Do You Bleed Blue? – Talk Back To Your Chelsea Bias Commentators

One of the great things we have found supporting Chelsea is the number of Chelsea mates we have made along the way. Many of them from over land and sea!

Well we have come up with a way to chat with our mates across the world during matches on an iPhone/iPad and we hope we can count on your support to make it a success.

The Inspiration Behind The App

In the good old days, one of the best things about going home and away was the chance to get together with your mates, and stand with them on the terraces – no pre-ordained seat numbers in those days. It’s where the chanting was at its best and there was nothing like celebrating a goal with the mates you go to the games with week in week out.

Fast forward about 30 years and times are very different. It’s a lot harder to assemble with a large number of your mates at games, and of course the whole dynamic of football has changed with the number of overseas supporters clubs like Chelsea now has, but also with the universal access you have to the games whether you are there or not, via facebook, twitter and the internet.

Often I have found myself when not actually at the game living out some ‘Minority Report’ experience where I am watching a dodgy internet stream of the game whilst tweeting mates from all over the world on my phone whilst conversing with others on our Facebook group. On another screen I will also usually be in the chat room of, where the loyal listeners to the show gather from all parts of the globe to get as close as they can to watching the match and talking about it as it happens with their mates.

As an experiment in social media and football in the 21st Century it is impressive, albeit frustrating at times as you face the inevitable time lags of goals being scored and comments and reactions being made and then the chat room crashing!

What if someone was to invent something that could bring this whole experience even closer to actually standing on the terraces with each other or being in the pub together, where you can exchange the usual banter and abuse, and share the joy in celebrating goals, and discussing Hazards latest piece of brilliance?

The Bleeding Blue 1Sport App

Well someone has done just that! 1Sport have developed an IPhone app that will allow us to do live audio commentaries of Chelsea games – home and away – but even better, not only will you be able to listen, but you can join in the banter as well!! This is the closest you’ll get to being at a game with us apart from actually being there. Liken it if you will to being in the same pub with us watching a match – in fact we may do a few broadcasts from the pub when the game is on! No more typing and getting out of synch with the comments – just listen in and then make your voice heard!

The app will be available across the world There is a beta version of the app on the app store that is available only in the UK however this is about to be decommisioned and will be replaced with a new version when we launch – all you need to do is sign up to the Indiegogo campaign and you’ll be sent a code to get the new app when we launch!

We Need You!

What’s the catch? Well, we need to cover the costs of developing the show so it will cost you a little bit of money to purchase a season ticket, and we have launched a campaign on Indiegogo to enable you to purchase the season ticket at an early bird discount (30% off!). But in addition, you can back the idea further by purchasing premium offers which will enable you to have VIP access such as a guaranteed virtual seat next to us during the games and be part of the live commentary, or be a guest on the Chelsea FanCast!!

No More Red Tinted Media Bias!

If you’re fed up with the anti-Chelsea commentaries from Fox Soccer, Sky and the rest then salvation is at hand. If you’ve ever listened to the Chelsea FanCast you will know that we call it as it is but from a 100% Blue perspective. The Chelsea FanCast team have teamed up with Kris from Famous CFC to provide the commentaries this season so if you want to watch the games with Stamford Chidge, Lauren, Dazza, Pabloand Ross then this is the place to come and do just that.

Have a look at the video with Chidge, Kris and Lauren which explains what it is all about and then go and sign up at and get involved.

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