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  1. Buy Diazepam 20 Mg says

    Please lets be determined and work together atleast we qualify for champions league..we must be united the as chelsea family for us to win the remaining games.remember tottenham,arsenal everton are very right behind.instead lets fight and take man city down.

  2. xtian says

    The only problem was Benitez, but that can change. Unless you can convince me that AVB could also have utilised the squad last season, then we have to settle for the fact that things were falling apart and the change was gr8. RDM was an over achiever, and not the main candidate for Champions league football. It was He who convinced the board that he was running out of ideas. He was even without a striker.

  3. Anonymous says

    emenalo is the biggest problem. its time he gets the sack too.

    1. brynknight says

      That’s harsh. Emenalo, as a technical director, has been responsible for not only hiring and firing managers but player recruitment as well. He’s signed guys like Mata, Hazard, Oscar, De Bruyne, Courtois, Lukaku, (Markovic?), Wallace, Azpilicueta, Cahill and more. On the whole, our signings have been brilliant. In this aspect of his job Michael Emenalo is truly outstanding. He deserves to be retained, although he could become a scout rather than Technical Director

      1. Buy Ativan Lorazepam says

        spot on, mate.

      2. Cheap Ambien says

        As TD, signing players is only one of his many roles. I agree signings have been great but what about the other parts of his job. Contract situations, player management, staff hirings, player conditions? I cant think of many teams with able technical directors that have 23 players out on loan and at the same time have a thin squad that at the beginning of the year are involved in 7 different competitions. At the end of the day those players are great but signings is only one part of his role.

  4. arthur says

    Wow, what a great write up. This is the best of its kind. So real and direct. I agree with you on all you wrote here. Mike is my brother, but i have asked that question over and over before. That what did the BOSS saw in him that made him hire him as our technical Director. Any way, lets hope resourceful changes comes soon to bring back our glorious days

  5. Frank says

    Are you serious??? well you gat to know that Chelsea’s failure has nothing to do with T/Director if you all read football…… by the way what’s the importance of having a coach? anyway, i said it before, our problem is this….. (1)bringing in RB to help make FT to find his scoring form wasn’t gonna help (2) Hire & Fire ……… coaches needs time to adapt with his players performance, to know who have the skills to compete in every game**** he needs to sort out where is leaking to get it packed. New York is a beautiful city, but it wasn’t built in a day.

  6. Buy Ativan Lorazepam says

    “Abramovich’s lack of respect towards the game has been evident throughout his tenure as the Boss?!” Are you serious? I am not sure what professional background (Chris 280987) has, all I know RA has been spot on. “Buck stop with manager”; if manager “coach” is not accountable for team on field performance then who is? Though CFC Board ultimately has to take responsibility for financial and operational success/failure of Chelsea football club, nevertheless, individuals at key positions are evaluated based on their contributions and held accountable for their performances.

    1. Cheap Ambien says

      Harry, I appreciate the comment and would like to address your query. First of all in regards to my professional background I would firstly state that I work for FoxSports in Sydney Australia and have been supporting Chelsea for the last 18 years. In regards to my comment about “Abramovich’s lack of respect”, my justification is as follows;

      First of all, as clearly stated in the article I mentioned that most Chelsea fans (myself included) adore Abramovich for his passion for the team and love for the club which is matched by his frequent attendance and monetary investment. Has he been spot on in regards to being successful and winning trophies for the club? ABSOLUTELY, YES.

      But Respect in my opinion is not justified by the trophies won by a team but by the conduct shown by the heirarchy and owner in regards to the handling of different situations. I will list some of these incidents so that you can clearly see where my point is (in regards to his lack of respect);

      + The dismissal of Jose Mourinho; A manager is hired to run the club in most of its facets, though in the Mourinho era, Abramovich’s continuous meddling in the team line ups and player purchases drove the adored manager out of the club which led to Mourniho getting sacked in a classless manner a few months into the season

      + The dismissal of Carlo Ancellotti, a year after completing Chelsea’s first over double, Ancelotti lost his job after no trophies in his 2nd year and as a result was sacked in the sheds at goodison park after the game. I dont know about you but to me that is not a great way to lose your job

      + The lack of respect shown to Roberto Di Matteo in regards to how he was sacked and furthermore the aftermath. RDM lost his job after he inspired an underrated undermanned team to Champions League glory. RDM lost his job after a few losses and was replaced with Benitez. His photos have been taken down in and around Stamford Bridge much to the dismay of a lot of the supporters. Why this was done, Im not sure. is this a classy move in your eyes? i dont know you so im not sure what your stance is on that

      +The lack of respect shown to the fans with the hiring of current manager Rafa Benitez who is hated by most Chelsea fans.

