Chelsea make bid for Emmanuel Emenike

Our latest striker rumour is that Chelsea could potentially sign Fenerbache’s Emmanuel Emenike for a bid of around 16 million. Emenike has helped the Nigeria team reach the knockout stages of the tournament, on the back of an excellent season at Fenerbahce, where he scored 12 goals and picked up nine assists. The 27-year-old only moved to Turkey last summer from Spartak Moscow in a £10million deal, but Fenerbahce are happy to make a quick profit on him. His performance at the world cup has impressed Jose Mourinho and the striker has admitted he wants to play in English football one day.

‘I have always dreamed of playing in England,’ he said.’If I get the opportunity to play in England – I wouldn’t turn it down.’

What is your opinion on this? Feedbacks!!!
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  1. Donald says

    27 year old untried and untested striker?! I think its time Chelsea looked for a younger striker.

    1. Zyte says

      @ donvic,untried & untested really!!! even after playn 4 spartak moscow & a turkish league winner wit fenerbahce.hav playd in the champions league 4 some years wit both teams.powerful & pacy player fit 4 epl.a good back up 4 costa.

  2. Fik says

    I think it is a good addition to z team. He is more phyical and powerful can fit EPl esp Chelsea playing style. His strong shoot from distance & scoring goal is also an other good thing to beat team that park bus. Much better than strikers that we hv currently in z team. Our strikers r strugle to score goal from penality spot. I prefer next season strikers be COSTA, EMENIKE, LAVAZIE & Baford. Sell Tor, Ba & Lukaku….

  3. miles says

    Everyone that says thhis is a good offer obviously doesn’t know emenike. if yu know yu have chelsea at heart, start praying that this is just a rumour. He is definitely not chelsea quality. Has no technical ability. He is like costa divided by 2. Does not offer anything different. Pls get ur facts right. If cchelsea buys him, the longest he wld stay in chelsea wld be a year. What’s d point of having 2 ppl with exactly the same style of play? Its like having mandzukic and mario gomez in the same team. Or mandzukic and lukaku. They are the same type of strikers. Mou has made it clear he wants a striker that can play with his back to goal. The only strikers that can do that are strikers who are extremely mobile like suarez or sturridge or aguero or torres(liverpool torres)or henry or have high technical ability like ibrahimovic or drogba or rooney or hopefully costa.that being said, if mou buys emenike then there must be sth he sees that I’m not seeing cos he knows better. Ktbffh. Up Chelsea

  4. Zyte says

    @ miles,2 some extent i agree wit u in the sence dat emenike is a bit of costa mould.he is very much mobile but is not blessd with dribbling skils,but his strength & pace is top notch.if jose dims him fit 2 dorn the royal cfc blue,so be it,if not we must get another back up striker 2 support costa.

    1. xtian says

      Emenike is a very good striker. He is not like Ba or Lukaku at all cuz he is very mobile with high work rate and can also play the right flank as good as any player in Chelsea right now. Add this to the fact that he scored most of his goals from the bench and chips in with assists as well including two assist in Nigeria’s 3 goals so far in the world cup, then it all begins to make sense. Emineke is more like Coasta or Rooney.

  5. Neo says

    Funny how the Nigerians are PRO (for) this move. Even the poll was rigged. #BringBackOurGirls

  6. miles says

    @zyte, y do we. Need another striker to support costa? Is lukaku/bamford/torres not enough? I think they are. We must not always buy. Especially bamford. The boy is good if given the chance.

  7. GABBY says

    Eminike is prominent but I will prefer Ahmed Musa, he’s so good.

    1. Zyte says

      @ gabby,pls ahmed musa isnt good 4 cfc.

  8. miles says

    OMG..emenike? Then ahmed musa? Has our standards dropped that bad? These. Boys are not good enough. See how victor moses turned out. All dese boys are good for small teams not chelsea. I know Mou can’t buy ppl like that. I’m sure of it. Emenike? I still can’t believe ppl are actually supporting this move. Before yu know it, someone here will say we shd buy ameobi or sunday mba or we shd behave like liverpool and buy ‘silly’ lambert. Sometimes ppl here make me laugh. We want to movve forward not backwards. See united buying herrera and shaw, bayern buying lewandowski, barca buying rakitic. Yu now want chelsea to be buying emenike and ahmed musa. Get real. Ktbffh

  9. kes says

    To tell you Ghanaians are typical GREEN EYED lots. When it happens, I’ll get you guys ropes to do the Judas Iscariot. If it happens fine, if not all good as well.

