Demba Ba urges that he is the only one to blame for his own failure

Demba-Ba-Newcastle-UnitedDemba Ba was looked upon as a welcome addition last January after being on red hot form with Newcastle United. The move was seen as an attempt to replace Fernando Torres from the starting line up, but what happened was that he failed to live up to his form at Newcastle. He didn’t offer much apart from goals. He isn’the type of player to gel up with the midfielders playing one-two’s or combination plays, or someone who could provide assists for his team mates. While Torres was failing miserably in front of goals, he was excellent at the rest of the things. Having Torres on the pitch often meant we didn’t have a striker in the game, he moved deep into midfield often and thus midfielders often took up the chance to score goals.

But while many players would sulk about not getting to play, or playing second fiddle to an off-color striker, Demba Ba has come out and claimed that he blames no one for his own failure to seal a place in the Chelsea team.

These are the exact words he used:

‘It all depends on me.

‘If I play good the manager will put me on the pitch and if I don’t perform it will be only my fault.

‘I know I haven’t played as good as when at Newc or WHU but I needed time to settle and I keep working hard and I believe the rewards are behind the work.

‘If I would have performed as myself I would have played every game and if I didn’t play every game it is because I didn’t play good every game.

‘I am a good professional and I keep fighting for what I have.

‘Now the matter is the next months and the next years with Chelsea. That’s it.’

He even went on to claim that he was close to joining Arsenal this summer, but admits that he has promised Jose Mourinho of improvement in his performances.

‘I was ready to go but it didn’t happen, The boss said it. I spoke to him before. I won’t tell you what we said. I told him I would keep fighting for the flag.’

Now this doesn’t come much as a surprise to be frank. Demba Ba was always seen as an honest player on and off the pitch. Simple with his beliefs, he is often straight forward with his words, just something that matches his playing style too. Either way, this interview came as a good sign that he is not demotivated for falling out of favor after the arrival of Samuel Eto’o. If what he claims is to be believed, he still dreams of playing for Chelsea FC, and that he is keen to work hard towards achieving that goal.

Demba Ba, we know you might be out of favor right now, but all it takes is one good performance to win over the boss’ trust, with a promise to improvise as the season goes on. All the best to that.

What we have right now are three different styled strikers, one with the ability to play intricately with the midfielders, one who is strictly a target man, and a new arrival, who was good in both departments, even to play as a supporting striker. Hopefully, it all works well in the long run for Chelsea FC and each of the players.

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  1. Monis Khan 17 says

    Huge potential. But I’d have preffered sending him on Loan and keeping Lukaku :/

    1. Anonymous says

      I disagree, I think sending lukaku out was smart because he would not get enough playing time at chelsea to develop and he can anyway inflict damage to our other top 4 competitors,
      And sending a healthy 28 year old out on loan is stupid

  2. BigChill says

    Word#…..@ Anonymous, though sendin out Lukaku on loan now seems a very bad idea too.

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