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  1. Chris says

    Well personally I would for definite go for Shaw and 2 strikers. I would exchange Ba for Yilmaz or Diego Costa and try and go all out for lewandowski rather than Falcao. Or Suarez!? But what must be got is a better and far more consistently reliable Striker. Rest is fine if no one leaves. Because if the midfielders cannot rely upon the Striker to score or play off of then you get what we are doing by having to hope one the midfielders comes up with something special. In this league its not enough to win it.

  2. K DHEERAJ says

    Surely, we need a world class striker though we have lukaku who is doing well in his loan move to everton! But the point is should we need to be wise in spending and wait for lewandowski as his contract ends soon or go for falcao by spending big as our owner does not hesitate much to spend. We can’t rely on rooney deal again…!

  3. Buy Ativan Lorazepam says

    My targets: Matic,rooney,shaw and suarez(not falcao).Also for deep lying and holding midfield role-moutinho/mascherano and Khedira and defence(central)-2 very tough central defenders(for me,terry and cahill are prone to mistakes and we need solid backup).we should then return Azpi to his natural position and move ivanovich to his central defence role as we know.

  4. GABBY says

    Read This Careful Then Comment You’re Thoughts

    Carlo Ancelotti:

    Chelsea’s style of play is essentially false 9. You never see them
    whipping in crosses, or putting
    through balls for the striker. Neither
    do their three attacking midfielders
    play around the striker. They play
    among themselves. Their only problem is that instead of deploying
    a player to protect the defense and
    playing outright false 9, they use
    that player as a striker who is
    essentially useless. They could put
    Falcao, Cavani, Lewandowski, Messi,
    Rooney, Van Persie, absolutely
    anyone as a no.9, their striker will
    never score 30 odd goals a season or
    bang hattricks with this system. And
    also they will keep losing games
    because while playing false 9, one
    player is required to protect the
    defense. Instead that one player
    (striker)is doing nothing on the

    1. Anonymous says

      essentially true.

    2. Chris says

      I suggest you make sure when quote you put the source next time. As I think you taken this quote from one of the chelsea facebook fan pages or shed website. The original person says the source of this quote is from madrid website which is false. Also if Carlo had said this at least one paper in the world or sports section of a publication would of picked up on this and quoted it in an article so therefore this can only be a fan who taken a small slice of a quote and been expanded and heavily influenced by their own opinion in defence of the current lot of strikers. Also I don’t think Carlo would say such a detailed and current explanation of chelsea’s problems when he has his own to think about at Madrid.

      1. Chris says

        And further to want I just said I don’t think Carlo would have said “bang hat-trick” thus this is a false and made up statement by a fan of the sport who has accredited it to a person of respected opinion to gain publicity. So therefore do not in future use false statements or quotes to try and back up your own opinion and defend our strikers because they are not performing

    3. adam says

      if true, carlo must shut up as it is him who brought the useless torres, since that we lost 4 coaches. Again, today, he was useless.

  5. adam says

    We need Nemanja Matic because mikel and lampard are useless.

    1. Chris says

      I would suggest for you to have a look at Marco Verratti. If I could sign anyone in the world (apart from lewandowski) It would be him. He has everything and would Make our midfield perfect. He’s 20/21, most booked player in Europe ie Tackles a lot, sits in front of back 4 and his range of passing is amazing.

      1. Chris says

        Oh i forgot his ability to hold onto through ball when being pressed and cover it by retaining possession was what impressed me the most when watching him in matches.

  6. Cheap Ambien says

    Chelsea should pls try an sign rooney an metic,zouma,penwe.

  7. Cheap Ambien says

    Chelsea should pls try an sign rooney an metic,zouma,coster.

    1. You’ve hit the ball out the park! Inecldibre!


    1. Patch Kelly says

      Ramires isn’t that good, I’d let him go in a heartbeat

  9. Anonymous says

    adam u seem 2 have useles mikel useles than Kdb who cld nt impress even once?in mikel chelsea are more stable…we just do nt need any signing may b luke shaw.all other positions are covered by our players on loan.

    1. Patch Kelly says

      Use your English words please.

  10. wambua says

    van ginkel is there and romeu 4 pivot role…chelsea need no signing.piazon is really good i hope he wil b at chelsea next season and lukaku 2.thorgen harzad? you guys.ISLAM FERUZ.BAMRFORD ,german messi!atsu..chalobah,ake!kalas.we have a good team jst be patient as a diehard chelsea fan nt a glas fan.nkt.

  11. Patch Kelly says

    I know how good Lukaku is and that’s why we don’t need a ‘World class striker’, We need Lukaku & we need give him the faith and trust he’s earnt!

    Luke Shaw would be a brilliant acquisition! £20m to pay out is a decent amount for his potential.

    Matic, We let go… Don’t go back on the past (EVER)

  12. parker sulemana says

    i love chelsea

  13. Anonymous says

    @Adam,.. is Mikel and Lampard as useless as you are?

  14. Anonymous says

    Bring in your fantasy strikers and lets see how they perform. After much of complaining, crying and juvenile fan analysis on wishful strikers some who have not played in epl in their lifetime, we just wish the favorite will perform miraculously, because the conditions on the pitch will be waiting to catch up with them.

  15. Cheap Xanax says

    hi i wnt chelsea to bye sallah farcao rooney matic

  16. toby Neilson says

    Hi would like to see ballotelli back in the prem especially for chelsea, a big reliable, fast striker!

  17. Evans nelcon bucha says

    My advice 2 chelsea is dat let mourinho travel 2 some village lyk spain, brazil,nd uruguay where he wil get young strikers 4 d blues

  18. rahid stha says

    griezman gonna fit for chelsea mourinho sir plz take him in stamford

  19. den foster says

    yes u r right bro antoinne griezman gonna rock the chelsea

  20. Anonymous says

    we need kaka and messi and also ben foster

  21. Anonymous says

    can you buy hulk and also theo walcoot

  22. Anonymous says

    we need danny rose and danny welbeck

  23. Anonymous says

    up the blues we can win

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