Chelsea's up-for-grabs positions 2014/15

With the season having drawn to a rather anti-climatic ending, we have seen a once promising season turn somewhat sour with our lack of silverware. We have nothing to really celebrate about, but much to be excited about. And here’s a look at some of Chelsea’s up-for-grabs positions in the new season ahead. Just a note, I will not be analyzing Chelsea’s transfer targets due to the incipience of the transfer window. I have also omitted the strikers position because of the uncertainty surrounding the futures of all 3 of our strikers (excluding the departing Eto’o ) and the impending arrival of a big-name striker like Costa, that make it really hard to make a decision.

Goalkeeper – Cech vs Courtois


Well, what more is there to say. Courtois came in 4th in the FIFPro Goalkeeper Rankings 2013, a mere 10 points and 1 position behind our one and only Petr Cech. With 2 of the world’s best 4 goalkeepers, Mourinho will not be just be having a selection dilemma, he’ll be having one hell of it. Debate over the last 2 seasons has been very heated and well-publicized, and I’ll leave it up to you to make your own decision. But while Cech is still, and probably would still be for the next 5-10 years, one of the world’s finest keepers, my opinion is that we can’t pass up the chance of establishing Courtois in our Starting XI. At 21 years of age, losing him to Atletico, Barca or Madrid would be disastrous, and this might be the last chance we get at bringing him home. I definitely wouldn’t mind Cech and Courtois challenge for the No. 1 for 1 season to allow the latter to settle in, just like De Gea and Lloris at United and Spurs. But no matter what happens, Cech will always remain in the hearts of every Chelsea fan.

Left Back – Bertrand vs Azpi vs Van Aanholt


What a pity it is the Cole looks set to leave. It seemed inevitable that he would eventually be displaced in Chelsea’s squad, but leaving the squad on a free transfer without being able to impart any of his knowledge and experience to his full-time successor was really a waste. Our left back debate has usually centered around Cole vs Bertrand, but the departure of the former has set the stage for a more intriguing battle. The signing of Luke Shaw would consign all these analyses to the trash, but what I’m working with here are Chelsea’s current crop of players. Azpilicueta, while excelling as Chelsea’s primary left back, needs to revert to the right sooner or later, especially considering the fact that he is right-footed, so for me he is not really a long term option. Bertrand is a really interesting option, giving Chelsea fan’s the hope that they had groomed Ashley Cole’s successor during his Champions League Final cameo before dwindling to his current predicament. His loan spell at Villa Park has not had Chelsea fans dreaming again, but I don’t think he is a viable, quality option.

That leaves us with Patrick van Aanholt. His Vitesse spell has seen him put in some rather impressive shifts, earning a rating of 7.11, and with age on his side, he can definitely develop into one of Chelsea’s finest full backs. His attacking endeavours have bestowed him with 4 goals , and another 3 assists, from 29 appearances, claiming the best scoring and assist record of Chelsea’s defenders this season (although some may argue he is playing in a weaker league). Nonetheless, I think that he deserves a run in Chelsea’s first team to at least prove himself. Azpi would always provide reliable cover for left-back should either of our youngsters not live up to the standard required. If we don’t get any ready-made replacements like Luke Shaw, our best bet would be this young Flying Dutchman.

The Pivot – Luiz vs Mikel vs van Ginkel vs Ramires


Nemanja Matic importance to the team cannot be undermined, thus I will be restricting our candidates to our remaining central midfielders – who are all vying for that spot beside Matic. Jose Mourinho looks likely to bring an end to Mikel’s illustrious Chelsea career, and his 11 starts this season is evident that Mourinho doesn’t favour him anymore. It is very unlikely that Mikel manages to convince his boss otherwise, and with reports suggesting he could be on his way to Inter Milan, I’m steering away from picking him as Matic’s partner. Luiz is another of those player’s that divide opinion, and his displays in midfield 2 seasons past, in our Europa League run-in, were so impressive and remains one of Benitez’s most tactically astute moves. Yet, he has once again failed to live up to his billing last season, lacking the vision, passing ability and eye for goal that mesmerized the world, and I would prefer moving him back to defense, leaving him as a backup should one of our midfielders be unavailable.

Ramires and Marco van Ginkel provide 2 very contrasting propositions. On one hand, we have a midfielder in his prime, the tried-and-tested method, but putting in rather dispirited shifts towards the business end of last season. Then we have our young Dutch prodigy, signed to develop into a Frank-Lampard mould player but suffering an unfortunate injury very early into his Chelsea career. Judging solely from his performances for Vitesse, I would definitely choose van Ginkel over Ramires, who is reverting back to his old standards after a spell of playing some of the best football in the team. But the risk that he poses are too high, considering that he is unproven for a big club, and is yet to truly understand the difficulties of the Premier League. Personally, I would definitely prefer to get a youngster into the squad, like Josh McEachran, over another new signing, but it would be impossible for one to fit in seamlessly into the first team. As such, I feel that Matic and Ramires, with Ginkel, Luiz and McEachran as backups, would be our ideal pivot pairing.


