Chelsea confirm the signing of Filipe Luis

It is finally done. Chelsea have finally reached an agreement for the signing of Filipe Luis from Atletico Madrid. The reported fee is 20 million pounds but we will let you know about it soon.

Comment your line up for our first league match of the season.

  1. Neo says

    First 11: Courtois, Ivanovic, Terry, Cahill, Luis, Oscar + Matic (pivot), Willian, Fabregas, Hazard, Costa.
    Subs: Cech, Zouma, Cesar, Van Ginkel, Salah, Schurrle

  2. Hon Churchill Obiakor says

    Diego Costa

    E. Hazard, A. Schürrle

    N. Matić, Fàbregas, Khedira

    Filipe Luis, J. Terry, G. Cahill, B. Ivanović


    Subs —– Azpilicueta, Oscar, Willian, Zouma, Van Ginkel, Salah, Cech

  3. Mourinho is the Best says

    Of course Luke Shaw, Blind of Holland or Rojo of Argentina is better than F Luis but we may cannot buy them because of a lot of reasons. F Luis is good as now is his peak time though no much room for improvement.

    We are good for GK, defense and midfield already. But we still don’t have strikers. It seems Mou will keep Torres, after sold Ba. Lukaku may loan out again if he can bring back Drogba. Otherwise, Mou will keep Lukaku in our first team. Honestly, I love The Blue and trust Mou. But think seriously, I am very pessimistic about next season if we only have Costa, Torres and Drogba (or Lukaku). Our frontline has NOT been sharpened than last year. In World Cup, we can see Lukaku, Oscar, Hazard and even Costa have all been over-rated. Hope all of them are just under-perform in World Cup. If comparing with Muller, James Rodriguez, Ozil,, Neymer, Di Maria, sadly to say our players are below their world class, Torres and Drogba have passed their peaktime. We will be difficult again if depending on them to finish a goal.

    Only happy to see we have excellent really world class GK, Defense and Pivot and performance of Schurrle is super at the front. Hope Mou can try to use more Schurrle at the frontline. I don’t know why Mou use more Willian than Schurrle but the latter deserved to play more.

  4. miles says

    Hey Admin. Cld you put up chelsea friendly match reports here. I know we played Wycombe yessterday and it was 5-0 too chelsea. Bamford scored and isaiah broown scored 2 goals. His second goal was a screamer. Romeu also had a good game and it seems Mourinho has plans for him this season. Up Blues

  5. miles says

    @Admin, what happening to this blog? You guys used to be very active. Now it is one post in like 3-4 days. What happened to #just a scenario#? You really need to increase your efforts. Perhaps try getting more writers. Anyone who says Rojo is better than filipe luis obviously doesn’t know filipe luis. Watch any of athletico madrid’s match llast season and see for yourself. Rojo has very poor crossing. Shaw is OVERRATED. I’ve been saying it. Its just this friggin english media that hypes every english talent. Good thing England is now ranked 20th.

  6. Juanescobar55 says

    I hope to see James Rodriguez in our team!!!

  7. Juanescobar55 says

    Or Falcao could be q nice choice!!!

  8. Juanescobar55 says

    I agree with you guys!!! I don’t know what is happening with this page!!!
    I used to read all days but know they don’t put any information on our team!!!

  9. Juanescobar55 says

    Who knows another page of chelsea fans ?

  10. FLENZY says

    360 ur site is getting boring, no updates again
    about chelsea, i use to like ur site but now i feel
    like deleting it from ma pc. i tot that is where
    all blues fans as well me enjoy ourself but u will
    go there this dayz nd meet same old, story there
    for about 3weeks. Are u people getting lazy or

  11. kes says

    Since Shirley left, this blog has become epileptic.

    1. miles says

      @kes, who is shirley?

      1. kes says

        A wonderful sweet lady analyst. Her graphic details on issues on the pitch is unrivalled. I wonder what became of her. If you had been on this blog say 2012/13 you should have read her write-ups!
        You can also check out this site: They are more up-to-date!
        Chelseafc360 is becoming more of Chelseafc-360!

  12. Zyte says

    Hey cfc360 pls whats happening here.i heard cfc hav agreed a deal with besikats for demba.another transfer rumour says we are interested in signing khedira.again i expect this site 2 give us the player rating & acesment of all cfc players that playd at the world cup.pls get busy & post exciting stories here.tank u.

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