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  1. Buy Legit Valium Online says

    That will be great if we have such striker

  2. adam says

    For sure and confirmed by essien’s agent that Essien he is going to leave. This mean that Guarin or Matic will come in. Now we solve the milfield defender issue, we need a good striker. We don’t need until summer as we can still get good keeper later. It is urgent to get a good striker right now!

    1. @ adam so u tink is better 2 loose courtious & get costa.2 me thats a bad deal & i know jose wont fal for it.highly technicaly giftd keeper wit good reflexes & huge stature are hard 2 find.hapy new year.

  3. Nicely says

    Think be 4 we do is better than do be 4 we think chelsea 4 life

  4. Ishola benjamin kunle says

    Morinhno is reported to say he trust his strikers, and no new striker.

    1. You’re a real deep theiknr. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Robben16 says

    I will go for Luke Shaw and Wayne Rooney because Chelsea need England players to register for competition.

  6. if we want 2 buy costa,good & fine but leav thibout out of the deal.he is the best young keeper now & also should be in top 5 keepers list.

  7. Buy Placebo Ambien says

    Chelseafc buying a potent striker like falcao, Diego Costa or cavani and defensive midfielder like mutuidi of PSG, Pogba of Juventus, will facilitate winning the league.

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