    1. GABBY says

      wat makes u think som1 is a Ghanaian?
      if some says somtin about Nigeria players it means he’s a Ghanaian, get urself ryt.

  10. Heyzeeds says

    @miles good write up, am a nigerian/irish, firstly, Ahmed musa is a good player buh not chelsea type in anyways, Emunike is a good player strong like drogba buh @miles u’ve said it all costa and him has dsame character, so ut will be wasting of money and time with chelsea’s new plan. We better look for new players not d type of musa and eminike sorry dat

  11. Anonymous says

    Gabby is always negative

    1. kes says

      When is it comes to Nigerians!

      1. GABBY says

        noo @Kes am asking if is only Ghanaians that talk bad about Nigerian players. u dnt even know where miles is from

    2. GABBY says

      hw negetive am I? sayingbi like Ahmed musa or what. @anonymous.

  12. xtian says

    If you think Emenike plays for a small team, then you must be smoking cheap weed. That dude just won the Turkish league for Christ sake, impacting from the Bench. He is better fitted to Mourinho’s tactics than Lukaku and Ba and looks a better force than Torres.

    1. kes says

      @Xtian, can you repeat that again. These dudes watch only EPL.

  13. SunneyLamps says

    Why do we think Emenike can do better than Lukaku who has scored more goals than any on loan player in the History of EPL? Its simple, If we need any average player for back up we should give our young stars the chance they deserve and If we need to buy a back up striker I dont think Emenike is good enough for us. Ba had good goal stats in Newcastle we got him and you know the rest, Moses was good in Wigan? We bought him you know the rest.

  14. kobi says

    emenike to chelsea???hahahhahaaaaa,never see it happening.what is he coming to do for us?
    and how many goals is he going to score at the end of the season??
    tried and tested strikers koraaa how many goals did they score for us at the end of the season.we should not sign him,simple

  15. Anonymous says

    imagine our fifa15 team with him…

  16. kes says

    I read comments here and I just laugh. We are still speculating on a rumour and some dude are just…MEHN! Who ever told you guy he will be coming in as the supporting striker. King DD wasn’t given a chance when he came to the EPL from French ligue 1.What happened when he left.
    How many people knew Diego Costa three seasons ago, but today he’s been sought by any club that can match his wages.
    Emmanuel Emenike’s coming isn’t up for public discussion. If the Big man has sanctioned it, what makes you think your say counts.
    Just sit down and watch how events unfolds. For me, I just pray we get a winning team for next season and beyond.
    It’s world cup baby #teamAfricanUnited #teamsupereagles #teamAlgeria

    1. kes says

      I mean how EVENTS UNFOLD!

  17. imitor says

    @kes love ur point. let’s see how everything goes, i believe mou can get us the right strikers needed. KTBFFH!!!

  18. Anonymous says

    God 4bid bad tin…i reject it in jesus name…donvic is goin spiritual nw…he is nt d calibre of player we nid plssssss

  19. Mourinho is the Best says

    This is just rumor and honestly we need world class strikers only. I mean real world class strikers who are now playing for our top competitors in UEFA Europe Champion and EPL like Costa, mandzukic, Falcao, or suarez (of course we will not buy him as he makes trouble). For second tiers strkers, we have a lot already like Torres, Ba and Lukaku. They are enough for so-called back up functions. As we need to win EPL, European Champion and other smaller cups, we really need at least 3 world class strikers and 1-2 back up strikers (can give chance to our young players) and not like some of you saying 3 strikers are enough for us. Hey, even if we have Costa and Mandzukic, if they are injured, do you think we can reply on a striker like torres or Lukaku to win our trophy? We really need to buy more real world class players(even the Costa deal has really confirmed) and not discussing to buy these 3rd liner strikers like Emmenike or not.

