Dissecting the Mazacar (Part 2)


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Time for part 2 on ways to adapt and improve the Mazacar. Lets quickly list the players we have at the club for this trio: Mata undoubtly the most influential and important player for us, Hazard like Mata important and influential, Oscar he has stuttered of late but I do believe he will have an important role in the trio it’s just a blip thats all, Moses an out-right winger who stretches defences well, Marin who had brilliant form at the beginning of the season then got in injured and has not been able to find that form again, and then Benayoun do not like him, especially when he gets picked over Marin, never have and don’t know why we bought him. Players we have out on loan: Piazon great buy and did well when he played at the beginning of the season under RDM, now on loan at Malaga and is playing well in the BBVA and Champions League for them, De Bruyne is playing extremely well in the Bundesliga for Werder even though the team is not doing that great as of late.

All these players are on our books and really we don’t need to bring in anyone else because of this but if Rumours are true Marin may be leaving on loan or for good im not sure, KDB is supposedly going out on loan to a team that is playing Euro football, Piazon is supposed to be going on loan to a Premiership team and Benayoun is being sold. Don’t forget these are just rumours so they may not actually happen but if they do that leaves us with Mata, Hazard, Oscar and Moses to fill 3 spots and the rotation would not be the best and we would have a lot of games to play with 4 players, that is definately not good. So who could we bring in?

Bringing in
In Part 1 someone commented with a list of 13 players we could bring in. I will categorize them from likely to unlikely:


Gareth Bale- The welsh wizard has done extremely well for Spurs this season and has carried them quite a bit this season having scored 22 goals for them in all competitions. I saw in a newspaper that if you took away all of Bale’s assists and goals Spurs would be out of the Euro League and 8th in the League. Just shows how important he is for them, if we did try to get him he will have a hefty price around his neck and also with the likes of Madrid, PSG and Barca also looking at him he is not going to be cheap.

Neymar- The skillful Brazillian that I think we would all like to have at Chelsea, I think will not happen. His price is already huge and if we add in that most of the top teams in Europe want him that is just going to make him even more expensive.

James Rodriguez- The winger/attacking midfielder for Porto has gained quite a lot of interest in him over the past 2 seasons with PSG, United and City looking into his services and they will not come cheap as Porto supposedly will not sell him for anything but his buyout clause of £45million reportedly but in Portugal papers say it is more.

Lucas Moura- The little Brazillian winger has just moved to PSG and is doing great there so can’t see him moving anytime soon and he will be very expensive

Thomas Muller- The man who scored against us in the Champions League Final I cannot see him moving as he is at Bayern Munich and he wont be cheap as he is an important player for them.

Toni Kroos- Same as Muller at being at Bayern and being and important player for them adn he would be cheaper than Muller he is not that fast and is more suited for a deeper role in midfield.


Thiago Alcantara- The attacking midfielder for Barca has dropped down the pecking order since the arrival of Fabregas so we maybe able to get him cheaper than last season, however he does love Barca so can’t see him wanting to leave them.

Iker Muniain- The attacking midfielder/winger burst onto the scene last season in the Europa League and has been impressive this season and I do believe we can get him if we give the right offer for him.

Mario Gotze- The German Attackig midfielder has been playing some quality football for Borrusia Dortmond and they will not want to let him go cheaply but as many other of the top players at Dortmund are being linked with moves away we could try and snap him up.

Isco- The Spainish wonderkid has caught the eye of Europe’s top clubs and watching him play you can see why. He does have hefty price-tag and the Piazon loan to Malaga is supposedly a sort of a sweetner to try and get us ahead of other teams looking into his services.

Christian Eriksen- The Danish playmaker is a product of the famous Ajax youth acadmey and has been a star performer for Ajax in the last few season, He would very much interest us as he can rotate with Mata in that number 10 role givng Mata rest time and us not being so dependant on him

Julian Draxler- The left winger for Schalke has only come intot he scene this season but he is only 18 and has a lot of potential about him we supposedly could buy him for £15million.

Erik Lamela- The right winger/forward is at Roma but supposedly not enjoying his stay even though he is their star performer this season and is receiving a lot of plaudits for his perfromances he is valued at £16million but Roma will probably ask for more.

All these players are good shouts to add to our attacking trio, there is one more I would like to add and that is Marco Reus a left winger/Forward for Dortmund even though he has just joined them he is in the same situation as Gotze so we could make a cheeky bid for him and see what would happen.

If Marin and Benayoun both go, these two are the main rumours that are looking solid we could try and have this with having 7 players for these positions so we are rotating and keeping players fresh:

Main 3 of, Hazard-Mata-Oscar then we have a back-up four of Moses, Piazon, Draxler and Isco. This would give us Isco being a straight swap with Mata as they are quite literally like for like then the other 3 being wingers would give us some much needed width to the trio.

