Chelsea on red alert, as Real Madrid to get rid of £35 million star!

imageChelsea have been linked to various strikers this summer. Last time I had an article on Wilfried Bony being linked to Chelsea. After researching over the weekend I also found several links of Karim Benzema being linked to the blues as Real Madrid are looking to offload Karim Benzema in the summer transfer window, so I thought of writing an article over these reports.

There has been some reports on the,, and some other websites which have revealed Chelsea have been put on alert by Real Madrid, as the Spanish giants are looking to offload Karim Benzema in the summer transfer window.

The footballer’s poor performances have seemed to affect his calls with the French national team as well as Madrid’s, where he has surpassed the 1000 minutes without finding a goal.

Benzema is suffering its worst run in football since his arrival at Real Madrid, which could mean leaving the Bernabeu on the cheap in the summer market.

The French striker has scored just 8 goals so far this campaign, far below what is expected of a striker in the Madrid colours. (, in Spanish)

Although Benzema has been poor this season, he is still rated as one of Europe’s best and has just been hit by injuries and Gonzalo Higuain being ahead of him in the pecking order. So him being out-of-sorts could work for Chelsea, as he could nail his signature for a bargain price.

The biggest concern for me has been the forward position in Chelsea. I would prefer Wilfried Bony over Benzema but I just want to know your thoughts over this who would you’ll prefer in the summer transfer window Wilfried Bony or Karim Benzema or someone else?

It has to be Wilfried Bony for me. Leave your thoughts below. All your suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for reading 🙂

  1. joseph says

    Buying Benzema, is waste of money. Is not a good striker.

  2. pertaub says

    benzema is no longer world class..even nando is better than him this season..i dont think chelsea will do such a foolish act..recently i’ve read on bbc that yilmaz burak is willing to leave galatsaray and at a price not exceeding 15 millions..i think it will be foolish not to sign him..he scored 26 goals in 31 app and im not even mentioning his incredible form in champions league

  3. bobohazard says

    You do realize Benzema isn’t worth £35m anymore, right?

  4. thecfcway1 says

    Yep I know he’s not worth £35m anymore.

  5. king elijah imitor says

    Bony all the way, if I happened to be the chelsea manager, I will brink back Lukaku and sign Bony who has scored more goals than Falcao.

  6. thecfcway1 says

    I personally would prefer Wilfried Bony joining Chelsea. I dont see the Yilmaz deal happening because I’ve seen a few reports that Galatasaray have rejected £21 million bid which have been placed for Yilmaz by Chelsea.

  7. Michael Ladipo says

    Y I won’t want benzema is dat £35 is too much and his wages will b too high! I wuld prefer to pay Falcao high than benzema! Though when I watch Benzema play on a gud day, I see flashes of world class brilliance! But am not sure if Benzema wuld b able to cut it in d premiership! Falcao on d other hand can..What I want for the strikers @ chelsea is: one finished product and 2 younger strikers that will take over later..I wuld want Falcao as d finished product, then Lukaku and Bony or Suarez! This is my opinion! Though getting Suarez is kinda hazy! Liverpool fans will give d owners a lotta stick if dey sell him to us!

  8. thecfcway1 says

    He won’t cost Chelsea £35 million. The caption says £35 million because Real Madrid paid £35 million for him in 2009. When you go through the post I’ve mentioned he would come for a cheaper price. Anyway I wouldn’t want him joining Chelsea either. This article came to my mind when I was researching about the transfer news over the weekend thus I wrote it.

  9. Michael Ladipo says

    @thecfcway1, Alright..Benzema’s off the ball movement is on point, this season like u pointed out hasn’t bn gud for him. But am unsure if he wuld b able to face English defence but one wuld v said d same abt aguero and luk @ aguero now! The uncertainty abt Benzema is d reason I won’t want him @ chelsea! I still say we get Falcao, don’t sell Lukaku to anyone cos I see him as a Drogba wif added qualities and get Bonny or Suarez if we can get him!

  10. Hammed says

    Buying benzema is stupid!!!. And also spending such a huge money on a striker thats not even betta than our current striker is nonsense. I’ll suggest buying bony or perhaps falcao or Yilmaz and getting back lukaku.

  11. Vaibhav Kumble says

    Every year I see our fans wanting to sign a big name striker.. we got Sheva, Drogba , Torres and now we want Falcao.. if he doenst work then we will talk about buying another big name striker.. Stop this stupid obsession with big name players.. we already have a future great striker in Lukaku. Keep faith in Torres (he has scored 16 goals this season which is not bad), and Ba only came in January. .. These three are good enuf to lead us next season.. pls stop wasting our club’s money..

