Chelsea’s Cesc Fabregas says he hasn’t spoken to his old coach


Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas has revealed that he has not spoken to his former coach Arsene Wenger since his move to Chelsea.

Fabregas was made available by Barcelona but Arsenal turned down the chance to sign him. Luckily, He moved to Chelsea for a transfer fee of £27 million.

Since joining Chelsea, he has played a great role in the midfield. Fabregas has registered six assists in five games for the blues.

Cesc Fabregas move to Chelsea has caused lot of displeasure and unhappiness among Arsenal fans.

Most of the fans called him a traitor and criticised Wenger for not signing him back.

Fabregas has now revealed that he has not spoken to Wenger since his deal to Chelsea was completed.

The midfielder suggested that he wants to keep up his relationship with his former manager and that when the anger over his move to Chelsea has stop, they will talk again.

Fabregas told reporters:  “No, he hasn’t spoken to me since I came back.

“And it was the kind of relationship I always would have liked to keep.

“But I’m sure once everything dies down a bit in the future we will talk. There is no problem. I’ll always be grateful to him whatever happens.”

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