With that, I have come to the end of my analysis. Hope you enjoyed it. #ktbffh

  1. charles says

    ramires is shit in the pivot

  2. Nithil says

    Chelsea should get rid of Ramirez and mikel instead they should bring in a player from Chelsea academy and continue with luiz matic and van ginkel

  3. ahmed says

    nithil I thing you are being a racist kunt

  4. Chris says

    I think we really need to buy a quality deep lying playmaker to go alongside matic. And i think we are missing a trick here with bayern after luiz. Say sure luiz for kroos. Him next to matic would be unstoppable. Gives more flexibility with perhaps letting rami/mikel go for right price and van ginkel to take rami/mikel place in the first team squad!

  5. Mourinho is the Best says

    Agreed with Chris on the point that we have to take advantage on our Luiz deal to get either Kroos.

    Ramires, Mikel, Van Ginkel are all good sub only. Can let Ramires and Mikel go as they have peaked but Van Ginkel are still young for improvement. And bring back McEachran or Romeu, we have strong pivot if we have the above play with Matic.

    For Stopper, salute to Cech but honestly he has peaked already and bring back Courtois is better option and in perfect case, we keep Cech as number 2. Extend contract of Schwarzer as back up. Even there is any one injured or fined to suspend, we still have a reliable stopper at the back.

    For LB, Bertrand and Van Annholt are good as sub. We can bring back one of them but we have to buy a world class LB similar to that of A Cole 8 years ago.

    And the essay miss the most important part — goal finishing! We have to bring in at least 2 world class strikers and 2 powerful sub as we are really lack of goal finish weapon this year and we have to get both EPL and Europe Champion next year (and also the FA Club) Don’t be so stupid to discuss which 3 strikers to replace our exiting Torres, Eto and Ba. We need at least 4-5 strikers. We need Costa, we need Mandzukic or Dezko or any tall and strong centre forward, we can give chance to Bamford or Piazon, and we can bring back Drogba or keep Ba.

  6. Martin, Norway. says

    Ramires should be sold.

  7. Chris says

    Being reported on the BBC now that we are in advanced talks with PSG over a 40m- 50m deal! When they report it 90% of the time happens or come true. Here is the link

    I’d take 50m for Luiz straight away! There are many reasons why I want to keep him but when an offer like that happens they don’t often happen twice! I will just explain now why I would take it with thinking logically.

    1) An offer of 50m means we have made a total of 26-28m profit (depending on price you go with for which we brought him).

    2) We don’t really need him for CBs issues as Terry & Cahill are our main partnership with Ivanovic getting older he will ultimately be converted into a right sided CB when time is right. Also in January we bought Kurt Zouma and with the likes of Kalas and Christensen/ Ake etc. the only reason we have not sold him sooner is because we are using him as a makeshift patch-up job to the last piece of our midfield puzzle. An already made deep-lying playmaker!

    3) Leading on from point above, There are various names which get mentioned when people discuss is area, however many of them are not the perfect solution. Many of them in fact are box-box midfielders: the likes of khedira, Pogba and co. What we should use part of 50m on is someone realistically we can get in the Modric mould. His name is Toni Kroos.

    4) Toni Kroos – 24 yrs old – 20m price tag, Man U have pulled of the deal for him, he is in the LAST YEAR of his CONTRACT so they have to take max bid of 20m or risk losing on a free next year. Has what we are lacking quality passer short and especially long, has vision to aware of a move to set off which ends up a goal and is extremely accurate with his long shots.

    5) This would allow more flexibility with allowing young players in that postion (providing lampard gets a contract) as we could then afford to sell rami (who had a rather bad season) and/or mikel (who has never been top-quality). So next season would be (for two CDM roles) Matic and Kroos (starting XI) – Lampard and Van Ginkel rotated – and with perhaps Chalobah/Baker etc. as the young player coming through.

    6) We still have left a nice healthy 30m left over. And due the FFP sanctions imposed on PSG plus a 50m deal they just done would not be able to afford big deal for either Hazard or Oscar (not that I would ever want to sell them anyway).

    Only an idea but i think its been long enough especially now as we are getting costa that we get a deep lying playmaker who has everything and more often than not plays to help the guy up top (costa). as Toni Kroos’ passing and trying to create opportunities for the strikers and more attacking players or a team is very impressive.

    Following up what I said earlier. Thank you “Mourinho is the Best” for partly agreeing with me.

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