      + The lack of respect shown to the players through the last nine manager dismissals. We are very fortunate to have great players with a large sense of professionalism to be able to overcome the changes in management annually

      + The lack of respect shown to the Chelsea Pitch Owners in regards to taking the team away from Stamford Bridge to Battersea (yes it is better for the club, but the way he handled the situation with very minimal consultation with the CPO’s is classless)

      + Lack of Respect shown to Ray wilkins who was a legend of the club, was sacked at halftime during a youth game

      + The list goes on but ill start with them

      Again I completely agree that the manager needs to fall by the sword when results are negative, but not if he does not get the time to influence the team the way he wants. Any decent manager will tell you that it takes time to leave a proper impression at a football club and the players. A 12 month average tenure is simply not enough.

      Anyone that supports Chelsea or know anything about the club will say that it is very unique in how it is run. Even though all of the personnel are in place (Technical Director, CEO, Manager etc) it is Abramovich that ultimately controls what happens there. The ultimate lack of respect that he shows is towards the very people he has hired for at the end of the day he does not respect their opinions and will do what he likes regardless of what they say.

      This is my opinion and I hope that answers your question, if not please let me know and I’m happy to clarify further.

      1. Buy Ativan Lorazepam says

        Chris- as a Chelsea fan since 1968, I can claim with a dash of modesty that I am a true blue. In regards to your justification, one can measure success by various quantitative and qualitative means.

        If measure of success is not based on monetary rewards and prizes alone then justifications such as yours become subjective. Hence a thorough evaluation of assumptions behind those justification(s) is essential.

        As a director of strategic management, I evaluate commercial and public organizations performance and assist Board of Directors in achieving unique market positioning, while setting up structures that deliver highest operational efficiency to enable organizations to serve their respective customers/clients.

        When RA took over Chelsea football club, his strategic intent was to make Chelsea a global brand. Hence as part of his strategy Chelsea fc required having maximum exposure in media as well as Chelsea football team success on the field.

        Dismissal of JM was not merely down to RA & JM had disagreements. In general, Anglo Saxons media in particular USA_& British media are an important pillar of West security apparatus. British Media worked hard to push back RA “Russia” assault to make Chelsea fc a global brand, so media strategy was to create a wedge in between two elements of success within Chelsea hierarchy, a rift between JM and RA. To cut the story short British media made a mountain out of every mole and on daily basis with sensationalism and lies “lies like Chelsea kidnapped john Obi Mickle and he is held against his will in a London hotel which it was subsequently proved in a court of law that Man Utd conspired with Norwegian club to swindle from Chelsea Fc a cool 12 Million pounds” consistently and relentlessly poisoned the atmosphere to make the situation untenable. RA felt his strategy to make Chelsea Fc a global brand was under sever threat unless he departs with JM. Indeed JM on several occasions since then has reiterated that he was the one who put Chelsea fC on the map! By doing so, JM was indirectly saying to RA, that he was not the one who jeopardized RA’s strategy.

        I am not going to elaborate further because I am not here to prove I am right. However I thank you “Chris” for your courtesy and inputs.

  7. Cheap Ambien says


    I appreciate your reply and seriously appreciate your job description, wow your quite an exceptional individual with quite a position in your company. Would love to delve into it further but you’ve explained your job quite thoroughly and believe me I am very very impressed.

    In regards to you being a Chelsea fan since 1968, again hats off to you I just wish I was alive back then so I could claim the same feat. We digress.

    I appreciate your examples of Jose Mourinho and JOM but from what I gathered from your initial query it was my comment of Abramovich’s “lack of respect” which you believe was untrue, and so I stayed on point and tried to justify my comment with examples of what I believe were occasions of “lack of respect” shown by Roman.

    You then come back with the Mourinho and Mikel story, and the fact that the British media is a tool to help demise Russian influence in the western world (a point I agree with), though from where I see it, it has nothing to do with your initial query and therefore leaves me confused on what your true point is?

    You asked me to justify Abramovich’s lack of respect and gave you a number of examples but your reply to my reply makes no sense. It would be great to hear your opinion. With all due respect all you explained was your job and what you did for work (which sounds amazing) as well as conspiracies in which you believe in. Where as my examples were fact.

    Talk soon, you TRUE BLUE LEGEND

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