Does Essien still have a future at Chelsea?

Does Essien still have a future at Chelsea?
Does Essien still have a future at Chelsea?

On one occasion he was the best CDM in the world! Every team would dream of having him in their starting eleven! However this former hero is left to warm the benches at Real Madrid! The Ghana International has found it hard at the Blues these past two years having been surplus to requirements. Without a doubt his career has been dampened by un-fortunate injuries.

There was much question when we acquired him for a record fee of £24.4milion. Alternatively the former Lyon player had a huge impact at the Bridge and suddenly he earned respect from the Chelsea fans! He developed to be one of the best players in the Premier League, this was certainly acknowledged by fans and pundits alike.

In all Essien made 219 appearances for Chelsea scoring 26 times! No one will ever forget his stunning effort against the gunners and his mesmerizing finish against Valdes in the Champions League! But it’s almost as if his injuries has had such an effect on him it’s re-vitalised his abilities.

I remember watching him in a bore draw against Arsenal last year and it was as if he lost all of his attributes! His passing was all over the shop and every time he hit a ball it would escalate to the heavens! It was a really sad for me to witness that this former world-class talent had hit an all-time low.

He has re-gained some of his lost confidence with Jose and he’s gained match fitness, however I still feel that he will never climb to the heights that he once achieved! Unfortunately this is a classic case of a player squandered by injury.

So does Essien have a future at Chelsea? I think he still has a future at SW6 purely because many fans have criticised the decision to let Raul Meireles go! I was a big fan of him at Liverpool and I was over the moon when we signed him last Summer! He certainly wasn’t a fan favourite but he netted some important goals in his season long spell at the bridge e.g against Benfica and Manchester City. I think only this season the fans have realised his impact at the blues and the decision for him to depart has really weakened us.

Fans miss a consistent midfielder who has a variety of passes in his pocket, a strong tackling machine and can launch a rocket when needed!Does this remind you of anyone? Oh yes the Old Essien.

I really hope that he returns to the Bridge with bags of confidence, and we can hopefully see a glimpse of his former-self! I know it will be hard for him and I understand that injury has wiped some of his former skills! But if he can become half of the player he once was,us Chelsea fans will be in for a treat.

Let me know your thoughts! KTBFFH

  1. Vaibhav Kumble says

    He should.

  2. Michael Enim says

    I think at chelsea,he is sure of himself than madrid and has alot to add to the chelsea squad

  3. Gilbert Olembe Sarpong says

    The kind of Essien and Makalele is lost in chelsea,the defending is poor,impotant passing is flat,attack support is nil and our DMF’s jus cant score.sometimes I watch them push around the ball at positions Essien would strike and I jus misssss him

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