Chelsea’s Top Five Striking Targets

Chelsea travel to Turkey on the February 26 to face Galatasary in the first leg of the round 16 in the biggest European club competition, but important than that is the second leg fixture that will take place on March 18 at Stamford Bridge, and there is no doubt about a full house then, every single Chelsea fan present there will be cheering every touch of the ball that King Drogba takes. That’s what Drogba is, the King of The Bridge.

It was the goals that came through his boots as well as his head that made him the Chelsea legend that he is and since leaving his home after winning the Champions League in Munich, Chelsea have missed him like anything, because in truth they haven’t been able to replace him till date.

The story of El Nino needs no introduction, he works hard every single day but for some reason or another can never become the Anfield deity that he was once worshipped for.

Lukaku was loaned after the UEFA Super Cup loss against Bayern, where he missed a penalty, and apart from the first nine games of the league this season, it is evident why Mourinho let him go. He needs experience to lead the line for a team with Glorious aspirations like Chelsea do, and Everton are the best place that there is for such experience. So here’s who we think will be the best suited players to land in the coming summer, although probably only one will be coming, we will be taking you through the best five possibilities.

So here’s the summer wish list, with the most expected arrival at the top, but football is a very uncertain game, it might be that someone completely out of the list comes to Chelsea, like it happened when Drogba was brought to the Bridge.

Diego Costa

COSTALast summer, he had the job of filling in the shoes of a very, very wanted man, Radamel Falcao. And nobody can deny the fact that he has stunned everyone at the Vicente Calderón with Atletico Madrid pushing for the La Liga this season. He would be the best fit in front of the wizards of Chelsea’s midfield.

Strengths: He is an all-round player, strong and is also comfortable to score with both feet. Can head balls as well and is an absolute beast of a target man. It is also a possibility that Fernando Torres or even Lukaku might be in for a swap plus cash deal, since Mourinho has scrapped the Courtois rumors.

Weakness: His ball holding abilities and perhaps his inability to win a greater number of aerial duel. His aerial duel success is just 22% with 27 won out of 123 this season.

Radamel Falcao

Radamel-FALCAOJosé Mourinho recently tipped a move to bring the Colombian forward to Stamford Bridge in the summer, dumping the idea of a Zlatan move. The Player might have just moved to Monaco but after playing in Madrid he must be feeling pangs of guilt regarding the atmosphere in Monaco, he is a man for bigger stages and that’s why as José says “I have a team, but no striker. Falcao does not have a team. A player like him can’t play in front of 3,000 people. Monaco is a club to end [your career with].” So keep your fingers crossed and you might see Falcao in a blue jersey next season.

Strengths: Prolific, Reliable and strong. Good attacking option with a better shot and pass accuracy than many players on this list. One of the best options.

Weakness: His current knee injury, although he is tipped to make the world cup, and that would be the place to better judge whether he is the same player Chelsea see him to be or not. His aerial ability is also questionable.

Edinson Cavani

Cavani2Frankly speaking, he wouldn’t be on the list if news had not come up of him being unsettled at the French champions PSG. He is everything that a modern striker needs to be. His asking price would be no less than the amount that PSG paid since he has performed well so far for them, but is rumored to be unhappy because of being moved to the wings since a certain Swede already occupies his favored spot.

Strengths: All-around package – prolific, reliable, versatile.

Weakness: His price, uncertainty regarding availability in the market, and a small doubt about his ability to play in a physical league like the Premier League, but he certainly has the ability to adapt.

Edin Dzeko

City perhaps have one of the best strike forces among their ranks. Down the pecking order under Aguero and Negredo is a beast called Dzeko. He keeps away from controversy and makes it count where it matters: the goals. Perhaps a steal at £21 million if city sell him to Chelsea at that price. With 19 goals in all competitions this season, he could be the perfect strong target man in front of the creative trio. Shooting, power, accuracy, heading, you name it and he has got it.

Strengths: His strength lies in his ability to perform in every aspect, his strong build is more in line with the kind of player that Mourinho prefers, and Chelsea don’t need to break the bank for him and with a likely sale of at least one of the current strikers he is a very good prospect, perfect stop gap if Mourinho has Lukaku anywhere in his plans.

Weakness: He is not the kind of prolific striker or what is labelled “world-class”, although he certainly fits perfectly in the picture with the current team and its deficiencies.

Jackson Martinez

Not the most publicized of names around, yet good enough to make the cut in the Chelsea team, and fit in properly as well. He has the goals to count, although in a slightly low-quality league. If he is actually available, Chelsea will certainly need to fight it out with two of their closest London rivals. The Colombian would be a decent purchase at best, it would perhaps be better to integrate Lukaku in the squad.

Strengths: 21 goals from 36 games is a more than decent return for any striker, including a couple of them in the Champions League, making him an ideal recruit. But not many people think he’s the player Mourinho is looking for.

Weakness: Inexperience in the best leagues is his biggest disability. Although he has played in the Champions League, it would still be a factor.

Do let us know what you guys think in the comments below lads! KTBFFH!

