Chelsea very close to signing Costa?

This has gone on for weeks and now it seems Chelsea are now ever closer to seal the deal of Costa in the summer. Latest rumour suggest that third parties representing the Premier League leaders have held meetings with representatives of the Atletico Madrid striker and further contact is expected in the next weeks. Costa has emerged as Chelsea’s top centre-forward target following a stellar campaign for Champions League quarter-finalists and La Liga title challengers Atletico. 25-year-old has scored 31 times in 41 matches this season and his 23-goal league haul is second only to Cristiano Ronaldo (26). The fee is reported to be around 36 million (14 million less than Torres).


Arsenal were also reported to be interested in signing Costa but they have dropped their interest, leaving Chelsea the favorites to sign him. As for our 3 strikers, Ba’s representatives have already begun speaking to interested parties, while current first choice Eto’o, 33, is out of contract in the summer. Torres could go back to his old club (If you hadn’t read it, click here). Downside to this deal is that Atletico madrid present has stated that “I do not think Diego Costa is going to leave Atletico next year. We do not want any player to be bargaining chip,” he said earlier this month. So basically, anything could happen in the summer. Our 3 strikers could leave and Costa would be signed or Torres and Ba could leave, Costa will be signed and Eto’o will be given a contract.

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  1. hassassin says

    mandzukic costa and lukaku…eto as 4th choice…we can win quadruple

  2. Jeff says

    Costa + Torres + Lukaku will be a great strikeforce next season as Eto’o will probably return to Spain and Ba doesn’t see enough gametime. I think Torres should stay because he has been very important, even though he is not scoring so much anymore.

  3. noclass71 says

    Torres needs to leave. He needs a fresh start, and CFC needs a fresh start too. If we can convince Etoó to stay – I would be for it. Costa, Etoó and Lukaku would be very good.

  4. Zsolt János says

    I think we need to sell Torres – to cash in on him at least a little bit (i don’t think we can get more then 10-15 million euros for him) and to free up his wages. He literally earns an amount Costa would get.
    I wouldn’t mind keeping Torres, he is not good, but always fights, so i respect him. But his wages are just too much. It is an other question, though, who is prepared to pay him. 🙂

  5. Martin, Norway. says

    We should sell both Torres and Ba this summer am looking forward to that.

  6. ush says

    Sign Diego costa,recall romelu lukaku,give etoo a year and sign Jay Rodriguez..simple…..sell torres,ba,

    1. Gbasha.bitto says

      LOLS, seconded, nice one bro

      1. aaaaaa says

        torres is the worst striker in my eyes. he is greedy selfish and the bad thing about it HE DOESN’T SCORE!!!!

        AM I RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. donvic says

    El nino,we fanx luv u,buh its tym 4 u 2 go..dis is a new era..we cfc fanx hav bin patient enof..d cfc board shud jus buy costa,giv etoo a year contract,dat is if he want to stay,,afta moriho make jest of nim wit his age,nd finally kip lukaku

  8. blue blood says

    We have had enough of Nando , let’s admit a strikers job is to score and prob defenders upfront , Hand is dead weight . I suggest Costa , lukaku & Andre schrrule

  9. Zyte says

    Costa,eto & lukaku wil be good.el nino u ve tried 4 us & we wish u great suces anywher u go.

  10. Zyte says

    Costa,eto & lukaku wil be good.el nino u ve tried 4 us,it wil be good 4 u & cfc 2 part ways now so u can hav a fresh motivation.we wish u great suces anywher u go.

  11. Balow says

    Torres out

  12. nc donald says

    Etoo, costaandlukaku should stay but ba and torres out

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