have him on the bench. Not him alone, they re many, d ‘haters’. Just leave them

    2. Hassassin says

      You’re wrong about lukaku… He’s just 21….and 17 goals at epl level for such a player is really good…

  20. Anonymous says

    why buy a deep lying playmaker? our own Oscar can do that work perfectly. always buy, buy, buy. create something of your own please.

    1. Anonymous says

      yes oscar but he is useless from january. we need a second player

  21. Anonymous says

    I think mou should give the young once some chance to prove their worth it’s only thru this they can gain experience. those players mou is chasing were also once young and inexperienced but their coaches trusted them and gave them the chance to shine. as for the playing style, I hope he plays to what Abramovich craves for or else he will go buy he realises.

  22. austine water says

    Game over tank u

  23. Mason Cole says

    Why is everyone criticising Mou? In all seriousness, I would have been delighted with £20m for Luiz, but £50m! What business! Not only have we complied with FFP once more, but we are beginning to become self-sufficient and we have rid ourselves of a dilemma! Luiz is a good player…on FIFA. In real life, he is a liability. There was always the debate over where he should play; defence or midfield, which overshadowed every team selection. His defensive work is abysmal. I can vividly recall a number of times where he has been rash and has (or almost has) cost us games. Even going forward, his shooting can be erratic, his passing inconsistent and often inaccurate. His popularity must be forgotten; he as a person must be forgotten and this decision should be judged as a footballing and business decision, of which it is an excellent one. As I have already commented, we don’t need a new DM, but undoubtedly we shall get one, which is why we should all pray for Koke

  24. Anonymous says

    I don’t understand why some pple talk from the blind side if their love for Mourinho and not been fair in been circumspect, talking from footballing reasons.

  25. Anonymous says

    I don’t even know if the anyone from the board takes time in reading anything from here. if yes then I have a few things to say
    1. Mourinho must be talked to that from next season he change from the talkertive one to the silent one giving interviews that are needed and not taking other coaches, players and even his own players on.
    2. He must be a father figure to the players in the team.
    3. He must have a keen eye on the academy and the youth teams players and bring them through to the senior team. He must produce players he want from them since Cfc has one of the best academy setup in the world.
    4. He should lay his super egos aside sometimes and learn from others.
    5. He should give the players to the freedom to play and not stifle their creativity whiles instilling discipline of the highest order in them.
    He should play attractive football and cease to play his 13th century rugby which always bring bashing to Cfc .
    Once all of these are done, we would be very happy with him and support him whether rain or shine if not………..KTBFFH

  26. Max says

    All d best to luiz, i realy like him. 1ove CFC

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