Ojas Tripathi  (@chelseaseason )

  1. Anonymous says

    Buy no one! Or at least don’t sell Torres

  2. Anonymous says

    I want to see Diego Costa, Cavani and Lukaku in that order.
    I wouldn’t mind a Dzeko, Lukaku and one of Diego or Cavani based on cash and availability

  3. Olasunkanmi says

    Nice piece and good vision. Out of all mentioned I’ll prefer Jackson Martines in the sense he is still young and Jose can mould him just the way he did with Didi. He could be tutored into how Chelsea wants play without any grudge of being a proven striker elsewhere like it will in the case of others. Aside that I still believe Zlatan has the ambition to play in the EPL, he suits everything we want in a striker, he doesn’t get injured often and his link-up play is excellent. A trustee and he’ll be a perfect buy if we can work out the deal without injuring our finance

    1. Gbasha.bitto says

      You are right mate but Costa and Dzeko is another option though

    2. hassassin says

      Martinez will turn 28 buy the start of next ses

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  5. Abdulrahman says

    I bet the best bet is cavani but if for any reason you can get him, them go for Dzeko.

  6. Chris says

    In my view our whole forward department needs a major revamp. I said at the start of the season and frankly I think we are lucky to be in such a position we are in now.

    In my opinion I think and Good business-wise as well:
    Hurts me to say it but swap 1)torres + cash = Costa
    2)sell Ba for around 8m to however wants him. 8m + cash = Wilfried Bony 24/25.
    Let Eto go on a free bring back Drogba as striker player/coach role and also keep Lukaku.

    So as Mourinho has only ever used 3 strikers for next season 1)Costa 2)Bony 3)Lukaku +(Drogba as a player/coach)

    But if the price is right I would not mind Mandzukic instead of Bony. So agewise we cover all options 1)Costa 26/27 2) Mandzukic 27/28 3) Lukaku 20/21

    And hopefully derby might get to BPL so loan Bamford to them and when the oldest is sold Bamford comes into the 1st team when Lukaku is 24.

    But out of your lot you mention:
    My preference would be in order:
    1) Costa
    2) Falcao (although i remain suspect of his attitude as he showed he is just in it for the money and also would hold off until seeing whether this major injury has affected his ability) So really he would probably be the last resort.
    3) Dzeko
    5) Martinez

  7. Anonymous says

    dzeko with a miss of the week. i wouldnt go for him.

  8. hassassin says

    Ppl say we wanna sell Torres… That’s not gonna happen coz club has invested 50 million and doesn’t want him to leave for mere 15-20 million… Lukaku is gonna be back… Costa …?look at his goals for atl mad …all were just normal strikers goal…nothing special except for two or three… We need someone like , younger version of falcao…. The present falcao situation is similar to torress 4 yres back…. Injury keeps him out of WC then shifts from Liverpool to us…then a flop… Falcao now is similar…. Injury… Misses WC… Comes to us… Flop ( maybe)….look for someone cheap… Like mandzukic… Who is strong and aerially rich… Benteke maybe… All of them comes for cheap… But falcaos cavanis will spare us 50 million… Not again…coz thank you We’ve already got a perfect 50 million flop…. Think of this… Lukaku Torres mandzukic or benteke (who has proved himself at EPL)…. And now comes the comical twist…. Rvp is unhappy at mu…. What if he’s leaving…??? What If we get him???no costa (he’s normal)… No cavani(old)…no falcao (getting old)….yes mandzu (old yet cheap and reliable….) ….benteke(yng, cheap ,longer term investment and reliable)…

  9. Fik says

    My choice is in z order 1. Falcao; 2. Cavani & 3. Costa & 4. Martinez but don’t want Zeko ….

  10. Abiot Tesfaye says

    chealce never sell torres by any means but sell Ba and Lukaku and by Cavani

    1. hassassin says


  11. Martin, Norway. says

    Falcao for me anyday and anytime quite a reliable striker i will be happy to see him in Chelsea possibly if not then we can have a closer look at Diego Costa, he can do the job for us.

  12. miles says

    One cannot be really sure about which striker will make it at chelsea. Butt it remains, we need a playmaker striker. I would prefer a strikeforce of costa (torres moving in the other direction) and lukaku. We cannot have 3 top strikers. It spells disaster. A team that uses one striker cannot have 3 top strikers. We can have 2 top strikers and one academy striker like feruz but definitely not 3 top strikers. There would be disccontent at lack of first team chances. Look at what is happening to Ba, can yu imagine it happening to lukaku? He will never take it. He wld just leave and hate chelsea. A big squad is not good. That’s why wenger has the respect of his players. Everyone gets a chance cos of his rottation poolicy such that yu cannot effectively state their first team. So 2 top strikers and one academy striker.

  13. Gbasha.bitto says

    Sell all of our present strikers and buy FACAO or COSTA and let LUKAKU be a backup(cole,lampard,mikel should also be sold)reasons; first alot of our youths players can fill their void,financial and lack of playing time expecially for Mikel who is to represent his country.

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  15. says

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