Chin Up Blues – We fought till the very end

Lukaku sadI’ll be lying if I say that I wasn’t expecting a one sided match yesterday. That Bayern team is probably the best there is, group of individuals playing together for a long time and have peaked together as a team this year. Surely this new Chelsea side had its work cut out and Jose and Pep’s history wasn’t making a nice reading as well. Hell, Football is not played on paper and past records. We did show up, we gave a fight and we almost nicked it. Lost after a shootout, Bayern won the cup; Chelsea won my heart (Yet Again!).

I am not one of those who would criticize every other thing, every other player but yesterday even those who do would admit we put up a fine show. Don’t look at the stats they are misleading. Chelsea were brilliant in the first half. In the second half Bayern were more like we have known them in the past couple of years, but once Ramires was sent off, silly challenge really, we really showed character. Our defending was fantastic, our attacking was great and overall we played as a unit. Man down we managed to take the lead thanks to Hazard and ALMOST held on. As they say, so close, yet so far. Taking nothing away from Bayern they threw the kitchen sink at us and showed us why they are the European Champions but this young team has given a great account of itself and has told the world, we are contenders, not pretenders. here are a few positives in my opinion.

1. Schurrle is a proper Wingman:

I am already in love with the man, what a brilliant signing. If he was great against United, Yesterday he was brilliant. A lovely ball to set up Torres whose finish was exquisite. His work ethic has been top notch, has got real pace and good at picking out the man. Just a kind of player we need. I am out of superlatives for him, as premature it might sound, Chelsea have got hold of some talent in my opinion.

2. That’s why we paid so much for Hazard:

Eden had a brilliant game yesterday. That turn to start the attack that led to the first goal was brilliant. The buildup to his second goal was fantastic too. Hazard, Oscar and Schurrle were industrious in midfield and created chances we should have buried but a rather selfish Torres decided to shoot when he could have passed. I won’t be critical of Torres he had a good game yesterday.

3. Luiz is back, the defense looks Solid:

We all were glad to see David Luiz back for Chelsea and he resumed his partnership with Cahill which is turning into something. Luiz in my opinion is the most improved Chelsea player in the past 8-9 months. Jose has weaved his magic and the solidity is back with the defense.

Ivanovic has improved a lot under Jose. Defensively looking better than last season, add to that the attacking threat he always has been against the opposition. Showed that yesterday when his header beat the hands of Neuer but hit the bar. Things are looking good for us at the back. Surely they are.

4. Petr Cech is underrated:

If I had to pick one player to thank for everything for the last 9-10 years, I will definitely pick Cech. Chelsea’s guardian angel, always there whenever we needed him. Yesterday he was at his best again, denying Bayern on several occasions. We are lucky to have a GK like Petr, one of the best in the world, surely. Courtois has to wait for a long time it seems, and we have to make some really tough choices in the coming years.

5. Midfield depth looks frightening:

Chelsea can now boast of having one of the best midfielders in Europe, a midfield with Insane depth. Chelsea had Mata on the bench, throw in Kevin De Bruyne, MvG and Willian. Surely we are not short of attacking options.

Still one might argue we need a player for the pivot but it looks like we won’t be signing anyone in that position. Mikel remains vital to the Chelsea plan and he is a sort of player who will shield the defense when others go forward.

We mourn the loss of yesterday, but the show we put up gives me great hope for tomorrow. This Chelsea side is destined for big things; Jose leading them makes it even better.

Up The Chels! #KTBFFH

  1. Jeff says

    Its bout time Admin posted somtin, nice write up, where are my blue bloods?????? We should be glad, we are building a team, a team we should be proud of and a coach that is one of us Pep isn’t a better coach he hasn’t built a team before, until he does that, my regards for him aint it at all

  2. Anonymous says

    Again a good article. I agree 100%

  3. Ishola benjamin kunle says

    Chelsea 1st 11, is now known mikel and the squad in the 2nd half is a great team. Up chelsea

  4. ShawnS'tha says

    i didnt feel as bad as i should have when we lost yesterday. i was happier then the match we won against hull coz i saw the quality in which our lads played. they gave their 110% and it gave me great hope and optimism that we are on for something great in the future. proud of the lads. KTBFFH!

  5. Irokotola michael says

    the positive i derived from that match is awesome, this team plus williams and samuel will be the one to beat in the world. Europe, we are back once again to claim back our right.(champions league). We are winning this one. Mark my word. The future is here. Tell mou, Mikel must be pairing either lamps or rami in the pivot. He is the coordinating master. Please enough is enough on the bench.

  6. Anonymous says

    i left the venue to where i watched that match with my head high, before that match, i was expecting 3-0 against us. Man united and Barcelona fans who where with me buried their face in shame. This team must rule Europe next year. Thanks to our scouts. Oscar must context for world best in future, he is a midfield maestro, another Kaka

  7. Olabisi Abdulhakeem says

    After seeing our first competitive match of the season against Hull, I was reminded what a motivator Mou was and still is. With our more impressive show against Bayern, I’m happy we stand the chance of competing among the europe’s elite for the biggest prize. Thanks to Mou.

  8. joe says

    well said mr writter schurrle is a Great potencial n this chelsea team ll do wonders in e upcomin yrz

  9. jk says

    Actually Chelsea is the most entertaining Fc in Europe with the babies and the special one as the engineer. It is RETURN OF MOURINHO in English Football.

  10. oyedeleoriyomi says

    I wnt be suprise if we dnt win anytin diz year coz i can bet it we ar wining all next year with diz great squad.I was realy proud 2b a Chelsea fan wen watching our last match.Kudos 2d lads,proud of U mou

  11. anindo says

    i couldn’t be more proud as a blue.

  12. GABBY says

    Its bout time Admin posted somtin, nice write up, where are my blue bloods?????? We should be glad, we are building a team, a team we should be proud of and a coach that is one of us Pep isn’t a better coach he hasn’t built a team before, until he does that, my regards for him aint it at all

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