Chelsea's Starting XI vs Bayern, From a Fan's Point of View.


Chelsea vs Bayern Munich, Round 2.

“It’s just the Super Cup – It’s just a curtain raiser for European football – It’s just another way for UEFA to make more money.”

Or is it a chance for Bayern to gain revenge on Chelsea? Or maybe another chance for Pep Guardiola to lock horns with Mourinho, and engage in a fierce battle?

Or maybe both teams want to showcase their talent to the big boys of Europe, and give them a taster of what’s to come in this year’s European and Domestic competitions.

One thing’s certain, this will be no walk in the park for either team.

With key players set to return to the Chelsea XI, here’s what fans think should be our starting XI tonight:

Petr Cech

An obvious choice, as he’s been for a decade, Petr Cech, one of Chelsea’s heroes in our 2011/12 triumph, is an automatic starter for this game.

He’s fit and raring to go, and his experience will count for a lot when dealing with dangerous situations such as set pieces. His distribution will have to be perfect as ever, allowing our attack to create something against a very solid Bayern defence. He’s only conceded one goal in 3 games so far, and he’ll be aiming to keep another clean sheet.

Cesar Azpilicueta (@shadichams)

Well in my opinion it should be Azpi because he is more nimble and agile, could help with dealing against the pace of Gotze/Shaqiri. He should be allowed to but Mourinho will prioritise defence in this game, so I don’t expect him to bomb on forward.

Gary Cahill (@chelseano161997)

Has looked extremely solid alongside John Terry. The duo have always seemed to have a good understanding between them, and Monday night proved that Cahill is still more than comfortable playing big games, as he has done in the past. He will have quite a lot on his plate, having to deal with the Ribery and Gotze threat coming in from the left side.

John Terry (@JoeeLloyd)

Got to be JT. Very obvious pick. Has been solid since the start of the season and won’t be involved in upcoming internationals. I think it’d be sensible to choose the starting XI around the internationals due to fitness of some players. He’s José’s mouthpiece on the pitch and probably still one of the first names to go down on the team sheet. JT is still showing why he’s one of the best.

Ashley Cole (@V_iator)

Cole for me without a doubt, showed how good he still is with a string of backtracks and important blocks in the game against United. He’s better than Bertrand even when attacking. Plays on the wings with Hazard, who seems fluid when Cole plays! Robben always looks forward to the defender making a challenge and failing at it. Generally goes past, cuts in and scores that left footer, however Cole is excellent when 1 on 1.

David Luiz (Cheated a bit! @SahilSW6)

Mourinho’s confirmed that he’s trained and marked fit for the game. In my opinion, he could be Chelsea’s most vital player on the pitch tonight, if selected. I personally don’t see Bayern letting us go through them and giving us much of a chance to attack, which is why David Luiz’s quick passing and switching of play will come in handy when we’re on the break. Defensively, we know how good he is when he sits back in midfield. With Ramires alongside him, they can share the defensive work, but if fully fit, Luiz would prove to be the difference against a team that are known for breaking down midfields and defences with supreme passing, and instead counter this by having Luiz cover our back 4 making interceptions and diffusing dangerous situations.

Ramires (@FrederickCFC)

My pick for the midfield pivot: Ramires. The Brazilian engine has had a superb start to the season, excelling in the new deeper role José
has given him. He has averaged the most passes of any of our players so far, impressive for a player who supposedly lacks technical ability. Combine that with his pace, strength and good tackling, and I feel Ramires is one of the first names on the team sheet.

Eden Hazard (@ChelseaProject1)

Hazard – His trickery and unpredictability will cause Alaba the most problems. Cutting inside from the right will make Dante uncomfortable. Alaba likes to attack and the pace of Hazard means he can keep up and not leave Azpilicueta isolated against 2 world class players. And with Alaba attacking, it means the gap will be there in defence and with the pace of Hazard it’ll be easier to exploit. Despite being best at LW, swapping him for this game would be smart I believe as their biggest threat is through the left, and with Hazard also improving defensively, it could prove to make a big difference.

Juan Mata (@StanfordBlues)

Juan Mata. Because he is our best no.10 and because Oscar has been playing nonstop & it’ll send a resounding message to all. Even with the little ball possession we had in the United game, our passing was woeful. Mata is by far our best passer, he reads the game really well going forward. He is clever & is the most creative playing behind the no.9. Chelsea sorely need his experience and vision against a big side like Bayern & most importantly he has already played against Bayern in Chelsea’s most important game ever.

