Chelsea FC Transfer and Gossip Talk [VIDEO]


Andre Saad from Chelsea FC 360, talks about the latest transfers, rumors and gossips related to Chelsea Football Club in the world of football.

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  1. emma says

    so true!!!!

  2. Chelsea4ever says

    Chelsea don’t need a high profile striker like Falcao. Pato/Damiano would be a good signing as options off the the bench is always needed.
    Instead of spending money on Falcao ,we should rather go for cheaper targets and given Lukaku is gonna come back at the end of season, Chelsea really don’t need Falcao.
    And as for Playmakers/Wingers , Chelsea don’t need anyone. We have a good quality and depth in that area, so NO to Fellaini, Walcott and Willian as well.

  3. FAITH + 1 (@amitesh_singh) says

    Why don’t we use the money which we got from Danny’s sell to pursue Demba Ba? We can buy him in 7m only.

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