Adapting the Mazacar
We can adapt the Mazacar in many wasy to suit different players and to play gainst different teams.

Wing Play
We can adapt it to play wide expansive football with having two being wide wingers and then having another two in a 3 man midfield with Mikel or Romeu.

Like this:
Hazard/Draxler/Piazon/Moses/Oscar/Isco on the left
Hazard/Draxler/Piazon/Moses/Oscar/Ramires on the right
Then in the centre with Mikel/Romeu have: Mata/Hazard/Oscar/Isco

This would suit us to have Romeu in the middle more as he has come from Barca being that defensive man of the midfield but he can pass well and help with the link up play. Mikel would be good for the breaking down and intercepting but not the tackling like Romeu. I have also added Ramires into the right wing position as he can play out there and can help in the defensive cover down that wing.

Down the Middle
This is quite literally what we do now but instead of playing with the ball out wide we draw teams in closer in the middle of the pitch and let our full-backs exploit the space down the wings which open up because of this play down the middle.

Lining up like:

Mata and Isco are quite literally the same player with the same play style and technique, both are best suited for that CAM role so it would not matter who plays in that role.

Style we use already
Staying with the style we play now pretty much line up the same as the last style I mentioned but we just play with the ball anywhere we like on the wings in the middle and just link up and make space to play.

More Defensive
We could adapt it to become defnsive like Barcalona (which is what RA wants us to play like) where they play the ball around keeping hold of it so they don’t actually have to defend. We can do this just without the False 9 method they use, we can still have a main Striker but have wingers and the 3 man midfield play together this would definately mean we would need Romeu in that holding man role as he is accustomed to it from his Barca days.

What do you think we need to do to improve the Mazacar?

With the goal tally at 121. Do you think we can beat our season record of 142 with a possibility of ten games remaining?

  1. drogba says

    munian buena temporada?

  2. yasho says

    Buy Isco and Draxler,spend million and make it even more different for our young players to make the squad while making us inegeable for financial fair play

    great blog bro…….

    1. alexcfc8 says

      ahh shit.. Just suggestion bro

  3. apextlardah says

    Are we buying players 4 other team or what?let stop buying and let av our trust in d young players we have and let give dam tym 2 prove dem selve in our squad. I believe our youth are d leader of 2day.

  4. Nafis M. Zaman says

    1st we dont need isco , we have KDB why we sold or loan marin and spend neraly 45 million when that sector is our strongest ??? We have Hazard-Mata-Oscar, Moses, Piazon, KDB. and which is enough . KDB/ Paizon/Oscar can play in the middle and Moses , Hazard, Oscar , KDB can play in the wing. We are well stocked in those area so we dont need to buy any one when FFP rule is going to hurt us. We need one striker or we can bring back Lukaku /Ba / Torres . Then we are well stocked in dept as well. We do not need to BUY any Defensive Midfield also because we have MIkel , Ramires ,Romeu, Lampard (if he stays), Luiz , Mceachran, Essien ,Chalobah. Which is also well stocked. If felleni come it will be a welcome but we dont need that. We just need a Pure striker It can be BENZEMA , HUIGUEN , FALCAO OR Schurrle. That is enough for us 🙂


  5. Bitto raphael says

    Isco/Draxler is enough, we ve KDB,Mc Eachran and even luke shaw/van Aalhot can do thesame job

  6. Ganiyu Sakariau Abiodun says

    a good article, but our 3 amigos (MaZaCar) are d bst in d world now & wit moses,marin,piazon & KDB we are o.k. In d pivot role we hav romeu,frank,jos mc’crean,essien,challoba as covers, Striker is our only concern, Jst sell torres, bring Falcao & call back Lukaku. IN:Mourinho,Lukaku,KDB,Piazon,Falcao,Fellaini,Cortious. OUT:Bernitez,Turnbul,Hilario,Essien,Benayoun,Malouda,Torres,Fereira.

  7. Michael Ladipo says

    This is a good read, but I still say Oscar shuld b a straight swap with mata..recently Oscar’s form has reduced and when we see him play for Brazil, he plays mostly directly behind the striker and we all know how his performance is when he does play in that role..so my belief is that Oscar’s dip in form is due to his unhappiness he’s not in the thick of the pack…

  8. Donold says

    Oscar should be given the playermaker’s role and be rotated with Mata. Ramirez as the RAM. Torres has delivered when needed and it will be a bad decision to sell him now when the confidence is back. I havent seen Wallace play at RB though. Bring back Piazon, Lukaku, Mc echran… Sell Benayoun, Marin, Malouda…

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