Oscar (@CarefreeAdam)

Oscar. Bayern have one of the best RW’s in the world in Robben and Cole has lost a lot of his pace so he will need a lot of help, and Oscar will track back and we know he is a decent tackler. Oscar will also help block Lahm’s runs from RB.

Romelu Lukaku (@Arjun994)

Lukaku should start because of his physicality, he has the pace and power to get behind Dante who is a very good defender, Torres doesn’t have the capability as he is low on confidence and Lukaku is eager and has something to prove.


So that’s our preferred line-up from a fan’s perspective, do you agree with it? What would you change, and why would you change it? Will it change the dynamic of our game, in what way? Let me know in the comments section below!

  1. drogba says

    azpilicueta titular ???? mata en el centro ????? , sera ivanovic y oscar en el centro

  2. chukS jerry says

    Mikel obi should be the one to start in the defensive midfield,he is a big match experience defensive midfielder,If u watch our UCL final,u can see his contributions there.

  3. Anonymous says

    Take out oscar and put in schurrle or de bruyne and azpilicueta for ivanovic

  4. mkenya says

    I think we better have mikel in the Mid coz he hols it without fear en he’s evperienced en to addd to it he’s a player whod goes onto the ground for the ball from the opponent!Azpillicuetta noo where is Ivanovic or Luiz there?

  5. Anonymous says

    I don’t think Jose is gonna put all of our starters in. This I another great chance to give some of our younger inexperienced players so big game experience. I hope we got with Cech – azpi – Cahill – luiz – Bertrand – van ginkel – Ramires – de bruyne – Mata – Schurrle – Lukaku

    1. Anonymous says


    2. Anonymous says

      this is not a friendly match, if JM use that, we are done for.

    3. Keischa says

      A few years ago I’d have to pay someone for this inamtofrion.

    4. essays online says

      It’s great to find someone so on the ball

  6. Seun_da_prof says

    The right player that suit the match will be select by the club boss. Now its jose vs peps in super cup

  7. afolabi says





    1. Fmcomplex says

      God bless your selection, but Eto is on this team now i don’t see him on the bench, he should start the game.

      1. lamps08 says

        eto’o cannot play cause he is not in registered squad

    2. Anonymous says

      thats 12 players,

  8. Anonymous says

    It is a good selection and perfect formation, kudos!……i am 100% in support.

  9. rasmnyasya says

    where is super franki lampand

    1. lamps08 says

      lampard was looking tired in the last game against united ,in my opinion he should be rested and instead van ginkel or luiz should play

  10. Paul Nganga says

    that is highly agreeable. somehow, it may be good to consider lampard, even as a substitute.

  11. Anonymous says

    I luv it but luiz shudnt b dere mikel shud

    1. JamesCFC says

      Mikel shouldn’t be in squad hes are worst midfielder hes to slow and only goes sideways.

      1. eniola says

        oh shut it!

  12. Collin says

    Mourinho has said he is not planing to play Luiz on the central mid, and he still doubts if he is ready, so I dont think he will start. I also think Mata will start on the no 10 position and Debruyne will start on the right because of his germany experience. I expect this:

    Azpilicueta Cahil Terry Cole
    Essien Remires
    Debruyne Mata Hazard

  13. Ken says

    Lamps should come on in the second half..if we start him, we’ll lose..he’s old and ain’t suppose to be starting every game

  14. Anonymous says

    injustice is being served here. Victor Moses who contributed immensly to the europa cup has been dropped meaning he won’t get any medal if we win, just like Drogba who gave us the Champions league was humiliated out from Chelsea after we won the champions league by not offering him atleast 2 years contract, and we saw what happened, we got one trophy out of seven. God never sleep and hates injustice. This is an injustice to Victor Moses. Let’s watch out tonight, we are going to lose it, not just lose it, Chelsea must be disgraced. Mourinho won’t last, he hates Spanish and that is why Mata is suffering because of his stupid altitude in Spain.

    1. Anon says

      u dont deserve to support chelsea get the fark out

    2. lamps08 says

      drogba in no way was humiliated out of chelsea ,he left us like a true legend and his final kick won us the cl,the fans love him and he loves us ,though i believe that he still has the ability to terrify and bully the defenders i doubt if he could maintain the same for a whole season or play more than a game per week,the main reason why he left us….
      And finally no player can be bigger than the club

      1. JamesCFC says

        not a Chelsea fan just a muppet..