    1. King24 says

      That won’t be enough. A club which is looking to win the PL every season and do well in the CL should have a top striker. Lukaku is too young and inexperienced when it come to the business end of the season. What’ll happen to our title challenge if Lukaku is not on form and Ba is injured? Can Torres step up to the plate and score those crucial goals? A player like Lewandowski should be seriously considered by Chelsea.

  12. brynknight says

    Torres will have to go, and we have to find a good-quality forward to replace him. There’s nothing wrong with signing Real Madrid rejects. Makelele, Huntelaar, Sneijder, Van der Vaart and Eto’o weren’t good enough for Real but later proved them wrong. Benzema would be a gamble, so would Modric and Coentrao but they’re elite talents that would get into almost any team in world football. I’m not opposed to signing Benzema, but he’s not my first choice. I’d rather get a clinical, pacy forward with good dribbling ability like Suarez, Aguero or Neymar to replace Torres. I’m not a fan of Demba Ba despite his goal yesterday, and think he should be sold and replaced (ruthless, I know). Benzema could certainly replace Ba, although I’d prefer Bony, Benteke or Lewandowski. Ideal scenario would be a strike force of Lukaku, Neymar and Lewandowski.

  13. azeez says

    Of wђã† benefit will Benzema be for chelsea? Someone whose performance for †ђξ season i§ nothing to write home about or are to take in another FLOP? I go for Bony, his performance speaks for him Α̲̅πϑ he i§ not as cost as Benzema.

  14. dragunar says

    In addition to players such as Demba Ba and Lukaku, we do not need Benzema does.
    If some names to better lead Edison Cavani or Falcao, because they’re a much better player and deadly attackers, but not good at all so voeliki make money if they can make a deal with Atletico Madrid ioko replace Torres-Falcao + money then OK.
    Dragunar from Serbia !
    KTBFFH !

  15. King24 says

    Real are planning to buy either Falcao or Aguero or both this summer. Maybe that’s why they’re offloading Benzema. Surely the clueless ones at the top at Chelsea aren’t going to fall for this one again? Bony all the way for me.

  16. adekunle says

    I prefer bony instead of benzema,but my first choice striker is radamel falcao and chelsea should bring lukaku back while torres must go.

  17. adekunle says

    I prefer bony instead of benzema,but my first choice striker is radamel falcao and chelsea should bring lukaku back while torres must go.we need striker who all the opponent we be fear when they see him on the bitch

  18. Anonymous says

    Just a another TORRES………but for 35 million

    1. Vaibhav Kumble says

      So again my qurstion rrmains what if falcao fails?!!! Next year you again talk about buying another expensive striker… and yr after that again another striker. replacing one world class player with another is not a solution… So this idea of selling one striker and buying Neymar, Falcao etc… means spending 50mill pounds or more.. that’s the mistake we have made for a few years now with Sheva and Torres and our fans are asking rhe club to do that again… No more… U have three strikers at the club.. buy a decent one and make him great. .. and those four are enuf… its stupid to keep changing so many players everytime..

  19. anon says

    He is a waste of money and just as lazy as malouda nowadays.

  20. Sammy chelsea mwaura says

    I believe in BA and bringing lukaku bak… And if we have to sign then we should go 4 the cheap strikers eg bony,yamilz, and if admin u happened to watch the africa afcon games that nigeria won,, there was a very good striker from BURKINA FASO whom attracted me xo much. He has all skills as king drogba exact n i thnk he can make a good replacement.

  21. Aderibigbe Sulaiman Adefemi says

    Letting Torres go,bringing Lukaku back to support Ba and byeing Wilfred Bony is a better idea.By the way,who was Drogba when he joined Chelsea from Merseille?.Take that clue and stay with Lukaku and Bony to take after his legendary steps.In Lukaku and Wilfred i trust for a better future!

  22. Anonymous says

    we should stop buying that many african players, they always go on the AFCON at a crucial part of the season. I saw we sign a striker like Jovetic for around 25m and then ademilson ontop

  23. lukek46 says

    Signing Jovetic or just settling for Ba and Lukaku is chelseas best option next season,
    Falcao seems to be a sure thing for Real Madrid and I can’t see Roman outlaying £50 million on another striker

  24. Anonymous says

    You struggle with English, don’t you?
    What’s your first language?

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