  20. Fik says

    Emenike is currently much better than our strikers! It is possible to say last yr we played without strikers. Z midfield is also worse can’t create best chance to strikers cost us … Jose got what he deserved end without trophy… Playing with misfiring strikers z main reason for z exit of greate coaches Anchelote, ABV, Dimato, …. Now Mour still not learn from that… Lukaku playing not fit to CFC playing style. It is better to sell him… Even Ba is much better than Lukaku for CfC playing style….

  21. xtian says

    Hehehehe, we want any three of Falcao, Cavani, Coasta, Mandzukic and think they are not all the same. These guys would need a lot of game time unless you plan to schedule a two striker system. If we are lucky, Mandzukic could be bought as a backup. Ba is the only striker I’ll prefer we keep because he is the only one that has shown some light coming from the bench. Sometimes you need a Dzeko or Chicharito to win the League not just a Aguero or RVP.

  22. miles says

    @kes, I’m not saying emenike is a poor Striker. Don’t get me wrong. All I’m saying is this, he is not cfc material. Yu can’t compare this cfc with droba’s time. Our football has changed. We hold on to the ball much longer, no one ever crosses from the wings, our midfielders prefer to score themselves except if boxed in a corner. When drogba was around, a lot of crosses were coming in for him to attack, he was at the center of our attack with everybody looking out for him. Things have changed. Emenike cannot fit with out play. Simple. It will be a very strongg prayer for costa to fit with it not to talk of emenike. I’ve always said it, the best striker cfc can have is a playmaker striker like suarez, aguero, rooney, sturridge, aubumeyang, torres (of liverpool), balotelli, eto not a striker that plants himself in the penalty box like a tree e.g, giroud, lukaku, mandzukic, emenike, dzeko, mario gomez, ba, ameobi etc. I am just praying costa fits. Emenike is not what we need and he is definitely not woorth 16 million. Instead of spending that money, I rather we give Chance to someone like feruz islam(if yu don’t know him, google) that boy is d perfect example of a mini saurez. Short but deadly. I’ve watched him severally for the youth team. The whole scottish FA was fighting over him. He’s just 18. But like I said Mou’s knows best since its his team, iff he buys emenike, then he knows what he is seeing. An experienced coach like mou won’t buy for buying sake. Up Blues. Ktbfffh

    1. Zyte says

      @ miles,u now sounded more contructive & fair in this comment than in ur 1st u made ur point without stigmatizn anybody.

    2. kes says

      @Miles, I’m never a favourite of buy buy buy! We have a crop of talented youths in need of opportunity to shine. Left to me, for a striker, stick with Lukaku. He has shown he can deliver, all he needs now is trust to blossom from the manager. Introduce our loanees bit by bit! The big man, however may not like it.

  23. Zyte says

    @ miles,going by how far i know about ur post on this site,u are better dan wat u can u be downgrading a group of players from one country dat hav made it 2 the world cup round of 16,just becaus of unconfirmd far as i know world cup is a place unknown & uncelebratd players show what they ve got.look at what costa rica did 2 italy & 3 the world knows about ruiz & campbel,so come on & be fair 2 these guys.if ahmed musa continues lik this,he wil end up in a bigger club than csk moscow.ktbffh.

  24. Anonymous says

    I have being expecting zyte to talk because he talks sense not like negative gabby

    1. GABBY says

      @anonymous anything personal with me?, coz I remember I said I want Ahmed Musah, are u ok?

  25. Irokotola michael says

    Emmanuel Emenike….. This guy is not a Ba, not a torres and not a Lukaku……. Please, try to watch this guy with a bit of technicality, you will see what am insinuating….. He plays accordingly to the team he is in… He play with the team just much than all our strikers, a striker having twelve assists in a season is something so much amazing…. Go and look at his stats….. If this guy play in a team that have fab as number ten, he is going to be better than dd in term of goal scored a season…… Some people don’t know what football is all about, they only crave for what the manager will not and ever will do… If mou need him fine and if not fine… All i know is that, this guy will be a nice and brilliant business…..

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