      2. Sausans says

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      3. stock market trading system says

        That’s a cunning answer to a challenging question

      4. discount online propecia says

        I didn’t know where to find this info then kaboom it was here.

    3. eniola says

      why don’t you find a coffin to lay while we all watch the game huh? …fxcking cxnt!

  15. Onyeka Emokam says

    Ivanovic in Cahill out,nd Andril in Oscar out

  16. Die Hard Chelsea Supporter says

    The line up for tonight should be
    ramirez-Van Ginkel
    ++second half chelsea should either use mikel to replace van ginkel if we lead or use
    Lampard.Mou should not use lampard first half…he will be bullied by pacey bayern player with thomas muller,ribery,robben,gotze.Lampard is so greddy nowaday.We should use Oscar and Schurle to replace debruyne and mata for second half.We must use the attacking power to denied bayern pacey game.Bayern have very good winger.All the best tonight for my bloody love Chelsea Fc.KTBFFH………

  17. Samuel Körner says

    Debruyne? Fast, gives perfect assists and knows where the goal is…

  18. lamps08 says

    azpi is unlikely to play as we know mourinho prefers a defense minded right back ,so ivanovic is likely to start alongside terry cahill and cole ,coming to midfield ramires will start along with one of mikel/van ginkel and the front three will most likely be hazard,oscar,mata/schrulle with torres leading the attack,but wont be surprised if lukaku starts in place of torres

  19. Solly25 says

    I think its an excellent selection but then the defence line should remain the same with the regular starters in Ivanovic (could get forward and score goals from dead ball situations which is a key component), Cahill, Terry, and Ashley Cole
    For the middle I will go with Mikel (strong with an excellent spreading vision of the ball and positional discipline. I have watch Chelsea this season and noone has played that defensive role better than him so far! He is very calm on the ball and can either slow down the pace or make one counter attack pass) and Lampard (if you want the best play him alongside Mikel) cos they are well experienced against pep and this bayern side! Ramires (great tackler and could get you goals but not the best of passers and not much of a technical player) can come on for Lampard in the second half.
    Oscar can start from the right side forward, Hazard on the left side forward and put Mata(great vision for spreading balls and best crosser of the Chelsea team! Roms and switch flanks as well as ready to lash on rebounds!) right behind the striker.
    Romelu Lukaku should strike cos he’s strong and knows how to holdon for teamates to join attack! He’s high on confidence too and want to believe Jose kept him for this game and that’s why has not really started any game.
    4 – 2 3 – 1

    1. JamesCFC says

      excellent spreading vision$ your having a laugh. mikel is r worst midfielder, jose knows this garranty mikel will not start. the only thing mikel can spread is butter. his average pass is 2 metres sideways and hes r slowest player. bet terry could bet him in a race.

      1. JamesCFC says

        mikel has only had 2 sub app in the league, and 50mins pre season and at no point was he r best midfielder. and you recon you’ve watch Chelsea. where in a cave. my taxi is running mikel just give the word and ill drive you to turkey.

  20. Anonymous says

    I prefer Mikel Obi at the midfield coz he is a gud pass circulator n also hld bal without fear,as 4 Hazard,Mata,Oscard,ramires am satisfied

  21. Shad Gwah says

    We are leaving the job with the Chief Tactician Jose. I know whoever he plays is the right choice, especially his substitutions are always for the better

  22. Oguntola Niyi says

    All i no is, one or both of schurrle nd kdb wil start cos of d german experience

    1. Sukhvinder says

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  23. Joe Lloyd says

    Mikel shouldn’t be touched with a barge pole. I see a lot of people calling out for him with little or no genuine reason. He’s ineffective to how Mourinho wants to play, he slows play up too much to be able to counter efficiently. 5 yard passes are no good when you want to break away.

  24. Solly25 says

    Tonight’s Super Cup line-up v Bayern Munich:
    Cech; Ivanovic, Cahill, D Luiz, Cole; Ramires, Lampard (c);
    Hazard, Oscar, Schurrle; Torres.
    Subs: Schwarzer, Azpilicueta, Terry, Essien, Mikel, Mata,

    1. Duygu says

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  25. Solly25 says

    For those of you condemning Mikel for Ramires did you see their impact in tonights game?

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